Review for Patrick Stump and the Great Cupcake Caper

Patrick Stump and the Great Cupcake Caper

(#) FrostedGlass 2007-01-13

The taller girl just nodded while shushing Patrick and trying to get him to blow his nose. -> Totally realistic. :I

/Pete exclaimed before grabbing Bridget by the arm and dragging her off into the van and tossing her in slamming the door behind them.
"So not going to sleep with you Wentz."/ -> Another mystery solved: How Pete lures the ladies into his pants.

I love you. For doing it with Wentz. I bet that took a lot of… confusion. ;)

Mozart Cupcake? HA HA HA. Insane.

The rating point's called Freud. Be nice to him.

Author's response

Freud is already tucked away in a little house moving in nicely with the rest of his big brother and sister rating points.
Patrick seems to be that when he cries he probably resembles a four year old more so then usual. As for the whole "pete/sex" thing--it was a confusing time in my life, the warm squishy feelings i've been having for the wentz needed to be smushed. so therefore, bad sex--tada! lol that and i figured it'd be super humorus 'cause its him and me and in the real world that'd result in major insults flying around.
yes. mozart the cupcake. nods