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Why We Run

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What happens when the gate leads Edward Elric to another universe. And this one happens to be Harry Potter's!?!

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Eyes the color of golden wheat and fall leaves opened slowly to stare into the early morning light that filtered through the fading colors of grass as it slowly lost its coloring as winter approached from the north.

The young man stared; and that seemed to be enough for now -but eventually tears gathered along his eyes and he inhaled deeply, nearly gagging upon the air he forced to rush into his lungs. He whimpered and rolled over, gripping at the grassy ground. The young man then stared at his right hand and lifted it slightly, just staring at it as though the flesh were beginning to peel and fall from his bones, before a sob escaped his lips and he smashed his fist into the ground.


He lay there for most of the day, his eyes glazed over after he had finished crying and there were no more tears to shed. Now and then a tear might roll its way from the corner of his eye, but nothing more.

With nothing but the events of just a few hours ago being the dominant picture in the front of his mind; he focused on it and felt lost and helpless. What happened to his brother? Did he succeed? Did he sacrifice it all for naught?

Voices were what awoke him and drew him out of his depression.

He opened his eyes and stared through the long grass, watching as three bobbing heads crested the hill. Their bodies seemed to just grow from the ground the farther up the hill they climbed and the closer they approached.

But he didn't move. He watched the young children -they couldn't be any older than eleven- and he lowered his eyes from them once they stopped and went silent, staring at his body.

It only now occurred to him that his clothing was in tatters and there was a hole in his shirt where an enormous wound had once been. The blood from that accident still covered his body, especially on his chest where the fist had been shoved into him.

"Go get Dumbledore!" One of the boys shouted and the girl turned, running back down the hill as fast as humanly possible.

The two boys rushed forward, one dropping down to his knees as he hovered over him.

With a small sigh of annoyance, he closed his eyes, not wanting to deal with this. He wanted to wallow in self loathing and not move for years. "Go away..." he whispered.

"Bloody 'ell, Harry, he's alive?"

"Are you all right mate? Can you walk? Don't worry, Dumbledore will be here soon. What's your name?" The boy with glasses and messy black hair asked.

Frowning, the young man struggled up onto his hands and knees -it was a long, hard battle to get onto his limbs. He stopped and stared at his right hand again, flexing the flesh and feeling the grass under his fingers. He then very gently reached down to touch his left leg.

"What's your name?" Harry asked again, worry clearly written across the young boy's face.

"Edward Elric. Now will you leave me alone?" He snapped, shooting a glaring look at the kid.

"He's just trying to help!" The other gangly boy growled. His red hair seemed to stand on end and his freckles threatened to jump off his face to kill Ed where he teetered on his hands and knees.

"Just leave me alone..." Ed whispered.


"Leave me alone!" He screamed, shaking where he knelt.

The boy with glasses fell backwards onto his butt, and the red head backed away quickly. Both their eyes widened, far more surprised by his vehemence than his request.

Ed struggled to his feet, growling loudly and fighting his own vertigo to stay standing. He turned towards the woods he saw not too far from where he teetered. He struggled to get used to the feeling of having feeling in his left leg.

"Harry, Ron! What has happened here?" An older man's voice called out in distress.

"Over here professor!" Harry shouted and scrambled to his feet, keeping his distance from the young man swaying as he tried to determinedly walk to the Forbidden Forest.

The elderly man -he was dressed in blue robes that held intricate moons, stars, and runes all over his clothing, with a white beard down to his kneecaps and half moon glasses perched on his withered face- slowed his galloping run as he crested the hill and those intense eyes locked upon Edward's quivering body.

Dumbledore looked to the young man and moved to follow next to him, reaching out a hand to gently take his arm only to have his hand harshly slapped away even as the young man -who looked like a first year to the professor- fell to his butt in the grass.

"Don't touch me!" He shouted and struggled to stand again but gave up and folded his arms, hiding his face in his arms as he looked ready to again break down into tears. But the tightening of his jaw and the narrowing his eyes hinted at his demeanor falling more into the category of trying not to hit someone.

Dumbledore turned to Harry and Ron, a gentle smile alighting his face and forcing the worry to momentarily be masked. "Would you boys please run back to the school and get some of the teachers and Madam Pomfrey. I do believe I might be needing help."

Harry frowned and opened his mouth to protest even though Ron was already backing up to hurry back to the school.

