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Happy New Year 2007

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The ball drops in Times Square. Time for a new beginning.

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The day had been one of the longest and hardest Gerard had ever endured. He had called his mother a dozen times and had always gotten the same answer - she wasn't there. He had to use every ounce of strength he possessed to get through the countless interviews, photo sessions and sound checks. This he did for this beloved band mates. He had done it for the band that had saved his life not once but twice. It was strange because now he felt dead.
As they walked thought Times Square to where they would perform on the Pontiac Garage Stage he spoke to no one. None of his friend knew what to say to him, they understood how he felt but couldn't help.
Alicia who was filming them knew to stay away from him. She filmed the rest of the guys laughing and talking. Ray and Bob wanted red party hats like those worn by partygoers in the crowd. Mikey was nervous and cold and very worried about his big brother. Kara was as upset as Gerard. She blamed herself and even Bob couldn't say words to ease her pain.
They performed and the crowed loved them. On the outside Gerard looked like he was having the time of his life. He sang and called to the crowd and they responded with the energy and love that helped him be who he was on stage. But tonight it wasn't enough. He felt empty and alone.
When the ball dropped Gerard stood apart from his friends. He looked up at the bright lights and confetti wondering why it had to be this way. He should be sharing this with Monica. Alicia panned around to the guys hugging and wishing each other a Happy New Year. Only Mikey approached Gerard and hugged him. The new black Sidekick 3 Gerard had bought for himself only yesterday alerted him to a new message.

Happy New Year Gee
Great Performance
I love you so much
Why are you standing alone?

His breath caught. He spun around looking for her. His friends were all still hugging and laughing. Confetti floated on the air. "New York, New York" played on endlessly.
Then he spotted her standing by the barriers smiling at him. He pushed past the hugging couples and ran to her.
"God, Monica you're really here" he crushed her to him and began covering her face with kisses. The crowd on the other side of the barrier cheered and clapped for them. The love they shared inspired happiness in all who witnessed it.
She tried to speak while being kissed, "Gee I'm so sorry. I should never have left. I should never have gotten mad at you."
He smiled "Honey, it's OK. I was so worried about you. I didn't know where you were. I called mom cause I thought that was where you were going."
Kara had spotted her mom and ran over. "Momma" she cried and launched herself into Monica's arms when Gerard stepped away. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it." She cried.
Monica hugged her tightly "I know honey. I'm sorry I didn't stay and handle this better. If you and Bob really love each other that much then I will accept it. Just promise me you won't even think about a wedding until you graduate. I don't want the last few months of high school to be filled with wedding plans. Once you graduate then you can plan your life with Bob."
Kara nodded "Ok Momma I promise."
Bob had been standing off to the side listening. Kara stood back and Monica turned to him. "Do you agree to what I just asked her?"
He nodded. "Yea, I think it's a good plan. Kara and I have the rest of our lives and I will wait as long as I have to for her."
Monica stepped up to him and gave him a quick hug "Happy New Year" she said. Kara watched her mother and cried this time with happiness. She and Bob moved away towards the others.
Gerard had her in his arms again. "I don't want to let you go," he whispered into her ear. "Please never make me go through a day like today again."
She reached up and ran her fingers across his cheek, "I'm sorry Gee."
"Where were you?" he asked looking into her eyes.
"I called Bert. He said he would drive into the city and take me to Donna's. Only thing is when he got here he convinced me to sit down and talk to him about what had happened. He flat out told me I had been wrong to be angry with you. He said I should be happy that my daughter trusted you enough to go to for advice and that it would have caused a terrible lasting riff if you had broken her trust." She giggled "He also told me I needed to get my ass down here and find you."
"I'm gonna have to thank him." Gerard said seriously. "Guess we both will have to share a Cheese Blintz with him."
Monica laughed, "Just no sexy eating with him"
"No honey, you get all my sexy" he whispered against her lips. "And all my love".

Authors Note....If you want to see the videos that inspired this chapter just go to YouTube and type in MCR - Happy New Year 2007. There are several videos done by the same person. And yea, I'm pretty sure it's Alicia filming. Note the music too!!
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