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Part 4

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Part 4

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A/N: Here it is. The final installment of "Patrick Stump and the Great Cupcake Caper". Tell me what you think.

Ten minutes later and Callan had finally had enough of watching Pete and Bridget alternate between swapping spit and insults, Joe pace the room with a jewlery catalog and Patrick talk to a stuffed baked good. Five minutes after that she looked at the clock and realized it was almost midnight. Which also meant it was time for all crazy little boys to be tucked away in bed.
"Patrick lets go."
"To bed."
"Ok..." The shorter boy got up and followed Callan into his bedroom where she went about getting him ready for sleep.
"Ya know, I always figured if I was gonna tuck you into bed, it would be under slightly different circumstances." Callan grumbled at him as she tossed a t-shirt and pajama pants that were lying on a chair at Patrick.
"You mean like sex? 'cause I like sex. I wouldn't be entirely opposed to it."
"excuse me?" Callan asked shocked as she started looking around for Ashton and the Punk'd crew.
"Sex. You and me. I hear its a great stress reliever." Patrick said as he stood up and walked across the room to the bedroom door. Joe who had heard him was standing there staring at them. Callan just shrugged in response as Patrick closed and locked the door.
"Uh, Patrick have you ever thought about seeking help for possibly multiple personality disorders?" Callan asked as the suddenly very very sure of himself young man approached her. "Patrick?"
"Shut up."
"ok..." Callan sighed as Patrick grabbed her and kissed her. The kissing went on for quite a while. It seemed that Patrick was a fan of foreplay, and possibly bad porn as he insisted they roll around a lot before they got into it. Once it was all said and done however...
"WOW!" Callan exclaimed.
"your welcome." Patrick said with a smirk. "Now will you help me find my cupcakes?...Callan...Callan? Why are you crying? I'm upset about the cupcakes too but don't worry we'll get them back. I promise. Callan?"

"guys? GUYS? Did you just hear or see that?" Pete and Bridget pulled away from each other and looked at the curly haired wonder.
"huh?" They both articulated quite well.
"Nevermind. Maybe you should take that somewhere else." Joe said gesturing towards Pete's sister's pants. Pete glanced down and smirked.
"Yea you're right. Let's go gorgeous." Bridget rolled her eyes in response as she got up to follow him. Before the door to Pete's room closed Joe heard Bridget's voice telling Pete,
"Now Peter. When you rock my world this time how about we aim for Robert Plant...and maybe if we're lucky you'll....uhh...hit a home run this time. Also can we take down these mirrors first?"
Joe just shook his head. "They're all crazy." Pulling out his cellphone Joe hit speed dial 3 and when the phone was answered anyone who had been paying attention to Joe, which of course wasn't the two...couples...would have heard.
"They're all incredibly occupied....Uhh...I don't know for how long. We got a preview of Pete earlier and we might have ten minutes if he does something right this time.....Yea I didn't need to know that about him either.....Patrick? sounds like they might still be busy...Uh-huh. Gotcha.....So twenty minutes? I'll be waiting." Joe hung up his cellphone and sat down on the couch to wait out the twenty minutes. Three minutes later he put his iPod on as he realized the van may have been a fluke.

~~~Pete's Room~~~
"Ok....I take it back. Everything I ever said about you I take back." Bridget said as she laid in bed catching her breath.
"Yup. That's right. I am the king."
"And now I take back what I just took back."
"but...nevermind. Wanna go again?" Bridget rolled her eyes at the bassist...I use that term lightly...and shrugged.

~~~Twenty Minutes later in the Living Room~~~
The door opened at Andy walked in and looked around. Poking Joe in the shoulder to get his attention, as the guitarist had his iPod volume up quite high, he smiled and waved a keys around.
"You got them?"
"And the car?"
"The car is fine. Its in the parking lot. Locked this time."
"Oh thank god. Alright. So now we just have to set this up perfectly and they will never know the difference."
The two usually ignored members of Fall Out Boy hurried around the living room setting up their plan. Joe hurried over to the mini-fridge and pulled out Patrick's ACTUAL cupcakes from where he had stashed them earlier that morning and set them out on the table where replacements the girls had stolen had been. Andy snickered as he thought back on how their plan had come about that morning. Then he grimaced and glanced at Pete's door as he heard a particularly loud exclamation about Pete.
"Ya know this would have worked perfectly if you hadn't been late." Andy said to Joe who winced in response.

~~~Earlier that day~~~
" yea. It'll be easy as that. We pose as maids, get in and get out." Joe and Andy stared at each other over coffee as they listened to the two girls sitting in the booth next to them outline an entire plan to steal Patrick's cupcakes. Once the girls were gone Andy started laughing.
"I guess the press ignoring us is a good thing. Now we can save ourselves from our lead singer having a total breakdown."
"How so? I don't wanna call the cops on them. They're cute. Nuts but cute." Andy rolled his eyes at his friends one track mind.
"Duh! We stash Patrick's REAL cupcakes. We put a box of the same ones on the table. Then after the girls steal the cupcakes, we just put Patrick's real box back. No one will EVER know the difference."