"Please, he needs a moment to adjust, and being alone will help." Dumbledore whispered to them.

With a sigh, Harry nodded.

"Please ask Miner... I mean, Professor McGonagall, and Professor Snape to join me. That should be sufficient enough teachers to handle this child."

Edward stiffened and turned slowly from his place of sitting, and it seemed the sky darkened, thunder clouds rolled in, and he suddenly grew horns as he began to yell at them.

"Who are you calling so short that they look like a little kid just out of diapers!" He struggled to his feet again as though getting ready to rush the old man.

"Oh my... and maybe Hagrid as well boys, thank you." He waved his hand, sending them off.

Harry and Ron shot each other looks that spoke volumes about wanting to stay and see what the kid might do; but even that desire was rationally pushed aside to assist Dumbledore -and besides, as Harry pointed out as they hurried to the school, the sooner they got the teachers, the sooner they would get back to see what happens.

Dumbledore turned towards Edward -who was still simmering at being called a child.

"Now then, my boy, may I enquire as to why you are out here in the covered in blood?"

Edward glared and sniffed loudly before looking away, then peeking down at his ratty, ragged clothing. "Why do you care? Just get me away from this place and I'll leave you alone." Ed folded his arms and peeked down at his right arm before he snorted faintly and continued staring off into the woods.

"Well, you see, I can't just let anyone whom I find on school grounds to wander off, especially a child found on school grounds. There might be a reason as to why you were found here." Dumbledore explained, a little smile ever so delicately touching his features.

Edward turned his golden eyes back to the old man and narrowed his eyes, "You know something. What is it?"

"Why would you say that, my boy?"

"I'm not your boy!" Edward shouted, "I'm nobody! Anyone that I ever cared about is gone! I don't even know where I am, let alone why I should..." He trailed off and his shoulders fell as his hands dropped to his sides.

"...Why you should be what?" Dumbledore inquired gently with a reassuring smile that seemed to state whatever the answer, he wouldn't be appalled.

Ed was silent for a moment, then a grumbling echoed in his throat. He went silent again before he sighed heavily. "...why I should still be alive." He whispered.


Harry and Ron burst through the doors of Hogwarts, dodging several older class students as they rushed towards the hospital wing. They navigated the halls in a half fearful manner -hoping they weren't getting lost- when they saw Hermione walking from the healer's wing, talking animatedly with the older woman.

With a glance at Ron, Harry picked up his pace -only to be yanked backwards, nearly choking on his robes as he was brought to a halt.

"Twenty points from Gryffindor for running in the halls." Snape slurred slowly, looking between the two boys carefully.

"Professor! Dumbledore needs you! There's a boy outside on the hill!" Harry rattled off. The adrenaline in his blood momentarily curing the fear he felt for the man.

"He's covered in blood too! He looks like he got in a fight with the Whomping Willow; and the willow won!" Ron sprouted off next, his eyes wide.

Snape seemed to raise up to his full height with a narrowed eye at the boys -but as he saw Pomfrey running past him with Hermione leading, he nodded once and turned, moving after the woman.

"Do we get the points back?" Ron asked suddenly, leaning close to Harry as he whispered it.

"No." Snape answered simply in front of them. Ron blushed a bit and shrunk down a bit.

"I'll go get McGonagall," Hermione told them as she hurried through the halls, navigating them much more expertly than the boys had.

"And I'll get Hagrid." Harry told Ron as he turned down another hallway and ran through the halls, heading for the back of the school where Hagrid usually was.

The boy panted and looked around wildly, his hair flying about his red cheeks and brushed over his brow. Then he saw him, the hulking, gentle giant about a hundred feet from his hut.

"Hagrid!" Harry shouted, waving his arms while stumbling towards him.

Hagrid smiled and lifted his hand, "Harry! So good to see you. Did you stop by for some tea..."

"Dumdledore needs you! There's a boy around the side. We found him just a little while ago and he's covered in blood and he keeps insisting we leave him alone."

The half-giant's face went pale and he dropped the bag of whatever it was he was carrying -it smelt horrible- on the ground. "On the side?"

"Yeah. He wouldn't let me or Ron help him."

Hagrid didn't wait for him to finish as he took off in a lumbering run. He wasn't truly fast at running, it was mostly due to the fact his strides were so long that he was able to cover ground quickly.

