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Old Traditions New Beginnings

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Dinner on New Years Night with friends and family.

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It was getting dangerously close to dinnertime and still Gerard hadn't returned. Donna looked over the kitchen clock once again. "Monica, have you heard from Gerard? He knows he's supposed to be back for dinner doesn't he?"
Monica smiled, "I talked to him just a while ago and he said to tell you he would be here in time for dinner." She answered sitting at the table watching Donna who was a flurry of activity. She had been cooking for hours' making what she said was their traditional New Year's Day dinner. Monica's offers of help had been rejected. Donna explained that this was something she did for her family by herself every New Year.
"It looks like you've cooked enough food for an army" Monica said, "Are we having more guests?"
Donna spoke without turning from the stove, "You never know who will show up on New Years Day and I always want to have enough food."
"Can I ask what's on the menu?" From where she sat at the table she couldn't make out any of the foods being prepared
"Well we are having Cotechino which is a spiced sausage, lentils which are for good luck and prosperity, black eyed peas, and biscotti"
"My mouth is watering" Monica told her. The kitchen smelled heavenly.
The back door opened and the wayward son came in followed by Frank and Jamia. "Hey, mom is it OK I brought Frankie and Jamia with me for dinner?"
Donna looked at Monica "See, I told you. The boys have always brought friends home with them on New Years Day. She smiled "Of course, Frankie and Jamia are always welcome you know that"
Frank ran and threw his arms around her, "Mom I love you. Please feed me."
Everyone in the kitchen laughed. Donna hugged him and turned to Jamia, "Honey I hope you know how to cook cause when you marry this boy he's gonna expect it."
Frank laughed. "Oh Jamia can cook" he raised his eyebrow in a suggestive manner and leered at her.
"Oh ha, ha Frank" she retorted "Very funny." He crossed the room and put his arm around her.
"Keep him in line" was Donna's advice.
The door opened again and Don appeared. "Hey Dad" Gerard was pleasantly surprised his dad was going to join them for dinner. Everyone in the kitchen welcomed him.
Soon they were all gathered around the dinning room table. The food was delicious. Kelly asked about the tradition of each dish. She especially liked the thought that you got a day of good luck for every black-eyed pea you ate.
"So Monica where is your other lovely daughter?" Don asked while spooning lentils on his plate.
"She is at Mikey's helping Alicia get ready for their party tonight." Monica replied.
"My son should be here." Don said "But I guess since their party got put off until tonight it's OK. So Gerard all ready to leave on tour?"
"Yep, just about. Monica is going with me for the first couple of weeks" he told his dad. "She finally realized she couldn't live without me."
Monica rolled her eyes "Yea, he's irresistible."
Don laughed, "Takes after me. So are you looking forward to going?"
He asked Monica.
She smiled "I am. Gee has told me so many stories about what happens on the road I am really looking foreword to it."
"Ah, but just wait until you've been on the bus for a few days. The boys live like pigs. Practically gave me a fatal heart attack once when I traveled with them."
Gerard looked up from his plate, "Not funny dad. You scared us to death." He looked at Monica and explained "Dad actually had a heart attack on our tour bus"
Monica was shocked "That's terrible."
He just smiled "Monica you learn as you get older not to take what life throws at you so seriously. I had a heart attack but I'm OK now. It was a warning to take better care of my health. Good can come from bad."
She considered his words, "That is so true."
Frank who had been quiet up to this point, mostly because he was stuffing food in his face spoke "Hey Monica, wait until you see the bunks. They are great. I unlike my band mates keep mine very clean."
Gerard nodded "It's true he is the neatest. Of course he is also the most annoying. Especially when you are trying to sleep and he's not tired. And you really have to watch out cause he loves playing practical jokes."
Frank grinned "Who me? Never. Don't listen to him. I'm an angel"
Jamia laughed, "Do you really think anyone is going to believe that?"
He smiled at her "Doesn't hurt to try."
"Monica please keep an eye on him for me, Frankie always seems to get into some sort of trouble." Jamia said smiling.
"She needs to keep an eye on Mikey" Frank said in between bites, "He is the one who steals everyone's make up."
Gerard agreed, "Yea, last tour he stole everyone's eyeliner. Pretended he didn't do it."
"I'll keep an eye on them both" Monica promised.
After dinner Kelly, Jamia and Monica helped clear the table. The guys all went in to watch football on TV. Gerard came into the kitchen to talk to Monica.
