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Old Toads and Memories

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What happens when the gate leads Edward Elric to another universe. And this one happens to be Harry Potter's!?!

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(forgot to do this in the last Chapter o.0) I don't own anything of Fullmetal Alchemist or Harry Potter. I just like playing with them and shoving them into situations we know we'd never see them in -and also I like seeing Ed and Winry play. ... you'll know what I mean later! It's all for fun and kicks so don't sue! I'm not rich! Really!

Ch. 2


Old Toads and Memories


---------- ----------

4 years later

---------- ----------

Edward sat with his fists clenched as he watched that stupid frog-woman lumber up to the table and take a seat as though she were the Headmistress.

It was true, he wasn't a Professor himself, but he had earned respect amongst the staff. He had learned seven years worth of magic in only two years time as well as currently studying the muggles' sciences and technology for the last year and a half. He was respected for being a fast learner as well as a determined, if not stubborn, worker. He was known for learning all he could and practicing it till he got it right.

But that was just the Elric stubbornness flaring it's stubborn head.

He sat at the Gryffindor table -not because he had been sorted into that house, but because they were the most welcoming and the easiest of all the houses to get along with other than the Hufflepuffs who were as laid back as he liked to be at times. Truth be told, he had flat out refused to be sorted at all. He had shook his fist and shouted in front of the teachers and half the student populace that he wasn't some form of livestock to trade and barter with. And at that he had stumbled out of the Great Hall -he was still getting used to his new leg after all.

Glancing over to Harry and the duo, he blatantly eavesdropped while they began chattering wildly about a woman called, Umbridge.

"It's that Umbridge woman!" Harry hissed.

"Who?" said Hermione.

"She was at my hearing, she works for Fudge!"

"Nice cardigan," said Ron, smirking.

"She works for Fudge?" Hermione repeated, frowning, "What on earth's she doing here, then?"

"Dunno..." Harry mumbled, his eyes locked on the woman with distaste.

Hermione's eyes scanned the staff table, then her eyes narrowed and she seemed to stiffen. "No, surely not..."

Edward narrowed his eyes upon hearing those words. He turned his eyes and looked back to the head table, and he stared at all the Professors, trying to see what it was the 'smartest witch of their generation' saw. Then his jaw nearly dropped and his stomach twisted unhealthily.

"Awe shit..." He hissed.

Just then the first years were led in; all of them shaking as though awaiting a surprise execution.

Edward yawned -though he did put his hand over his mouth. Over the last four years he had gained a level of maturity -now being twenty-one after all- as well as having gained more than a bit of height. The first six months had been painful; it was like his body had been making up for all the years he hadn't grown normally. He had outgrown everything to the point he had walked around in a robe with nothing underneath till Dumbledore was able to have clothing retrieved for him.

He still wore black pants -but the pants were more similar to slacks than skin-tight like he had worn in his youth. He still wore his combat boots; which Dumbledore had specially -or magically- enlarged for him upon request so they would fit his larger feet. He had a white, button down shirt with a dark vest worn atop it; and he had a habit of buttoned it when he wanted to be taken seriously. Ed had acquired a silver pocket watch back near the beginning of his stay here. He had carried it around just to have something familiar against his leg, but after a time he had transmuted the cover into that of his old state watch. It wasn't useful by any meaning of the word. The clock itself was slow and often stopped for a second or two throughout the day. But it was for sentimental reasons he had shyly created it within the confines of his room and never showed it to anyone. It was latched onto one of his belt loops on his pants and the chain disappeared into his pocket were he kept the watch.

Once the sorting was finished the food appeared. He yawned and awoke from his day dream -he had dazed right through the sorting hat's little song (or speech as ones who paid attention would tell him later) and right through the sorting of the first years.

He looked down and grinned happily as the food appeared before him. Ed picked up his fork and tried to arrange his thoughts as he shoveled food into his mouth, but then decided to simply enjoy his food and worry about sudden appearance by a member of the Ministry of Magic in the Hogwarts school system.

He groaned and leaned back, patting his stomach with a smirk.