Harry raced to keep up -and just as he thought he'd finally have to just stop and walk the rest of the way, Hagrid lifting the boy up by the back of his robes and draped him under his arm like a sack of potatoes.

"Ha-a-a-gr-r-ri-i-id!" Harry shouted, his voice thumping with the man's running.

The two rounded the corner of the school, continuing their loping run. He nearly ran into McGonagall as she exited Hogwarts with Hermione close behind.

"Hagrid! Put that child down now!"

The man blushed brilliantly and he slowed his pace, setting Harry down on the ground.

The Professor and the grounds keeper rushed after Snape and Pomfrey, seeing Dumbledore atop the hill slightly bent over as he spoke to a young child who had a deathly glare in his eyes -one they could see even at their distance.


"...Why you should be what?" Dumbledore inquired gently with a reassuring smile that seemed to state whatever the answer, he wouldn't be appalled.

The teachers came running, Ron lead Snape, who was currently the lead teacher. He was followed closely by Madam Pomfrey, bounding along behind him, and behind her raced McGonagall with Hagrid at the rear, with Harry and Hermione close at their heels.

Snape slowed to a stop next to Dumbledore as his cold eyes devoured the sight of Edward standing before him.

Ed was silent for a moment, then a grumbling echoed in his throat. He went silent again before he sighed heavily. "...why I should still be alive." He whispered.

Dumbledore tilted his head -McGonagall's brows knitted together and she inched closer to the boy but was halted by a delicately raised finger on Dumbledore's part.

"You are in Hogwarts, a school for witchcraft and wizardry." Dumbledore answered him with that statement instead.

"Professor?" Snape asked in his drawn out, icy manner.

"Awe, thank you for coming." Dumbledore smiled and nodded to each of the teachers in turn as though he had just realized they had arrived.

But a loud snort caused them to turn and stare at the young man who now had a disgusted look on his face, "Witchcraft and wizardry? What a bunch of bologna. The only people who claim witchcraft is real are people who can't perform alchemy yet still want a reason to look special. All this 'magic' they talk about..." Edward grumbled.

Dumbledore turned a curious eye to the boy, "I'm sorry to tell you, but witchcraft and wizardry are quite real. Otherwise you might be standing on the site of a very nice cottage community for city folk to escape away too."

"It's not real." Ed declared defiantly."

Snape raised a brow slowly, "And alchemy is nothing more than a child's greed for gold. Alchemy is useless."

"It is not! Alchemy is a science and it structures the way the universe revolves. 'Equivalent Exchange,' that's the defining law within alchemy. What would someone waving a stick around know about the construction and basic elemental structure of a living tree? Or the way water movement can be manipulated into a simple mathematical deduction of where to place a wall or super heating of an area of water to force the movement the way you wish. Hmm?" He glared around at the five teachers then looked satisfied he had proven his point.

Hagrid looked to McGonagall, his features twisting up into surprise, "Alchemy?"

The woman shook her head, looking just as confused as the younger man.

"Then do, pray tell, tell us the basic elemental structure of a human being. If Alchemy is so advanced as you claim, then what is a little human transfiguration going to hurt?"

Edward stiffened, "Human transmutations are dangerous. They hurt more than just the alchemist. That is something I won't ever speak of again."

With a small sigh, Dumbledore raised his hands, "That is enough. You'll have plenty of time to argue the point with Professor Snape in his classes. What is your name?"

"Edward Elric; and what does his classes have to do with me?" He practically snarled. He was now even further pissed off. He had simply wanted to be alone, but these men insisted on hovering over him and asking him pointless questions -and all this talking had simply made him more hostile than before now that they had touched on a sore spot.

"Seeing as how you are a child with magical gifts, it seems only proper that you attend school here."

"I will do no such thing." Ed hissed, "I told you, just leave me alone. I'll find my way back on my own."

"Where are you trying to go?" Dumbledore enquired with that half smile of his that inspired confidence.


Dumbledore's brows rose slowly and he nodded, "Then you have a long ways to go. As far as I know, there is no Amestris in the known world. I must insist you come with me so we may discuss this further in more comfortable settings. My old bones can't stand as they once-"

"Go to hell old man. I just want to be left alone."

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that. Not with someone like you."

Edward stiffened, his fingers curling into a fist. "What do you mean by that?"

