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A Midsummer's Night Dream

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Another one-shot, got the idea from 'A Midsummer's Night Dream' (hence the title)

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This one-shot is based on the Shakespearean play 'A Midsummer's Night Dream.' There are hints of Jay/Atlanta in this story but nothing major. And there is one part with Archie/Theresa but you won't really notice it.


Odie watched the two friends fight. He could totally tell they were crushing on each other, but he had to somehow bring them together. He sighed. He looked at their leader who also seemed to have a crush on the fiery red-head. He didn't seem to notice that the other red head had a major crush on him. And Odie knew he had feelings for her as well, but he seemed to like Atlanta more.

Odie was sitting in his room thinking of a way to bring them together when Herry and Neil stormed in. "We have to bring them together!" Herry said. Neil looked in his mirror but nodded in agreement with Herry. Odie was surfing the web when the idea struck him. "We can ask Aphrodite for a love potion or something! Or maybe a truth potion?"

"No, let's go with the love potion." Herry said and the three of them got into his truck and headed for the school. They went straight to Aphrodite and told her their situation. "Ooh! I'd love to help you! Here, I just so happen to have the potion on me." And she gave Neil a bottle of green stuff. "Are you sure that's the potion?" the blonde teen asked.

The goddess laughed. "Sure. Now just make sure that when you give them the potion, the first person they see is the one you want then to fall in love with." They thanked her and went off to look for the love-struck teens. They found all four of them in the gym. Theresa was practicing her karate, trying to show off to Jay, who was watching Archie and Atlanta wrestle each other.

The other three got two cups of water and poured a quarter of the potion into each one. Odie went up to Jay and gave him the cup, while Herry gave the other one to Archie. Neil was supposed to make sure that the girls didn't leave, but he was looking at him self again and didn't notice Atlanta leave.

Archie walked over to join Jay and Theresa joined them as well. When both boys finished their drink, Odie panicked. He saw that Atlanta was no where to be seen and both boys were talking to Theresa. Then Odie's worst nightmare was realized. Archie put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer. Jay saw this and pushed him out the way. Atlanta then came back. She saw this and looked questioningly at Odie, Herry and Neil.

Odie and Herry pretended that they didn't know what was going on and avoided eye contact with her while Neil had absolutely no idea what was going on and didn't even know about the death glare Atlanta was shooting at the three of them. But her attention was then taken away from the three boys who were acting stupid, to the fight that was happening in front of her.

Jay and Archie were rolling on the ground punching each other. "I love her!" Archie shouted and punched Jay in the face. Jay then managed to roll Archie over so he was on top of them and punched him back. "NO! I love her!" They continued this until Atlanta pulled Jay off of Archie. He took one look at her and pushed her as side and ran for Archie, punching him in the gut.

Theresa, meanwhile, had no idea why the boys were fighting. She didn't seem to notice what had just happened before Jay pushed Archie. Atlanta ran up to her. "What has happened here?"

"Beats me. Jay pushed Archie and that's when they started fighting." Theresa said. Atlanta raised an eyebrow. "Did Archie do anything to make Jay angry?" Theresa thought for a while and then she opened her eyes wide when she realised what had just happened. "Archie likes me! EEEWWW!" Theresa shrieked. Atlanta tried to contain her anger. "And why would Archie suddenly start to like you?" Atlanta asked, looking at Odie's, Herry's and Neil's way.

Odie paled. Herry was frozen. Neil still had no idea what was happening right before him. "I think we should run." Odie said, trying to move his feet but they were glued to the floor as Atlanta's and Theresa's angry faces came closer to them. "What were you boys thinking? What did you do to the two of them?" Theresa screamed and pointed to Archie and Jay, who were now getting tired of punching each other.

Odie gulped. Herry tried to open his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Atlanta and Theresa scared him when they were really angry with him.

Neil managed to say something. "Odie and Herry came up with the idea to make the boys confess their love for you. You see, Jay pretended to like Atlanta when it was also obvious that he liked Theresa more and Archie was too scared to confess his feelings for Atlanta, so we gave them a push." The girls returned their glares at Odie and Herry, who had managed to get feeling back in their legs and were sneaking out the door.

