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Beach Commotion

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Something terrifying happens at the beach!(big scene!!!) r/r!!!

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Beach Commotion(or clamour is you wish): D

The yellow rectangular bus filled with gr. 12's approached the New Olympian Beach. The lifeguard, wearing a gray shirt with a big red cross and red shorts came up to greet the students. His name was Ben and had long brown curly hair. The girls adored his gorgeous shaped blue eyes.

But to Theresa, no matter how much she wouldn't dare look at Jay. She couldn't resist Jay's brown coils even more.

Melinda, Trinity and the rest of the girls came up to Ben and started asking all these flirtatious questions. Trinity and Ginger especially, giggled.

Theresa came by to roll her eyes at them as six girls she be-friended on the bus dragged her over to the sand.

"You CAN swim right?"

"Yes..." Theresa asked questioningly as she pinched the handle on her bag.

"Good!" Barbara said as she sat down in the sand.
The rest of the girls joined her.

"See that? That's my island." Fern pointed out to Theresa. Theresa eyed the wooden platform floating in the water. It was pretty long and had a miniature diving board off of it.

"Oh, that's so cool." Theresa wouldn't lay her eyes off of it.

"Okay! Everyone listen up!" The lifeguard Ben clapped his hands together to get everyone's attention; he was about to start his instruction of safety.

Theresa listened lightly, but her mind was set on Jay.

Theresa smoothed her hand over the wavy sand as water brushed over her.

Fern lifted up her hand for a question.

"Yes." Ben lifted his palm pointing towards her.

"My uncle works here, is it possible if me and my friends could swim on that island thing." Fern asked.

Everyone giggled a bit, so did Fern.

"Uh, who's your uncle?"

"John Clyde."

"John's your uncle?"

"Yeah." She nodded with a smile.

"Does he usually let you out? Like that 'thing' is sort of way out and it's important for me to keep you all safe and there's a certain deadline where you all can be. Actually that platform is the farthest out you can go, so you girls can't go past because it IS pretty deep and," Ben clenched his eyes tight from the hot sun's rays coming into his eyes. Theresa watched how he kept his hands to his waist and held out his palm to describe things.

"How many of you are going?" Fern turned around and counted all of them.

"Us seven." She circled all the girls around.

"Yeah, um, can all of you swim?" Each of them looked at each other and everyone nodded.

"Yeah." Fern responded.

"Okay, I don't see why not, just don't go past there." He nodded.

Man that was a long explanation...Theresa realized. Every instructor always asked many questions just to make sure it was okay.

"Well that's about it." He smiled and walked away.

Theresa stood up and rubbed the hard sand off her green and pink flower printed sharong covering her turquoise bikini swimsuit.

Sally, Rianne and Naomi ran after the Ben to flirt and ask more questions.
And the rest of the girls didn't bother until they changed into their suits.

"Okay, no offence, but sometimes they CAN be sluts." Ollie confirmed.

"I know..." Karen rolled her eyes.

All the girls went into the girl's change room and the some guys didn't bother because they already had on their shorts.

Jay went straight towards the volleyball nets and grabbed the most pumped volleyball. The guys joined him.

Being how guys were, they starred at Trinity, Emile, Melinda, Ginger, Hannah and Naomi acting all 'sluttish' in front of them.

Jay didn't care what so ever. He saw Aaron all drooled when Theresa minded her own business coming out of the change room. Jay rapidly decided to spike the ball hard at him.

Aaron fell over knocked out. The rest of the guys laughed and kneeled down to see how much incautious he was.

Jay took one peek at where Theresa and her friends were headed. He hated Theresa being mad at him when he didn't even know why. He ignored the subject and flung the net over him to see how Aaron was.

"Dude, where did that come from?"

Jay shrugged.

"Ahh, I see." Michael crossed his arms and nodded.

"It's nothing okay." Jay gave him the weird eyes.

"Hey, I totally understand." He shrugged lifting his hands in the air.

Jay pinched his lips together lightly and smiled and help Aaron up.

"Sorry about that man." Jay patted him on the back.

"Yeah, just too distracted that's all." He said dizzily.

Jay stopped walking and starred at him.

Aaron gave a light smile.

Jay pointed to him and nodded. Not an angry nod just a normal nod not saying watch it buddy, or not saying all right I get you. It was a just a simple nod.

Theresa bounced in the cool water.

"It's c-c-cold." Theresa burred.

"Not that much." Fern walked happily as her friends shivered.

The girls looked at each other, shrugged and rolled eyes.

Until it got deep the girls trend water and then slide-glided towards the wooden platform that was resting happily on the water.

The girls hopped on to it exposing their pale skins to the cold air.

Melody squeaked as they all brought their knees up to their chests.

"How come you look normal?" Sabrina chattered her lips and eyed Fern.

"Guess I'm use to it." She jumped back into the water. The girls peeked as they saw her yellow bikini washed in the salty water.

"I'm going in." Theresa said ignoring the shivering.

"Brr, I wouldn't if I were you." Ollie thought she was insane.

Fern's red hair popped back up dripping down her neck.

"Woo, that feels nice." She trended in the water waiting for everyone to join her.

The girls laughed.

"Coming?" She asked Theresa.

"Yeah." She dipped her toe.

"Yay, at least Theresa will join me."

She put out her hands.

Theresa declined it and stepped back.

"Whoa hold on!" Fern moved out of the way.

Theresa came running and splashed into the water.

Her golden honey hair became drenched with the minerals of the sparkling water. Her body was hit with a cool refreshing feeling.

She dropped down in the blue water and popped back up revealing her skin-toned neck.

