Review for Aftermath


(#) Cerediwen 2007-01-04

laughs stops laughing realising she really shouldn't be laughing
Hell what a thing to ask!!! Ummm you could give them grief cos of Gee's phobia of needles and stuff? thinks that's not a brill idea sighs and you need a brill idea cos it is a brill story...

Author's response

Hmmm...ya know, actually...that is a good idea. I could work something out w/ his, I'm not gonna give it away, though. And don't worry. I read a story once where Frank got in a car accident caused by Gee's drunk driving and then DIED and instead of gasping, by the end, I was laughing hysterically. God, I'm a bad person. Anyways, thankees for the review. I love when I get reviews. giggles