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A New Year - A New Beginning

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The New Year brings a new chance for happiness.

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The band members all saw that Monica had returned and was now in Gerard's arms. They gave them a few more minutes before crowding around them.
"Happy New Year, Monica", Frank pulled her away from Gerard so he could give her a hug. "Glad you're back".
Jamia took her turn and gave Monica a hug "We were all so worried about you. Happy New Year".
Alicia stopped filming and ran over to hug both of them "Group hug" she cried throwing her arms around them. Mikey joined in and it was a very big group hug.
Ray stood back until they were done "Hey, don't forget about me" he said before giving her his hug.
Monica was speechless. In all her life she had never had this many friends. These people really cared about her. They made her feel like she belonged. Her eyes glistened.
Gerard took his place at her side, "You look like you're gonna cry" he told her searching her face.
She nodded "I'm just so happy. This is the best New Year's Eve I've ever had." She put her arms around his waist and buried her face against his coat. He swayed back and forth softly singing "New York New York". She giggled, "You can even make that song your own."
"For sure I can. You should hear me sing "Over the Rainbow" he teased. "I'm the show tune master".
Brian cleared his throat to get their attention. Gerard looked over at him "Hey, man Happy New Year"
He smiled "Happy New Year to both of you." Monica looked up at him "Monica I'm glad you came back. But I do have some bad news for you."
Gerard frowned at him and Monica looked confused. "Your job won't be waiting for you after the New Year."
Monica was shocked "Why?"
"What the fuck are you talking about?" Gerard asked, "Why won't her job be waiting?"
Brian smiled at them, "Cause she needs some time off and I just figured that taking a short vacation would be good for her."
Monica shook her head "But I can't. I can't leave the girls and go on vacation. I need to work."
He continued, "Monica you get paid vacation and I just happen to know about a tour getting ready to start that you would probably enjoy. It is by bus but still.."
Gerard smiled at his manager and friend, "For sure buses can be bad" he agreed "but still some of the people you're with make up for that."
Monica looked at them both confused then it dawned on her. "The Black Parade Tour?"
Gerard laughed, "Yea honey, the tour. Will you come with me?"
Brian added "I spoke to Donna a few minutes ago and asked if she would mind you leaving the girls for awhile and she was thrilled to think you would go. She said to tell you to stop being afraid and to live. Those were her words not mine."
Monica was trying to think. "I guess I could go for a couple of weeks." She was stunned "I've never even been on any kind of vacation. I've never been away from the girls for any length of time."
"They will be fine and shit you know mom will spoil them." Gerard told her. "Please baby, say you will go with me. Just a few weeks anyway. I want to share that part of my life with you."
"I want you to share it with me, too" she kissed him tenderly. "But will the guys be OK with me going?"
Brian laughed, "The guys want Gee to be happy. You make him happy."
Gerard let go of Monica and hugged Brian "Thanks, man"
Mikey suddenly appeared "Oh another group hug" he threw his arms around Brian and his brother. Monica laughed at them. "Hey, I said group hug" Mikey pulled her into their hug.
Even with all the hugging it was getting colder by the minute. Everyone decided to head back to the hotel. The police escort assigned to the group got them back to the hotel lobby in record time.
Everyone but Gerard and Monica headed towards the hotel bar. Bob and Kara headed to the restaurant. Kara, because of her age wasn't allowed to enter the bar. Bob didn't mind at all.
They said their goodbyes, gave final hugs and parted. Gerard and Monica took the elevator to their suite. Once inside the room he took her hands in his and kissed her gently. She stood as he unbuttoned her coat and slid it off her. He shed his own and led her to the large French doors. The view was breathtaking. Everywhere the eye could see was lights and people. "It's the new year, sugar. Happy New Year" he pulled her into his arms and simply held tightly to him. "I didn't think I would be spending it with you."
She snuggled into his embrace, "There is no where on this earth I would rather be than here with you" she told him truthfully. "I love you with all my heart, Gee"
He led her away from the doors and towards the bed. With gentle care he undressed her and slipped her silk gown over her shoulders. "Honey, I hope you don't think I'm an idiot but I just want to lay and hold you in my arms." His voice was uncertain.
Monica touched his face tenderly "That is what I want too. I want to lay in your arms, put my head on your chest and listen to your heartbeat." She whispered.
They slipped into bed and did just that. In the dark they murmured their dreams to each other. They fell asleep in each other's arms and it was a wonderful start to the New Year.
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