"Just how it sounds. You are someone we cannot allow to wander free -not until you know the dangers this world has hidden."

"I'll find my own way around, gramps. Thanks for the warning." He turned, starting to hobble away.

Dumbledore frowned and turned his gaze to the man standing next to him. With a sad sigh, Dumbledore nodded, "Severus, if you would please."

Snape pulled his wand from the confines of his black robes with a swift twitch of his wrist -that movement also hinted at far too much pleasure being taken from the request. Snape's lips twisted into a crude smile, "Of course."

And with a precise swipe of his wrist and a strong, calm voice, "Impediment," Severus Snape forced Edward Elric to stop in his tracks. "Wingardium Leviosa." Was his next phrase and as the Professors turned, Edward lifted off the ground and floated behind them.

If his mouth had been able to move, he would have been screaming obscenities he surely would have been punished for if he had been a student.

-------- -----

Edward growled from where he was being held down in a chair by the same spell that had stopped his movements -the only difference was his head was able to move and he was able to speak.

"What are you talking about, old man?" He shouted, practically chomping at the bit.

Dumbledore smiled softly and held out his tin, "Lemon drop?"

Edward raised a brow and his face fell from anger to a form of disbelief. "Are you senile?"

"No, far from it; but I have been called eccentric from time to time. If taken the right way, it is a very flattering word, wouldn't you agree?"

Edward sighed and looked away, "How'd I get taken hostage by a senile old bat?"

With another soft smile that seemed to radiate grandfatherly love, Dumbledore stood from his desk and walked around to lean against his desk in front of Ed. "Now then, let's get to business. Do you know where you are, young man?"

"I'm in a land of freaks and lemon drops. Boy, did I win the lottery. What's your point?" He growled.

Dumbledore shook his head, "My boy, you have landed in a country called England. We are in an undisclosed place, but it is near London."

"Yeah, yeah, I was there once before. Can I go now?"

Dumbledore shook his head sadly, "No, I'm afraid not. You see, in our world, we wizards and witches are going through a dangerous time right now. There is a dangerous wizard out there who is amassing an army. No one believes me just yet, but I have my ways of knowing. He is getting ready to rise once more and if he managed to capture you, you would have no choice in the matter as to what you did."

Edward's face twitched and contorted in a look of confusion, "What's the difference as to what you're doing to me now?" He growled, "You have me restrained and you're forcing me to listen to you."

"Touché my boy, but what I mean is Voldemort would use a spell on you to force you to move against your will, to force you to perform your magics against your will. He would make you kill even if you didn't want too. No matter how strong your will, he could twist his own powers to make you a slave inside of your mind. He has done it before; do not doubt my words when I say he will do it in the future."

Edward sighed and tilted his head back lazily as though he wanted to go to sleep. "Get to the point, old man. If you want me to not join his side, fine, I won't. Now can I go? I have months of sulking to perform."

Dumbledore tilted his head, "Edward, do you have a place to go? Do you have someone to stay with?"

Edward's jaw tightened and his eyes hardened, "That doesn't matter. I'll get by. I always do."

"You are alone her-"

"Don't remind me!" Edward turned heated gold eyes onto the old man, growling and clenching his teeth angrily. "Just let me go and I'll go hide in a sewer if I have too!"

"You're too good to hide in a sewer." Dumbledore stated then smiled softly, "Edward..."

"Shut up..." Ed turned his head away, allowing his hair to fall in his face to hide his emotions.

"...I'll make you an offer. Stay here in Hogwarts where you are guaranteed to be safe, and we'll leave you alone. Yes there are students here and there will be classes going on; and if you ever feel so inclined I know the Professors wouldn't object to teaching you a thing or two about magic. But if you simply want to hide away in a room in the dungeons, we will not disturb you. All I'm asking of you is to stay here in Hogwarts and we'll stay away."

Edward's brows furrowed and he turned his eyes back to Dumbledore. "It's too clean. What's the catch?"

"No catch." Dumbledore smiled, his hands folding in front of himself as he stared down at the young man. "It's too simple, isn't it? But can you argue this? Not only will you get your way, but you'll be guaranteed safety, three square meals a day, a warm bed, and if you so wish, we can get you work to keep you occupied -or you can simply sulk in your room for months on end."

Ed harrumphed and looked away but the lines in his jaw and neck began to slowly relax and he sighed heavily.

