Review for The Music within

The Music within

(#) Mrs-Jay 2007-01-15

Kim - -Cheers- Go Jay you're my hero!

Amika - And Theresa's

Kim - she doesn't deserve the affection the way she treats Jay

Total Tragedy - Yeah but she did overhear the conversation between Jay and Archie

Amika - But he didn't mean it, he still loves her

Total Tragedy - Like you love Archie!

Amika - I do not! Geez how many times must I explain this to you; He is a cartoon character, I am a split personality. See the difference?

Kim, TT - Uh... NO!

Amika - -_-'... where's Sunburn?

Kim - He's dying, thank god!

Amika - How could you say that?!

Kim - Fine, you be the outside and I'll be the inside and then let's see how you feel.

Total Tragedy - Swish!