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Part 3

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Part 3

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A/N: Ok. I think I MAY have lost it with this one. Anyone who knows anything about me may fall out of their chair by the end of the chapter. I'm trying to wrap this up by the next chapter before it gets too outlandish (too late).

Once the others had finally calmed Patrick down, Joe and Pete threatened to leak potentially embarassing photos of him from "The String Cheese Incident" if he didn't stop his hysterics. The girls just looked intrigued by that comment. Esspecially since it shut Patrick up right away. The four young adults and Pete stood around the parking lot examining the photo. Joe suggested dusting for prints. Pete claimed that a professional did this job and that they wouldn't find any prints. Patrick pouted. The girls just rolled their eyes.
"Are you thinking of possibly throwing your cds out when we get home?" Bridget asked Callan. The taller girl just nodded while shushing Patrick and trying to get him to blow his nose.
"So Little, and I stress Little, Miss Mastermind behind the plan to foil my dear friend 'Trick what do you have to say for yourself?" Pete suddenly exclaimed raising a finger in the air in triumph.
"Shut up!"
"...ok. I'm sorry."
"You should be."
"NUH!...what we were fighting about?" Bridget asked Pete suddenly very confused. Glancing over at the other three she saw six wide eyes blinking owlishly at the two.
"Wow," Joe started, "they're both so...pretty." He tilted his head curiously.
"Hey! I am NOT "pretty" Joesph."
"Yea what he said!...wait?"
"Umm...guys? Cupcakes?"
"Yes Patrick. We will totally find your cupcakes. And then I will bake you even more of them. And feed them to you and we can play house and have puppies, 'cause babies are so last year, and... what? why are you all looking at me like that?" The shocked faces had all transfered to Callan as she began her ramble. At her question they all just shrugged and Bridget decided to take initiative in this situation.
"Ok. first of all we need to examine the evidence. We have a picture of a decimated cuppycake. We have a missing car, which sorry Patrick is more important, and we have all of us at the scene of the crime. Now none of us obviously commited such a heinous act as we were all within each others company the entire time said act was being commited however"
"Do you ever breathe?" Pete asked cutting her off.
"Remember Blossom?" Pete nodded in response, "Six was my idol."
"Oh...carry on."
"Thank you, anyway where was I?"
"Henious act." Patrick supplied finally looking happy now that someone was taking an genuine interest in his plight, the car would turn up eventually he was sure.
"Thank you, henious act. None of us did it! Case solved. Can we go home now?"
"Now wait a second," Pete exclaimed before grabbing Bridget by the arm and dragging her off into the van and tossing her in slamming the door behind them.
"So not going to sleep with you Wentz."
"Ugh! Shoosh! You can not "solve" the case by saying none of us did it and then leave ME with a hysterical short person!"
"Hey that hysterical short person is your best friend."
"So NOT the point."
"I DON'T KNOW!" He finally screamed back. The two stared at each other for a few seconds before attacking. In a tangle of limbs the two emo queens ('cause lets face it Pete's a queen) started swapping spit and germs and examining each others tonsils (what you thought kissing was something else?). A few minutes later Bridget's shirt went flying across the van to land on the rearview mirror. Pete's hit the gravel outside through the one open window available. Both parties pulled back a few seconds later and looked at each other.
"This is a bad idea." Bridget said, "I hate you."
"Yea I'm not too fond of you either." He responded.
"Fair enough." Bridget said before rolling on top of Pete and attaching her lips to his. He responded by flipping her over and claiming that once you go Wentz..well you get the idea.
A mere ten minutes later Pete rolled over with a goofy grin on his face and Bridget lied there staring at the ceiling of the van.
"Sooo...." Pete began, "did I rock your world."
"That entirely depends on your definition of rock. 'cause this was more of a Rob Thomas circa now, without Matchbox 20 kinda rock."
"Wha?" Bridget just shrugged at the disappointed boy, "I could try again! I'll do better. I promise!"
"No. That's really ok." She said beginning to gather her clothing.
"Oh come on! I have a reputation to protect."
"...Ashlee Simpson..."
"point taken. Let's go." He said grabbing his pants.
~~~Meanwhile Outside~~~
"Now where do you suppose they are going?" Patrick asked the other two. Callan and Joe just looked at each other before Callan turned back to Patrick and continued to pet his hair..uhh...hat.
"Hey, was that Pete's shirt?"
"She can't stand him!" Callan exclaimed as the three watched the van start rocking.
"Apparently she got over it." Patrick said dryly, "What about my cupcakes?!"
"Bridget's..working on it Patrick."
"wow...that's it" Joe said in surprise a few minutes later tapping his watch to make sure it was registering properlly. "So much for Pete's..abilities."
When the door swung open a few minutes later Bridget just looked at each of them.
"Do. Not. Say. A. Word."
"She didn't get hers." Joe stage whispered to Callan and Patrick.
"ARGH!" Bridget screamed and smacked Pete's arm as he stepped out of the van to grab his shirt, having heard his whisper from across the parking lot.
"What did I do NOW?!" He asked.
"I think it's what you didn't do that's the problem." Patrick responded to the rhetorical question.

A few minutes later it had been decided that they would try and figure things out back at the hotel. Callan, Patrick, and Joe all crammed into the front seat of the van and banished Pete and Bridget to the back.
"We didn't make a mess." Pete said in confusion as the other three just glared at him.
"Pete. Shut up." Bridget ordered.
"Ok." The group sat in silence for the rest of the drive back to the hotel, this time only getting lost for a half hour.

"So we're back in the room. Now lets figure this out." Pete began as they all took seats around the room. He strategically placed himself next to Bridget, doing the old 'yawn and stretch' manuever, to which she rolled her eyes but surprising everyone by not moving. "The girls originally stole the cupcakes. Patrick stole them and flipped out. Then their car is stolen with the baked goods inside of it."
"Where's Andy?" Joe suddenly asked out of the blue. "And Dirty?" he added.
"uhh....Dirty is...being dirty." Pete started, "And Andy is, ya know I don't know where Andy is."
"He yelled at me about the rights of milk and eggs when I brought my cuppycakes in and the stormed out." Patrick supplied from the couch where he was clutching and petting a stuffed cupcake. Callan was sitting next to him eying the stuffed baked good with the same creeped out expression that had been there since he pulled it out.
"The rights of eggs and milk? Shouldn't be like be "yay cows and chickens." They are the ones that get the milk and eggs taken from them. The milk and eggs don't have feelings themselves. Crazy Vegan." Bridget rambled from next to Pete. Then reached over and pushed Pete's head away from her neck.
"He gets like that," Joe supplied, "He likes the cows. In fact he loves the cows. Cows rock. He's tight with the chickens and fishes and buffallo, and even things like racoons. Then he gets...weird and starts talking about milk, and cheese, and like ice cream and eating it being bad."
" cream?"
"Hey, I don't question. It's safer that way."
"You don't think Andy finally you?" Pete asked removing his lips from where they had been attempting to attach to Bridget's ear. Thankfully her slapping hand was quick tonight.
"Nah....right?" Joe asked.
Patrick just sat there holding the cupcake, which he told Callan was named Mozart, and wimpered at the thought of his friend Andy hurting green.
Callan just reached over and patted his head all the while thinking to herself, "they're ALL nuts. except for Bridget." Then glancing at her friend who had lost the battle and was currently making out with Pete ammended her internal statement, "nope. They're all nuts."

A/N: Don't mean to insult any Vegans. but i actually know someone like that. I got yelled at for drinking a glass of milk and how would I like it if someone drank me. my response was 'brocolli has a nervous system gulp'
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