Review for Alchemic Wizard

Alchemic Wizard

(#) Electric_Sapphire 2007-01-03

Well, this story is certainly turning out to be more mature and insightful than I originally gave it credit for. I like that you've set it in an extremely dynamic year, because that alone gives the story that much more plot to work with. I am a little worried about Ed stealing Harry's flame, so to speak: if it was Edward who caught and confronted Sirius, then Harry never gained that deep emotional maturity, or Peter's life debt to him; and now that Ed has confronted Umbridge, Harry isn't the one to burst out at her, which rather steals a lot of the anger that drives him and the maturing that he does over the course of the year, due to Umbridge's punishments. Just keep in mind that Harry must suffer SOME in order to grow, and Ed cannot bear all the burdens for him. Also, Ed's birthday is actually on February 3, but your math isn't so flawed that it doesn't work. Anyway, please keep on writing, because I'm definitely looking forward to more!