Review for Aftermath


(#) xImRadx 2007-01-08

Wow...okay just wow. My friend and I just read your whole story through. Its amazing!!! Flipping AMAZING!! Oh Em Gee! Its very very well writen and we tottaly got into it. You better write more soon cause we really wanna see what happens!

Aw Poor Gee! He is soo messed its so sad how far gone he seems. He is badly hurt to. I hope he gets well again and things are somewhat normal like before, even though they will prolly never go normal again.

I also feel bad for poor Frankie, he cares so much for Gee and he feels so guilty. I hope that all squares its self away. Mikey was a lunatic lol. I can under stand though cause its his brother.

HIS MOM IS A FUCKING BITCH!!!! Hahah sorry I couldnt control myself.

Anyways, to sum it all up...your amaazing your stories amazing and well writen I love the plot and I love you lol.

Keep Writing!!

Kim (Ya im pretty Rad...)