Harry laughed, looking over to him and pointed his fork at him, "You actually full there, Ed?"

"Hell no, just patting it down and making room for more." He grinned with a shimmer of light in his eyes.

Harry had been the reason why he had decided not to leave Hogwarts the first year. One, he could tell right away that if that boy was around he wouldn't be bored. The second reason was that Dumbledore had pulled him aside and with a troubled look had explained to him that the boy was special. He was some what of a celebrity amongst the wizards and witches and that danger might be close on his heels. Due to the fact Ed wasn't a student, Dumbledore wondered if he could take it upon himself to make sure the boy, Harry, remained safe and it would be appreciated.

Dumbledore just didn't realize how skilled Edward was.

That first year Ed had stayed in the shadows for the most part, remaining quiet and adjusting to the oddities as well as studying their magic halfheartedly. He didn't speak to many students and the only time he ever appeared more than a depressed loner, was if someone called him short (which at that point he was quickly overcoming). At the end of the year when Harry had later said he had found the Philosopher's stone, he had gone to Dumbledore to demand to use it. But he had been too late. His entire world had shattered when he heard Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel had destroyed it. He had felt resigned to live forever in this weird place. But upon studying this world's Philosopher's stone, it was completely different than the one in his world. And that forced him to theorize that if this aspect was different, then so could some of their magic, and that energized his studies hard all summer.

The second year had snapped him fully awake as though all the near killings reminded him of who he was. He pulled out of his shell and began to help the teachers hunt down the person or thing turning the students to stone while he attempted to figure out how humans could be transformed into stone in the first place. Then later he helped to lead an expedition during the summer down under the tunnels in the Chamber of Secrets to explore the hidden rooms for unseen dangers.

The third year, Ed had practically hunted down this 'mass murderer' in no time within the first month and linked him to Professor Lupin, who as it turned out, was a werewolf. Ed had nearly killed Sirius. He had transmuted a spear for the attack and had easily over powered the starving man. But before he called out into the dark, empty hallways of the Hogwarts' school at night, he had stared into the man's eyes and his heart clenched. He could still remember their conversation too:

"You didn't kill them, did you?" He whispered.

Sirius's eyes widened and he carefully shook his head, leaning his chin up to avoid making contact with the tip of the spear. " did you know? No one has believed I'm innocent; not even Moony..."

Ed pulled the spear away and slammed the butt down into the floor as he looked away. "You don't have the eyes of a killer. Vengence, yes. But not a killer."

"...Have you been around death?"


The two were silent and Ed finally looked back to Sirius who was staring at him closely.

"You've killed before..." Sirius whispered.

And Ed's eyes dropped away, "That's how I know." He had whispered before stepping away, meaning to let him roam as he wanted. "I'll let you go. But it's probably wise you stay away from Harry."

"He's my Godson, I can't abandon him. But... I was here to see Moony."


"...Professor Lupin."

Ed had nodded slightly, "Then I won't stop you."

"Thank you... but please protect him. The real killer is still out there. You should suspect the rat."

And he had walked away and let the rest of the year play out as normal -except he continued to watch over the boy and took it upon himself to try and keep him safe, to teach him when need be.

The fourth year he had sat back and enjoyed the show. It was true the events for the Triwizard Cup had confused him, the basic idea of a competition between other schools was easy enough to understand; but fighting dragons and swimming to the bottom of a lake? It just made his head hurt a little too much. That year had flown by for him, it was that year that he had discovered muggle science and their theories as well as their facts. It was amazing to him all that he was learning. Even with gravity and the use of rockets and mathematics to launch it into space was invaluable and once applied to alchemy; it boggled his mind as to what he could now do.

And now he was entering his fifth year of living in this world.

Originally he had expected Harry to be a snooty, or sniveling little boy who knew nothing but stardom. But that preconceived notion was quickly corrected of such reference to the boy. Harry brought the image of a misunderstood boy who had no true family -and the family he did have shouldn't be considered to be such- and the image of a young boy who only wanted to live and grow up. He hated the fame death had brought him. And he made Ed feel like he had a little brother to watch out for again. There was no way that boy with the glasses was Al, but it filled that portion of his heart where he missed watching out for someone, helping someone, and feeling looked up too.

