Review for Mr. Giggles

Mr. Giggles

(#) SafeFromRobotsDAMN 2007-01-06

HA HA! Fantastic!! tis fun chucking animals in with the fan fiction in the crazy caldron, no? Well, you did promise it :)
I agree though, all hamsters do is sleep...and poo! I had a hamster when i was eight, he was called Harry Ronan Ross (I was obsessed with Boyzone (that crappy boygroup shudders) and i had a wee crush on Ronan (one of the singers) i named my hamster after him...weird? cough let's NEVER speak of this again...:)
If i had a hamster now, it would be called (not that your interested bu' hey) Felicity Gerard snuggles bitterness Ross III. :) [even though there wasn't a Felicity Gerard snuggles bitterness Ross II or I] :)

Author's response

That is the coolest name for a hamster EVAH! I shoulda named it something crazy like that...Dammit...I've never heard of Boyzone. It's 'cause I'm from America (Da da da da da da DUN da da, da da doo dah, dee dee da!) So, it was Back Street Boys for me! Gosh darnit. They sucked. Thanks for the review!