"If it's OK with you I think we should spend the night at Mikey's. We are going to be taking off pretty early in the morning from there and that way we won't have to drive back here after the party. We can just take our stuff with us."
"OK, I've got my stuff all packed. What time are we leaving here?" She didn't want to be late for the party. Alicia wanted her to help play hostess. Gerard looked at the clock.
"We should probably take off in about 45 minutes. That will still get us there before any of the guests. I'll tell Frank." He gave her a quick kiss and went to relay the plans to his friend.
Kelly was excused from doing any more kitchen duty. She was going to her friend's house and they were picking her up any minute. "Mom I guess I have to say goodbye now. You'll be gone when I get home." She was trying not to look sad.
Monica hugged her, "I will only be gone a few weeks. And I will talk to you every day I promise."
"I know it's just that I've never been away from you for this long." Tears were in her eyes.
Donna put down the dish she was washing and dried off her hands. She went to hug Kelly. "Hey you've got to keep me company. Both my sons are going so we will just have to stick together."
Kelly hugged her back "I love you Donna" she said in a quiet tone.
"I love you too, honey. Now go downstairs and bring your mom's bags up here, OK? Kelly went off to do as she was told. Donna turned to Monica, "You need to get ready for the party."
Monica thanked her and went to change. When she came back upstairs her bags had been loaded in the car and everyone was saying their goodbyes. Kelly hugged her mom tightly. "I'm gonna miss you momma."
"I'll miss you too, baby" she murmured back to her.
Gerard was watching them closely, "Hey what about me? Aren't you gonna miss me even a little?"
Kelly smiled at him. "Maybe just a little" She quickly crossed the room and he took her in his arms. "Take care of my mom"
He hugged her tightly "You know I will." He stepped out of the hug, "Hey I almost forgot. I bought something for you." He went into the other room and returned with a box. It was a new Sidekick 3. This is for you. I got your sister and mom one too. This way you can send messages to your mom as often as you want."
Kelly's eyes lit up. "Oh Gerard this is so rad. I didn't think I would ever get one of these. Thanks"
He smiled at her, "You are welcome. Now take care of my mom for me and I will take care of your mom for you."
After much kissing and hugs Gerard, Monica, Frank and Jamia took off for the party. Monica still felt sad leaving Kelly. She and Gerard were sitting in the back seat and he had pulled her so close she has practically sitting on his lap. He picked up on her feelings in an uncanny way "Honey, I know it's hard for you to leave Kelly but really she will be fine. And with your new Sidekick you can keep in contact easily."
She kissed him lightly, "How do you always know what I'm thinking?" she asked.
"Not always" he laughed, "So do you know what I'm thinking?" he whispered in her ear. He took her hand and placed it in his lap. She could definitely feel what he was thinking.
"Well let me guess" she whispered back "Could it be something very hot " she ran her tongue along his earlobe causing him to shudder. "And wet" more shuddering and penetrating?" She gently squeezed the budge in his jeans.
He kissed her deeply "Oh yea" he whispered, "You are on the money"
"Hey you guys could you please try to control yourselves," Frank said looking in the rearview mirror. "I gonna have to turn on the defrost you are fogging up the windows.
Gerard with his lips still touching Monica's hollering back "Fuck you Frank"
Frank chuckled "I don't think it's me you want to do that to".
Gerard laughed "Sorry Frankie no Frerard."

Authors note: Several of you have said you liked the author's note I did so you knew where I was coming from and how I felt. OK, this isn't easy but I will try. Last night I looked at the ratings for several of my chapters and now instead of good ratings they have bad ones. My first thought was to question my writing ability. Maybe I was wrong thinking I was writing a story people enjoyed. I thought about it all day and fretted. After work I picked up the new copy of Outburn Magazine with MCR on the cover. While reading the article I was stuck by something Frank said. He was talking about the pressure that they faced when creating their new album. "You want to say, Oh I don't care about that all but it's not true. You want people to appreciate your work. But at the end of the day you really have to write everything for yourselves and hopefully people will appreciate it." Well Frank is right you have to write for yourself and that is what this story is. I'm just happy when you guys like it too. Hopefully this story is still making people happy. Wow how has that for how I feel. Sorry to be so chatty. Thanks for all the reviews that have made me smile and well some were so nice I almost shed a tear. Take Care -- SanDee
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