He had helped him adjust to the world. So for a reason not even Ed would admit to himself, he had stayed to watch over him and the other students.

Though it was a pleasant place to live -if not dangerous with the war officially started (at least as far as Dumbledore had confided in him) he enjoyed staying in Hogwarts. But it was not home. He had spent most of his time studying magic to find a way back to the other side of the gate.

In just his first year of research, Ed had found that Dumbledore had been right; this side of the gate didn't use equivalent exchange. In fact, it seemed to be the opposite. It was as if the gate granted them whatever they needed so long as it wasn't a burden for the wizard to be able to handle. It was like the gate was using the person themselves as their own amplifier, and if they were strong enough, then the magic was stronger and more solidly filtered and refined into what was made into magic. But if the person was weaker with the magic, it never would be as strong as say, Dumbledore's powers.

And then there was the matter of Muggles. His theories tumbled about his head, and once again he simply decided that unlike his home world where everyone could do alchemy, this world made up for the lack of equivalency by simply shutting off some people from being able to do magic at all. Some people had the door shut to them, some had the door open a sliver, and some had the door wide open, allowing them to take what they needed.

And it seemed the gate had had pity on Edward for once, for the gate was wide open for him and allowed him the power, and the sickening realization that here he had the power where back home he didn't. Here, with his alchemic knowledge and continued skills of science, as well as his magical training, he could have, and would have succeeded at human transmutation. The wizards didn't have such knowledge as the alchemists did back home on human transmutations, but they did have a form of binding souls to objects. Here, their human transmutations were perfect, but considered the dark arts and forbidden. But by combining the two art forms on this side of the gate, it was more than possible to raise a human being.

But as far as returning home again, he was missing something. There was something he was lacking that wouldn't allow him to return home as simply as walking through a door. There was something he was missing and yet again it boiled down to the basic principle of alchemy -equivalent exchange. To go home, the gate wanted something in return even though it didn't require anything to bring something from his world to this world. It was like a strainer -there was a loop back for those having been funneled into this world; but to go back the same way was impossible, the current was too strong; and if you lost the key to open the side door to get back, it was near to impossible to turn back and return.

He watched Umbridge study the students like meat with a sour look as though she had decided they were all rotten and decayed.

"... Umbridge, our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher."

Ed blinked as his brain registered what his ears had finally honed in on and heard. He looked at Dumbledore with a dropped jaw and then back to the woman who was beginning to open her mouth but then shot a withering look to the old man as he continued talking

Edward slammed his hands onto the table and clenched them tightly. He looked to Harry -who was sitting near him and the boy looked just as sick and angry about this turn of events as he was. Ed shook his head slightly and looked back to the front.

"...the House Quidditch teams will take place on the-"

"Hem, hem," Umbridge said as though she were trying to clear her throat, but she stood up from her chair anyway as Dumbledore stopped talking and moved to take his place at the podium.

Edward raised a brow at the woman and shot a look at Harry and the duo, and he raised a brow before he turned on the bench to watch the old toad more closely.

"Thank you, Headmaster," Professor Umbridge -oh, that title at the beginning of her name didn't sit well in Ed's stomach- simpered, "for those kind words of welcome."

Her voice was high-pitched, breathy, in that annoying girlish voice that got under Ed's skin -not the cute girl voice, it was the girl who thought they were always right and was trying to prove a point by acting smarter than another yet still look cute or flirtatious while being a know-it-all.

"Well, it is lovely to be back at Hogwarts, I must say!" Umbridge smiled, revealing very pointed teeth. "And to see such happy little faces looking back at me!"

Ed raised a brow again and looked over his shoulder at the other houses and tried not to laugh out loud -not many students were smiling.

"I am very much looking forward to getting to know you all, and I'm sure we'll be very good friends!"

Ed rolled his eyes and again was thankful he never asked to become a student. Not that he would be a student this year -being twenty-one and all.

"I'll be her friend as long as I don't have to borrow that cardigan," Parvati whispered to Lavender, and both of them lapsed into silent giggles.

