Review for To Fight the Coming Darkness

To Fight the Coming Darkness

(#) Alorkin 2007-01-06

I never expected Bill to be so bloody ruthless. Harry's temper is legend, and all of the Weasleys seem to share that trait, but with them, half are loud, like Molly and the others are quiet, like Arthur. I guess Bill is like Arthur. Quiet and dangerous.
Being a curse breaker with extensive knowledge of ancient Egypt can come in right handy at times. Amiee is going to live a very brief and painfull existance.
Harry is being Harry. He has never had a proper example fr controlling his anger. I wonder if Dumbles placed him there with that intent. Make him as powerful as possible in rder t destry Voldemort, and yet ensure he is such a danger to the rest of the wizarding world so that after Voldy is gone, Harry can be 'eliminated for the greater good'
Susan's tactic will likely work. Harry seems to respond to a sharp slap across the face (Even a figurative one.) and Susan's slap was a hefty one.
Preggers, hmmm? There's a twist.
As always, I await the next chapter of
'To Fight'. Alorkin

Author's response

Thanks. I am starting on ch 29 today. Glad you liked this version of Bill. You make an interesting point about Dumbledore.~Jim