~~~The Living Room~~~
"I'm sorry. I forgot." Joe said to Andy.
"You forgot you needed to be back here to switch the cupcakes before anyone found out?"
"Pot head."
"Same thing. Wait. Stop. Everytime today people argued they wound up banging. So NOT happening."
"Really why not? Am I not attractive enough for you?"
"AH!" Joe turned around and stomped into his room of the suite before closing and locking the door on a laughing Andy.

~~~The Next Morning~~~
The shout from the living room woke up everyone in the suite. Callan glanced over next to her and was in no way shape or form surprised to see that Patrick wasn't in bed after hearing that shout. Walking into the living room she joined everyone else. Pete standing there looking bleary in boxers, Bridget didn't look much better for that matter in one of his t-shirts. Andy was looking very proud of himself and Joe was inching away from the drummer looking a bit frightened.
"Are those the cupcakes?" Callan asked.
"Yup." Andy proclaimed, "And I think these are yours?" He asked as he tossed keys in her direction.
"So that's where you were." Pete said as though everything was becoming clear to him.
"Is this the big reveal scene?" Bridget asked the ceiling.
"Uhh...babe?" Pete whispered, "who are you talking to?"
"The narrator."
"Hey! Sex addicts. Over here." Andy said snapping to get their attention.
"Sorry." They both replied.
"Anyway, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by...well whoever she is. We over heard your plot to foil Patrick and we decided to stop you. Unfortunatly afternoon traffic caused OUR plan to get slightly out of whack and we had to edit it as we moved along. So Joe was planted you to throw you off my scent while I masterminded the plot to foil your plan." Andy finished.
"Right. Ok. Can I go back to sleep now?" Bridget asked.
"Uhh...isn't this where you say 'those meddeling kids?'...please?" Joe asked.
"No. This is where I say, 'Pete kept me up all night by blogging on his damn sidekick and I want to go back to sleep'. So yea. Consider it said."
"How many weird poems that make absolutly no sense whatsoever did he write about you?" Patrick asked through a mouthful of cupcake.
"I dunno. I didn't check yet...WHY are you eating those?!"
"Cause they're good."
"But didn't we spend all night trying to track them down so you them."
"Yes. Save them to eat today. It's Sunday. That's cupcake eating day. Duh. Callan? Why are you crying again?"

~~~In A Not So Distant Future (or ya know 10 years down the road)~~~
"Soooo...Today's the big day huh?" Callan asked Bridget.
"Yup. That it is."
"Oh that's healthy."
"We'll not all of us can have a healthy loving marriage with a one time member of a major pop-punk band." Bridget shot at her friend's reflection in the mirror.
"Don't forget a bakery and three kids."
"Yea them too."
"Oh come on. You know you're excited. You're getting married. And it only took him...eight years, 364 days, and a kid to pop the question."
"Don't remind me. Why I waited around for that dolt I have no idea."
"Cause you love him. And 'cause Patricia is way too much like her father."
"Don't remind me. She's only seven, I'm hoping its a phase."
"It's not." came from a small voice on the couch behind the two women. Bridget turned to see her daughter Patricia Josephine Andrea Wentz with her big brown eyes and long brown hair smirking at her. Needless to say Bridget had lost when it came to naming the child.

Anyway, to make a long story short. This narrator is ducking to avoid all the "too late's" being thrown at them. After the "The Cupcake Caper", as it came to be called, erased "The String Cheese Incident" (which the girls still didn't know about) the band went on to have another sucessful album "Infintiy on High". They toured for about a year in support of it before recording one more album and doing another tour. This one not as successful. During that three year period Callan sought out help for our slightly disturbed lead singer and weaned him of his cupcake obsession. Bridget and Pete spent those three years not together, as it seemed that Pete couldn't handle a steady relationship and screaming girls throwing themselves at him. Then they both got wasted, and Bridget got knocked up. That as they say was the straw that broke the camels back. Unfortunatly, a resurgance in dance-pop music in retaliation for the generic rock that had been over saturating the airwaves since 2002 didn't help Fall Out Boy's case either. The band decided to take a "break".
Patrick and Callan had gotten married a year before the break and now that the band was finished decided to give into their second love and opened a Bakery that they named "Mozart's". Their speciality was green cupcakes. They even made sure to have a line of vegan friendly baked goods just for Andy who they credited with getting them together. On the side Patrick was known to produce music for other artists as his attempt to stop had left him in a near detoxed stage and Callan didn't feel like going on another trip with "crazy Patrick".
Andy dedicated his life after that to keeping the "yay anarchy" hardcore scene alive. He's still trying. It's not really working. Mainly because the hardcore scene never really went away. Andy was just confused. Silly vegan.
Joe surprised everyone by marrying his highschool sweetheart. Having 2.5 kids, although how one has .5 of a child no one will ever know and being a stay at home dad. Probably because of that poor .5 of a child needing constant care.
Then we have Pete and Little Miss Mastermind. You see today is their wedding day (if you listen carefully you can hear everyone who knows them yell "finally"). Bridget had become a successful music journalist, and was one of the few people in that fickle, digusting, turn coat industry to support emo/pop-punk/rock (whatever you want to call it) straight to the bitter end. She avoided Pete at all costs until that one incident that left her a bun in the oven. Once that happened the two just kind of fell into being a couple. Pete kept his label alive, he had to stop living like "Pete Wentz" in order to still attempt to bring rock music to the mainstream, but thankfully with Bridget's help he rediscovered the Pete Wentz of old and got his punk rock street cred back.
And a month after the wedding, Fall Out Boy were set to put out their newest album on Decaydance, the first single "The Break's Over (for real this time)" was burning up the charts as the sick and twisted cycle that music industry was came full circle again.

A/N: Thank you for putting up with my insanity. I know some of yyou are reading "Would You Believe Me If I Said I Didn't Need You?" And I'm warning you I'm incredibly incredibly incredibly blocked on it. It's freaking me out 'cause I have the thing outlined and I just can't get it written. so bear with me.

hope you enjoyed this. love you all.
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