With a little shake of his head in both amusement and at the idiocy of some girls, Ed continued to study the woman with a clear dislike for her. Edward managed to restrain himself from simply walking out of the Great Hall at the thought she might be here all year. He looked back to the frog and saw her eyeing Harry as though he was a particularly unsavory piece of decayed meat -then turned her bulbous eyes to Ed and her eyes narrowed dangerously.

And at that moment, Edward knew he was on her hit list -and apparently he had just moved to 'first kill' ranking over Harry.

Umbridge cleared her throat again in that 'hem, hem,' way of hers that was quickly getting annoying before she continued. "The Ministry of Magic has always considered the education of young witches and wizards to be of vital importance. The rare gifts with which you were born may come to nothing if not nurtured and honed by careful instruction. The ancient skills unique to the Wizarding community must be passed down through the generations lest we lose them forever. The treasure trove of magical knowledge amassed by our ancestors must..."

Edward yawned, tuning her out now that she was just babbling. He went to looking over his nails -he still had an unconscious fear that his right arm would disappear at any moment so he had developed a habit of keeping his right hand clean if nothing else as though that would prove to the gate he appreciated having it back.

He yawned again and scratched the back of his head and looked over at Harry and the duo. Ron's eyes were glazed over and Harry was looking around the room with a look that bordered on falling asleep or pounding his head into the table. Truth be told if the lady kept babbling he was going to pound his head into the table -he didn't have to be here and listen to this, he wasn't a student so he technically wasn't required to be here. 'Hell, I could probably just leave...' thought in mild amusement.

Lucky -or mercifully- her speech ended and the staff clapped, following Dumbledore's lead.

Dumbledore stood once more and started right back into what he was about to say before the woman interrupted him.

Ed shot a look over at Hermione as she leaned towards the boys, whispering softly. He peeked about a bit then shifted and leaned a bit closer, catching the last little bit of it.

"... and I grew up with Percy." Ron said.

"I said illuminating, not enjoyable," said Hermione. "It explained a lot."

"Did it?" Harry sounded surprised, "Sounded like a load of waffle to me."

"There was some important stuff hidden in the waffle," said Hermione grimly.

"Was there?" Ron asked with a blank look on his face.

"How about 'progress for progress's sake must be discouraged'? How about 'pruning wherever we find practices that ought to be prohibited'?"

Ed sighed and looked down, so it was true -the Ministry was coming here to the school.

"...what it means," Hermione's voice broke back into his thoughts; "It means the Ministry's interfering at Hogwarts."

Edward sighed, "No, means the Ministry is trying to snub out the only other strong force the Wizarding community has." He grumbled as he stood up once they were all dismissed.

He headed for the door and slipped out, instead of making his way to his room -which was located up in one of the towers where he was able to look out over nearly everything surrounding the castle- he helped the teachers round up the stragglers and point them in the right direction. His hands in his pockets, Edward silently wandered the halls.

Edward stood on the grand staircase and looked up both ends and down near the dungeon door to make sure the Slytherins were on their way down and not back up to cause mischief.

With a small hum to his exhale, Ed turned to head up to his tower-top room.


He stopped and turned, his length of hair momentarily trailing over his shoulder, "Hmm? Gramps? Sorry, I mean, Professor Dumbledore." He bowed his head slightly.

The old man smiled and moved to join him, motioning down the hall towards his office. "Thank you for helping with the students again this year. I know the younger ones respect you."

Ed snorted and walked quietly with him, "Well they shouldn't. I'm not much of a roll model."

"Oh, on the contrary. I've heard many of the younger students whispering and saying you are so very 'cool' as they put it."

With another snort, Ed shrugged and looked away, trying not to blush.

Dumbledore smiled softly as only an old man knowingly can, and he turned to his office door -a gargoyle, "Lemon snips."

The gargoyle leapt to the side and a spiraling staircase appeared behind it. Dumbledore bowed him throw first and Ed started the quick climb up. He opened the office door and flopped into one of the chairs, his leg over one of the arms as he stared into the fire.

