Review for Love Knows No Age

Love Knows No Age

(#) kissmekate88 2007-01-15

Don't let anyone make you feel like you are no succeeding at this story. It's simply amazing and as corny and stupid and creepy as this sounds, it feels like we are a part of their lives. You're doing an amazing job and I've made this story my nightly ritual. Tonight my boyfriend said "When you get home, go straight to bed, no computer"(he knows once I'm on, I'll never get to bed and hes been proven right cause I've been on an hour) and I said "Well I gotta go on for one thing, but you know what that is" and he said "Yea, I do" So you can see how addicted I am. But anyways, if the reviews weren't the greatest, it's probably because people are trying to give constructive critism. They wanna help develop this great fanfic. No ones perfect, ya know. You're doing a fantastic job and keep up the great work!

P.S.-- Glad you took my advice on the author's note. Now you'll get more detailed reviews!