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Wake Up Get Ready

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Torture for Gerard waiting for Monica to awaken. Time to get ready for the tour.

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"Honey, are you awake?" Gerard brushed the hair from Monica's face trying to see if her eyes were open. He really hoped she was because he had been awake for the last 15 minutes. She was draped across his body, and holding her like this was torture. He wanted her so badly it was all he could do not to roll her over and plunge into her.
Monica stirred and her leg rubbed up his body even further. She came fully awake when her knee felt his rock hard erection. Opening her eyes she smiled to herself. Gee was trying to inch away a bit. She closed her eyes again and pretended to still be asleep. She dropped her arm down off his chest and placed it by her knee. Now, her hand and her leg surrounded his erection. She felt his whole body stiffen and he tried to stifle a moan. She leaned her head back and stretched which moved her leg up and down. His sharp intake of breath let her know just how much she was affecting him. Her other arm which was around his neck lightly brushed his ear.
"Monica honey please wake up" his breathing was rapid. He was trying so hard to think of dead puppies or anything else bad just to get his mind off what was happening to his body.
Suddenly her hand moved to enclose his member. Ever so slowly she ran the length of him when she reached the silken tip her fingers danced over it then continued the trip back to the base.
He moaned and closed his eyes. "What are you doing to me?' he asked roughly.
Monica opened her eyes and looked up at him. "Saying good morning," she said in a sexy sleep voice.
"You are evil woman. How long have you been awake?" He moaned.
"Oh I don't know." She continued to glide her hand up and down. He was getting even harder. "Why? Was there something you wanted?" she fringed innocence.
"Yea, you got something I want" he ground out in a rough voice.
"Well, then why don't you just take whatever it is you want?" she challenged.
"Just go for it?"
With one swift move he rolled over and pinned her beneath his body. "Sure I should just take what I want?" he reached down and felt her warm moistness. She was ready causing him to smile.
She ran her finger over his bottom lip, "Go for it" she purred.
He plunged into her without further invitation. She moaned and arched her back to meet his thrusts. "Wrap you legs around me," he commanded.
She did as he said and the thrusts became quicker and harder. He leaned down to kiss her open mouth. His tongue took advantage of the open invitation. The coupling was quick, hard but very satisfying. Soon they lay in each other's arms breathing heavily.
Monica began to giggle. Gerard rolled his head over and looked at her, "What is so funny?"
"I was just trying to imagine your face when I was pretending to be sleeping. You were so hard."
"Man, I woke up with you in my arms and damn I keep thinking please let her wake up. It was so hard not to touch you."
She touched his cheek, "Please touch me whenever you want. I always want you, Gee."
He glanced at the clock on the bedside table. "We have a big day ahead of us. Lots of stuff to get ready for the tour. You've got to pack. Mom is expecting us home for dinner then Mikey's party is tonight."
"I'm really happy I'm going with you on the tour" She told him honestly, "I just hope the girls don't drive you mom crazy."
"Mom handled me and Mikey, she can handle them. It's gonna be so excellent having you with me. Shit, if you were with me anyplace would be good."
They got up, took turns in the shower, packed and checked out. Mikey was driving back with Alicica and Bob and Kara would be traveling with them. The trip home was nice. It gave them time to talk about movies, books and of course comics. Gerard was still surprised she had read and enjoyed almost all his favorites.
When they got back to Belleville the rest of the day was spent making plans for the tour. Gerard went to Ray's where the rest of the guys were meeting up. Monica, with the help of Kelly and Kara, packed. The girls were excited and happy for their mom.
"I wish I was going" Kara said folding a pair of jeans and putting them in the suitcase. "I'm going to miss Bob so much."
Monica looked at her "I know you will but remember what you promised me. Finish school then you will have your whole life ahead of you to plan."
Kara sighed, "I know momma. No wedding thoughts until after graduation."
Across the room Kelly looked up, "Wedding plans? What are you talking about?"
Kara smiled at her sister, "Bob asked me to marry him." She saw her mother frown and quickly added "But I promised mom that I won't even think of wedding plans until after I graduate."
Kelly rolled her eyes, "Whatever." She thought a moment then said, "Hey mom how weird would it be if you marry Gerard and Kara is married to Bob. Man, that's kind of strange."
Kara grinned "Yea, think of it. Mother and daughter married to guys in the same band."
Monica placed another pair of jeans in the suitcase, "Gee and I don't have any plans to marry." She told them. Marriage was something she didn't want to contemplate. Besides she reasoned with herself Gee had never mentioned it. They were happy the way they were, weren't they?"
Kelly was still giving the idea thought "But you both will eventually won't you? I mean you won't just date him forever."
Monica sighed "Honey, I don't know what will happen in the future. I love Gee and he loves me but I don't know if we will ever marry."
Kara was watching her mother closely, "Gerard is a good guy, mom." She waited until Kelly turned away to add in a low tone "and nothing like daddy."
Monica looked at her and knew what her daughter was saying "I know honey, he's nothing like your father."
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