"So what is it, Gramps?" He asked -now that they were out of earshot of disapproving teachers and impressionable children, he reverted to his name for the old wizard.

Dumbledore shut the door and suddenly looked very weary. "I fear that with Dolores Umbridge here, something will happen this year. I should not be placing this upon your shoulders, but I simply wished to speak with you. I fear that you might be put on display for her to persecute. I wanted to give you some options of where you could go from here." He took a seat behind his desk and leaned forward on it, his hands clasping in a very stressful way that was so uncharacteristic of the old man that Edward's eyes narrowed and he straightened in his seat and leaned forward on his knees.

"Well I'm not leaving. As long as that disgusting woman is here, I'm going to stay. If I'm such a 'role model' for these kids, someone has to look out for them."

With a brief twinkle of delight in his eyes, Dumbledore nodded. "I'm pleased to hear that. I know Dolores is going to try and find ways to unseat me as Headmaster. I know that is the reason the Ministry has sent her. I'm not going to hide behind silly pleasantries with you. If I go, you will be in danger of more than just being kicked out onto the streets."

Edward sighed and leaned back, remembering back to last year when Voldemort had dragged Harry to the cemetery and of all the other questions he had asked the boy, Harry had told Ed that he was amongst those questions.

Voldemort knew of Ed and wanted him.

"I know." He stared off into the fire and went silent for a time, his mind whirling with thoughts. "What do you think she's planning to do?"

"Fire some of the teachers if not get rid of me. She wants me to slip up. By getting rid of people who are close to me and who I trust, and attempting to replace them with her own people, she wants me to fumble and allow her to get rid of me."

"Well we won't let her get the upper hand. If she fires a teacher, use me. I know more than some of the teachers anyway. Well, except for that loon up in the tower."

Dumbledore smiled, "Now, now. I've told you in the past that Professor Trewlany is a good woman. Her gifts are true, but random and far between."

Ed sighed, "I know. Sorry. But she makes up all this sh... stuff... about death and pain. I've already gone through all that. I don't need to hear about it again and fear it might happen a third time."

Dumbledore nodded his acknowledgement of that and leaned back in his chair, "Anyway my boy, it is generous of you to offer to be a teacher. Now that you are of a decent age, it won't be questioned and I can do that within my own rights as the Headmaster."

Ed nodded. "I have to watch over them, Gramps. I know I don't have too, but I need too. I feel better when I'm looking after the kids."

Dumbledore looked down, going silent for a minute.

"Gramps?" Ed shifted.

"...I've been researching dimensional portals. I think I might have found a loop hole into sending you home..."

Edward perked up and looked back to the old man hopefully, his shoulders stiff and his hands gripping the arms of the chair tightly. "You sure?" He asked in a near whisper, his long pony tail slipping over one shoulder.

Dumbledore hesitated -he had been trying to help Edward get home for the last two years. He knew how important it was to him; after all, it wasn't fair that it had ripped him away from there in that manner while allowing him to continue living in another world.

"I think so. But Edward, this one is dangerous. It requires that you are willing to die so you can prove you are not afraid to venture into the other dimension; into your home world."

Ed nodded quickly, "I'll do it! Please Gramps; we gotta try. Even if it's another failure, I need to get back... I need to know if..." He stopped himself and looked down.

Dumbledore nodded in understanding. "All right then, Edward. I'll get the ritual ready. It'll take a week for everything to be prepared." He rummaged through his desk drawer and pulled out a book, reaching over to hand it to him. "Read this. It's about the procedures and it explains what you will need to do."

Ed took the book quickly and nodded, already flipping it open to the front cover and scanning his eyes over the book, "Right then... I'll get right on it..." He trailed off. But he paused, even his eyes held still on one spot held within the book. He looked to Dumbledore suddenly and he sighed, his shoulders dropping faintly as a small portion of a weight lifted from his shoulders. "Thanks, Gramps."

Dumbledore smiled and stood, walking around his desk and offering his hand. "Now then, you should be getting to bed. You'll have a long day tomorrow reading all that and helping the students to their classes if you find them wandering around."

