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Chapter Two

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It had been two days since Gerard woke up. The past two days were spent in tears and silence. Our part was spent in tears, trying to get Gerard to break out of his silence. He wouldn't speak. His eyes stared vacantly at the ceiling, and he wouldn't answer any of us. Not Mikey, not me, not anybody. It was horrifying.

If he wasn't staring at the ceiling, he was either writhing in his sleep from some sort monster in his mind or curled into the fetal position, sobbing. And yet, he didn't speak.

We begged and pleaded and cried. And he stared blankly.

Now, I was writing in my diary and sitting next to Gerard's bed in a (uncomfortable) chair. Ray was sprawled out in the chair on the other side of the bed, fast asleep. Bob had literally carried Mikey out of the hospital and to his apartment. I felt kind of bad, because I still hadn't left. Yes, I smelled really bad by now, but I could care less. I just wanted this to be over with. I refuse to leave my Gee-Gee.

Gerard was asleep. He slept a lot, because all his injuries were sucking the energy out of him by healing.

While I have time, I should explain to you his injuries. First and foremost, Gerard's left leg was mangled. I'm not kidding. He'd walk with a painful limp for the rest of his life. He'd need a cane for the rest of his life. Next, he had severe third-degree burns on his stomach, chest, and thighs due to some sort of electro-shock therapy. There were cuts covering his body, along with huge, ugly bruises. He had three broken ribs, some internal bleeding, a head injury that still bled, a sprained wrist, a broken ankle, his left hip was cracked, and I could go on and on.

The sicko that held my baby tortured him. Badly. Gerard's doctor, Dr. Reid, tells me that he's surprised that Gerard held on for as long as he did with such terrible injuries.

I sighed and closed my diary after awhile of nothing happening. What did I honestly expect? Gerard to get up and yell, "Just kidding!"? Not likely. If he stood up, he'd probably kill himself.

I sighed again, and leaned back. That's when I heard the first whimper.

I mean, I'd seen him have nightmares in this hellish hospital, but I was never alone with him. Technically, I wasn't alone, but how much can a sleeping Ray do? I sat up straight, and leaned forward, pushing the hair out of his closed eyes.

He didn't look peaceful at all. His jaw was clenched, and his eyelids which were closed tightly leaked tears. His head went back and forth, and a low, "No...," or other plead of protest escaped his throat every once in awhile.

So he could speak, I mused, then mentally smacked myself for thinking of that at this particular moment.

I rubbed his bare arm as comfortingly as possible, and hurriedly muttered, "Shh, it's okay, baby."

Suddenly, his eyes flew open with a cry. I froze, my hand still on his arm. His beautiful green eyes traveled down to his arm, and then they followed my arm to my shoulder and then to my face.

His breath quickened, and I, seeing that this was my fault, quickly removed my hand.

"Gerard, I-."

He screamed. Long and loud. He screamed until it sounded as though his throat was bleeding.

Ray immediately woke up and fell out of his chair in surprise.

I blinked, shocked. If I thought I wanted some sort of noise out of Gerard besides whimpers or cries, I quickly changed my mind.

"Gerard! Gerard, please! Please stop, baby, you're scaring me! Please, please baby, stop it!" I pleaded, kneeling next to the bed. I wasn't crying, though. I was too scared to cry.

A nurse ran into the room, and asked, "What happened?"

Gerard stopped screaming upon seeing the female figure.

"I want my mama!" he screamed, his voice hoarse and dry

My eyes went wide. The first words since getting kidnapped were, 'I want my mama?' Wow. Now I really felt bad.

Mr. and Mrs. Way had stopped at the hospital twice. They both were religious people, and had kind of disowned Gerard since we came out to them. Yes, 'we'. When we announced our relationship, it was a problem because not only did they not really like me, but they didn't even know that he was gay. So, I was the bad boyfriend who not only turned their precious boy gay, but caused this whole kidnapping situation in their eyes.

That's no reason not to visit their injured and maybe dying eldest son.

Mrs. Way told me to go to hell, and to say hi to Gerard when I get there. That made it clear that she wouldn't be visiting again.

And now, the only person Gerard needed was his mother, who most definitely would not be coming.

"I want my mama!" he cried again, vainly trying to push himself into a sitting position. The nurse, Cassia, gently pushed Gerard down.

"Shh, sweetie. Be calm," she whispered, smiling softly. Gerard stared into her eyes, and stopped crying.

Then, he looked at me.

"Frankie?" he asked, his eyes wide and doe-like.

"Yeah," I nodded, biting my lip.

"Mama's not coming, is she?"

"No, baby," I said, barely managing to hold in my tears.

" I safe now?"

His voice, filled with such innocence, such raw fear, sent me over the edge.

"Yes...yes, baby. You're safe now," I sobbed.

He nodded, as if digesting the information. Then, he looked at me again.

"Am I pretty?"

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