"Where do you think you are going?" Atlanta asked. Then suddenly she was knocked over by Archie and Jay as they were on a mad rush to Theresa. Atlanta ran at the two boys who were sneaking out and blocked the exit. "You are going to fix this!" she screamed in Odie's face. He nodded and Atlanta left to go help Theresa. "I told you we should have gone with the truth potion." Herry said. Odie looked up at his big friend. "YOU were the one who said love potion. I said truth potion. But let's go ask Aphrodite for a cure."

While the two boys went in search for Aphrodite, Atlanta had to lock Theresa in the girl's bathroom and tie Jay and Archie up. That didn't work that great because all they could do was argue with each other. Atlanta looked at Neil for help. Then she smacked herself on the head. 'Idiot! Neil doesn't help anyone but himself.' She walked around the gym, listening to them shout, "She likes me better!" or, "She kissed me!"

"SHUT UP!" Atlanta screamed and then Odie and Herry returned with the potion. "Thank you!" Atlanta said and ran up to hug both of them. "You have no idea how horrible it is to listen to both of them argue!" Odie looked at Herry and both of them started laughing. "What?" Atlanta said, really confused now.

"Now you know how we feel like when you and Archie argue about the most stupid of things. Anyway, we better give them this potion." Odie said and poured it into two different cups. They gave it to the two boys. After a while, they seemed to be their old selves.

"Uh, care to explain why we are tied up to a running machine?" Archie asked. Herry untied the ropes while Atlanta let Theresa out of the bathroom. "Glad that is over." Theresa said. When they reached the boys, they couldn't remember what had happened, and neither could Neil. "Well, I gotta go." He said and left. The others left after him and went straight to the dorm.

Atlanta and Archie started arguing again, and Jay couldn't take it anymore. He had to tell the girl he loved most in the world that he loved her. For some reason, it wasn't the red head that he had been watching that morning fighting with her best friend, but the other one who he had secretly been crushing on since he had first met her.

Jay went upstairs to her room. He knocked on her door and she said "Come in." Jay entered and saw her at her desk typing something on the computer. "I wanted to tell you something. I can't remember what happened in the gym, but something has changed in me. I don't know what that something is, but it has given me the courage to tell you this. Theresa, I love you."

Theresa stopped typing and turned to face her leader, and crush. "You do?" she felt like she was on cloud 9. He nodded. She smiled. "I love you too." He then bent forward to kiss her on the lips when they heard a loud bang downstairs. They rushed out the room and down the stairs. They saw Archie lying on the floor with Atlanta standing over him.

"WHAT WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?" Atlanta screamed at him. From what Jay could make out, Archie had made a comment that had angered Atlanta. She then whacked him with something, causing him to fall on the floor. He tried to stand up but Atlanta pushed him back on the floor. She sat on his stomach. Jay could see the fear in Archie eyes.

What Atlanta did next took everyone by surprise. She kissed Archie, on the lips! They were like that for about 5 seconds when she pulled away. "Now do you think I'm a bad kisser?" she said, smirking at her friends red face. Jay and Theresa started laughing when they realised what the fight had been about. Atlanta heard them and sent them an evil glare. Both of them, seeing this, ran back upstairs. They were outside Theresa's room when Jay pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

Back downstairs, Atlanta was getting off Archie when he pulled her down for another kiss, this time longer and more passionate. Atlanta broke away and looked down at her friend. He smiled at her. "I love you Lannie. Always have and always will." She smiled back. "I know. And I love you too." And kissed him again.

While they were kissing for the third time, Odie, Herry and Neil came back from their movie night and saw the two making out on the floor. "Get a room." Neil said and went upstairs. Herry and Odie smirked at the two and went their separate ways, Odie to his room and Herry to the kitchen.

Odie then thought of something else to do and ran to the kitchen to tell Herry his plan. "So, you know what to do?" Odie asked. Herry nodded and went upstairs to put the plan in action. Odie and Herry were waiting in Odie's room for the noise.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! WHAT IS A HALF EATEN HAMBURGER DOING IN MY ROOM?!" Neil yelled. Odie high-5ed Herry and they went back to bed. 'Serves him right for putting all the blame on us.' Odie thought and then drifted off into slumber land.


Haha! I had to finish it off with Neil screaming! I'm obsessed with that and putting Cronus in my stories, though I couldn't find a way to put him in this story, so they were free from Cronus! Yay! Rate and review. Peace out ;) And, I'm doing a sequel to 'Young Ones', the first chapter will be up on Saturday!

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