With a scoff, Edward looked to Dumbledore in disgust, "I'm not Filch! I'm not prowling the halls for anyone out of bed."

Dumbledore smiled, "You are now." He raised a hand to halt Edward's temper, "Simply because I want to give Umbridge a reason for why you are here. I can't very well say you are from another world and are studying us wizards till you are ready to go home."

He rolled his eyes as he opened the door, "It's more the truth than being a disciplinarian. Gah! I can't even say that and think I can go through with it!" he scratched the back of his head wildly as though that would get rid of the filthy word.

With a warm chuckle, the old man ushered the younger one out onto the stairs.

Edward stopped suddenly and turned, looking up at the Headmaster, "Thanks."

Dumbledore tilted his head, "Whatever for, my boy?"

Ed turned his face away, now embarrassed that he had to explain his reasoning. "You know, for everything... so... Thanks..." He shoved his hand out and shook Dumbledore's hand before he turned and flew back down the stairs.

Dumbledore watched Ed head off and couldn't stop a chuckle from forming. He was very interesting. Like a wild cat when offended or angered, yet just as pliable as a kitten when content.

Edward was a good boy... well, man. He was a good man. Hopefully he would remain that way.

---------- ----------

It had been several days since Edward had first gotten the book and was cross referencing his own research with that of what Dumbledore had just given him. He was amazed how once condensing all his previous research and adding a simple spell had created the complicated ritual documented in this book. It wasn't that their previous attempts didn't work; it was simply that they hadn't finished out the rituals completely. They had only put the key in the ignition of a car but hadn't turned it far enough to get the engine to turn over and start. This book told you how to get the engine started, get the car out of park and how to put your foot on the pedal and drive.

This book was the answer. He knew it.

He dragged his research into the Great Hall as lunch was starting up. He gobbled his food down as he re-read the book again for the fifth time and making notes as he went. His stomach flipped as he realized he would be home... he would be home and find out if Al was alive... he would know if...

A sniveling voice was behind him and he shuddered, turning slowly to look into the frog-face of Umbridge.

"Mr. Elric."

Managing to gulp his food down, Edward took a drink of his pumpkin juice before he turned to look at her, gathering up his papers and stuffing them in the book, "Eeh... Professor, what can I do for you?"

"I was wondering what someone in your position of disciplinarian might be doing in the Great Hall reading when he should be out making sure children are doing as they are supposed too."

Edward blinked as he was taking another bite out of his rice and chicken. He muffled a bit then paused and finished chewing and swallowed before he continued, "Filch is out there. And I'm hungry. 'Sides. Filch has handled it for years by himself. Half an hour break will not kill the man. Nothing else has." He mumbled the last part as he turned back around, pulling another bit of paper towards him and reading it over quickly before filing it into his folder.

Umbridge sniffed and waited behind him quietly as she read the cover of his book. "And why would someone in your position be reading about... dimensional travel?" She raised a bit of eyebrow fat and sneered, trying to not look too disgusted, but not achieving the look at all.

Edward stiffened and turned a wary eye to her. He hesitated then smiled silly, "Uh... would you believe me if I said I'm writing a book? I.. uh... got his idea about this guy traveling from our world to another where this lost art of... uh... alchemy is, and he has to try and figure out a way home." He stared at her then offered another smile, trying not to sweat to death.

The woman snorted, "Just don't let the children think such nonsense is possible. I don't need to un-splinch children from attempting to aparate to another world."

"Yes ma'am." He smiled but as soon as her back turned he stuck his tongue out at her and sneered before he went back to his food and shoveled it into his mouth.

The students began to join him in mass numbers soon after. Ed was on his third bowl of rice -the house elves were kind enough to let him have his favorite of rice and chicken at least once a week -as well as steak at least thrice a week- when Harry sat down, talking with his friends a space away from him, Ed lifted his fork in acknowledgement.

"That your fifth or sixth bowl?" Ron asked with a grin.

"Third, but I'm determined to eat seven today." He smirked and continued eating as he flipped through his research papers and through the book, still making notes even as he began to take up part of the table in a five foot radius.

