Review for A Midsummer's Night Dream

A Midsummer's Night Dream

(#) Mrs-Jay 2007-01-15

Kim - Woot wait... SATURDAY?! I can't wait that long! I saw the J/A thing and I was steaming mad the whole way... but I'm glad that it's changed for the better.

Amika - It's not that, Kim just wants Jay all to herself.

Kim - If I was a cartoon! blushes

Total Tragedy - Yeah let's go materialise and be cartoons. I'll steal Atlanta, Sunburn can have Herry, Kim can have Jay and Amika can have Archie.

Amika - I do NOT like Archie that way! He is a cartoon!

Total Tragedy - Yeah but you're a split personality, why can't opposites attract?

Sunburn - Yo

Amika - Geez Sunburn, I think Yo is the only word in your vocabulary! Besides... if opposites attract TT and Kim should be all over each other! ;P

Kim, TT - EWW!!!

Kim - -vomits-

Total Tragedy - Pfft, more like -dies-

Amika - -_-'