Dumbledore tilted his head and waited, watching the young man's face shift while his thoughts fluttered past his eyes.

After a full two minutes of silence, Edward turned his eyes back to Dumbledore. "Once I get used to this world and know more about the dangers, I want you to swear you'll let me leave this place. I don't want to be held captive here the rest of my life."

"Of course not, my boy. I didn't mean to make it sound as though you would never leave this school. I simply mean that for now, with the school year having only just begun and you needing time to adjust; stay here. When summer comes we will discuss what you wish to do."

Edward's face relaxed more, "What day is it?"

"The 25th of September."

Ed sighed heavily -it was different; the day and month were different than when he left Amestris. But he closed his eyes and leaned his head back again, "Fine. I'll stay here. But I don't want those Professors doing magic on me like today... or right now." He peeked an eye open and glared.

Dumbledore's brows lifted as his face alit in momentary realization and surprise, "Oh yes, forgive me." He pulled his wand from his sleeve and waved it over Ed.

With a sigh Ed lifted his arms and stretched his legs out with a groan and he wriggled about. "Much better."

"Now then, why did you come from the other side?"

"The other side?"

"Of the gate," Dumbledore explained, pushing away from his desk to move over to his shelves and poured himself a glass. He suddenly turned back to the boy with a small 'o' having formed upon his mouth, "Would you like a drink? Some juice? Milk perhaps?"

Edward blanched, "No milk, but yeah, a drink would be nice." He wriggled in his chair and sat back, sort of splayed out but relaxed.

Dumbledore waved his wand and a cup slowly rose from the table.

Edward sat up quickly and watched it in fascination. The scientist in him was awed and the alchemist in him was puzzled by what had just happened; but he was awed just the same. "How are you doing that?"

"Magic. In your world Alchemy rules. Here, magic rules. They are two different concepts of the same thing; and the gate holds us in different regards than your side of the gate. It is somewhat like the Roman god Junas -who has two faces, or is considered a doorway to his people." He took a seat at his desk and took a calming sip of his apple cider. (did you really think Dumbledore would keep alcohol in a school with students like the Weasley twins?)

Edward narrowed his eyes, "What is so different with this side of the gate?"

Dumbledore shook his head. "We are not certain. It was just stated in a book centuries ago that a traveler from the other side came here and studied the gate. His research was lost but what did survive was the fact that it is different than the other side; something about a trade not being necessary."

Edward's heart stopped and he stared at the man, "A trade?"

With a small nod and a sigh, the old man leaned back in his chair and took a sip of his drink. "It is frustrating simply for the lack of knowledge. His work was destroyed a several decades ago in a fire in our German Wizarding branch. I would have enjoyed reading his words on what the world on the other side was like. But now that you are here, perhaps we can exchange information?"

Edward looked down, then an ironic smile forced its way onto his face and he laughed bitterly, "Equivalent exchange is irrelevant here. How ironic." he turned his intrigued and bitter eyes onto the old man -somehow feeling cheated by this new bit of information, "Sure, teach me about this magic you all seem so fond of here, and I'll tell you about my world. Seems fair."

Dumbledore smiled, "Indeed it does."

Joy! I'm actually writing this sucker, and it seems to make sense and my head keeps going with is! Wow! Hopefully I'll figure it all out soon o.0

I hope you enjoy it so far. Next chapter will be a sudden jump from this. I just wanted to set up the background for Ed and Dumbledore and the trio. Gives them all something to look back on and go; 'yeah... he flips out all the time, it's nothing new."

But I actually have about eight or nine (maybe ten depending on where I cut them all) chapters already done, so THERE WILL BE UPDATES!

I just pray I keep going o.0 reviews help! Really! They keep me motivated! And questions are welcome.

Oh, and yes, Ed has his limbs back. I haven't figured out why yet, other than the fact I wanted to give him a handicap. ;) teehee, "A handicap you say? How can this be!" but you'll see... snickers

Oh yeah, and I wanted to give Ed SOME normalcy, so in my head, when he's taken into the gate, in his world it's around August, September (because he had his 16th birthday about the middle of the series, so I figured, another middle would be just several months short of his next birthday...) and assuming his birthday is in December, that gives him 4 months before he turns 17. okay, now that you know my line of thinking; enjoy!
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