"Are you still looking for that... extra-dimensional travel?" Hermione asked with an air of non-belief.

Edward lifted his golden eyes and grinned slowly, "I think I found it. If Dumbledore is right, this should work, and not only that, but if my brother is alive, I'll appear next to him. It has to do with traveling across worlds and dropping you off in either your other-dimensional body, or next to a blood relative. Because my body came through the gate that means Al is the only way I'll be able to get back because the rest of my family is dead. Even the Homunculi that we added our blood too is gone. So hopefully this will work, other wise... I might just have to resign myself to the fact I'm stuck here." He sighed, not liking that prospect. He shoved the rest of his food into his mouth and tapped his bowl and more appeared then shoveled that in and getting another refill only a second later.

"This isn't such a bad place, is it?" Hermione asked.

Edward paused and stared at his rice and chicken, "No..." and he slowly turned his eyes to her, "But would you want to be separated from your only family forever?"

The trio stiffened, two of them because they couldn't imagine never seeing their families again, another because he had no family left -other than Sirius and the idea of not seeing him again scared him.

Edward nodded, "But this is dangerous, it has to do with blood seals and being willing to give up more than just your life. I've already performed hum..."

"Mr. Elric!" Umbridge shrieked as she rushed to him. "I told you not to give these children ideas!"

Edward's face contorted as he looked up at the woman, "What's the problem? It's just a book!"

Hermione was the first to catch on, "We just like hearing his stories ma'am. He has a fantastic imagination. We know it can't really happen." She added for good measure.

The two boys looked confused for a moment, then slowly Harry caught on and nodded, "Oh yeah, he's loads of fun to listen too."

Ron looked to Hermione with his face twisted up in confusion and he leaned in to whisper to her, "Story? What? But isn't it all..." he grunted and bent forward, grabbing his foot where she had stomped on it to shut him up.

The woman practically fumed and looked ready to burst into flames, which Ed really wished she would.

"I will not have you telling them anymore of your rubbish!"

"It isn't rubbish!" Edward shouted back at her, suddenly up on his feet.

"It is! The idea of dimensional travel; let alone alchemy! The very idea that such a pathetic magical science would be the dominate form of magic in a world is absurd! I will not have you filling their head with nonsense that will cause nothing more than flights of fancy that will never serve them in the future!"

"You're worse than Mustang! I'd take Colonel Sarcasm over you any day!" He threw his fork against the table and began to gather up his papers and the book -then hesitated and snatched up his bowl of food and finished it off quickly.

"I'm going to have a long talk with Dumbledore about you. You are insolent, you do not perform your duties, and you are filling these children with fantasies and lies!"

"Fine! Go talk to the old man! I'm sure Gramps will be very enlightened to hear I've been a real dick to you. See you around you old toad." He grumbled and stormed out of the Great Hall.

Harry's jaw had dropped open long ago but his eyes widened even further; Hermione looked as though she wasn't sure how to breathe and Ron looked as though he was trying not to applaud -as well as half the school.

Edward stormed through the halls, grumbling and hissing at anyone who got in his way. "Doesn't matter, I'm leavin' this place anyway."

Needless to say; Edward was the first in a long line of people who decided to take it upon themselves to stand up to the 'old toad.'

---------- ----------

Okay, I know this chapter royally sucked, but hang in there! The next chapter is better.

And yes, I'm setting this story up Harry's 5th year. Why? Because I didn't like that book and figured I could improve it ;P teehee

I know this one was long because of all that useless information... but I wanted to give Ed a history with not only Harry and the duo, but with the Order. The fact that he let Sirius go, knew about Lupin before anyone else, proved to everyone that he could keep a secret; and that he was also good at figuring things out; as well as being a strong warrior. It'll all come into play later, but I needed that to be established.

I'll understand if I get the red pen to this particular chapter (I didn't even enjoy writing it too much, and I only proofread it twice; bleh) but it needed to be there none the less. Bleh again.

And thank you to ya'll who have read this! It means a lot to me - and reviews are wonderfully helpful as well as questions being more than welcomed. Thanks!
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