"She's right, that does feel nice." Theresa smiled at them grasping some air.

Sabrina and Karen glanced at each other and they too jumped in with purple and green together jumped in.

"You guys are crazy!" Melody, Barbara and Ollie exclaimed.

"Hey we could make a rainbow if you came in." Fern announced. Theresa, Sabrina, and Karen laughed.

"Look." Fern pointed out.

"Yellow, blue, purple green."

"Now we just need you Melody." Karen pulled her by the foot.

Melody screamed as she was taken into the icy water.

"There, that makes pink."

Barbara and Ollie quickly stood up trying to ignore them.

"Uh uh." They said.

The girls circled them.

"I feel like a shark's prey." Ollie frowned.

The girls laughed at the girls still remaining.

"Come on! I got pulled in the water." Melody chuckled at them.

"Well maybe you shouldn't have left your foot opened to the sharks to bite!" Barbara stuck her tongue playfully at her.

Theresa and the girls started throwing water at Barbara and Ollie.

"Hey!" Barbara shouted, she backed away and tripped herself into the water.

She dropped with a thud and she came back to the surface freaked out.

The girls giggled and laughed.

"This! Is! Suppose! To! Be! Refreshing?!" She asked.

They all starred at their prey...Ollie.

"No! No! You can't make me! Uh! Uh!"

Theresa smiled brightly.

"You remind me of Archie..." Her legs kept pedaling in the water as she leaned back.

"Me?" Ollie was amazed.

Theresa gently bit her lip playfully and smiled, nodding.

"No way!" She jumped in.

"Yay!!!" The girls clapped and cheered.

"Were the rainbow!" The girls got together and laughed.








Jay looked from a distance as he played volleyball watching the girls.

There looked like they were having tons of fun. Jay's stomach sank down.

He saw the ball coming towards him in the corner of his eye.

He jumped landing on the ground as he saved the ball and it got over the net.

Michael high-fived him. Jay leaned his hands against his knees, huffing and puffing from all the fun and work he was having.

But he wasn't fully content.

Why should I suffer just because Theresa was mad at me for no reason? He thought.

He would have fun just hanging with the guys just like Theresa was with the girls.

The girls rested on the wet wood cooling their backs on the water.

"I love diving boards." Sabrina grinned.

"Yeah, you just have a freedom to jump into something nice and cold." Theresa agreed.

"Theresa." Barbara sat up. Hair flinging down her shoulder.

"Yeah?" Theresa asked looking up with her green orbs at her blue ones.

"Sing for us." She smiled.

"What?!" She sat up straight.

"Yeah!" The girls pleaded.

"Here? Why? No way!" She shook her head.

"Awww, pleaseeee." They puppy pouted.

Theresa smiled at them, the pout wasn't going to work but it was pretty funny.

"You're the best singer in our class. And we love how you and Jay sung at the Café that day." Melody gushed.

"Me? The best singer?" She pointed to herself.

"Yeah." They nodded.

"Really?" Theresa grinned at them, "What do you want me to sing?"

"I don't know...anything..." Ollie crossed her legs as her knees pressed against her shoulders.

"Sing know so we sing along with you." Fern suggested.

They giggled with flushing faces.

Theresa sat on her knees and pressed her finger on her bottom lip.

The girls watched as she thought of a song. They adored her cuteness in her look as she thought.

"What song is there...that you guys can repeat after me and sing along..." Theresa wondered.
"I know...something by Aly and AJ." Ollie recommended.


"No...something slower."

"No One?"


"Can you sing that one for us Theresa?"

"I guess so...I mesmerized the whole thing." She blushed.


" goes...I might not sound exactly like them...but I'll try."

"You don't have to sound like them, just sound like you." Fern smiled at her.

"I am moving through the crowd"
Theresa smiled as she sang.

"Trying to find myself
Feel like a guitar that's never played" The girls listened with interest.

"Will someone strum away?"

"And I ask myself
Who do I wanna be?
Do I wanna throw away the key?" The girls laugh and giggled a bit as they swung sideways back and forth.

"and invent a whole new me
and I tell myself
No One, No One" Theresa sounded beautiful to them, in her own voice that was stunning.

"Don't wanna be
No One
But me.." Jay and the rest of the class stopped to hear Theresa's nice voice.

"You are moving through the crowd" The other girls joined in with her.
"Trying to find yourself
Feelin' like a doll left on a shelf
Will someone take you down?

And you ask yourself
Who do I wanna be?
Do I wanna throw away the key?
and invent a whole new me
Gotta tell yourself
No One, No One
Don't wanna be
No One
But me.." The girls sang happily humming and singing together.

"Your life plays out on the shadows of the wall
You turn the light on to erase it all" Everyone stopped everything they were doing and loved the nice tune.

"You wonder what it's like to not feel worthless
So open all the blinds and all the curtains"

No One, No One
Don't wanna be
No One
But me..

We are moving through the crowd..." They ended smoothly.

Theresa stuck her tongue between her teeth grinning.

"See you do sing nice..." Karen commented.

"What are you talking about? You guys sing nice too." Theresa asked.

"Nah, Your voice stood out." She observed.

Theresa chuckled.

Then they heard a slight faint sound of another tune.

Jay and them were singing another song.

Here I Come by Fergie. They were laughing and having fun as they sang.

"Total copy cats." Theresa said as she saw Jay laughing hard.
"Here ya go..

yeah "

"aint nobody rock it like this
aint nobody out there swift like this
everywhere I go all I hear is this [you're alright]
yes I must confess (not sure bout that part)
and its true we keeps it fresh
cuz keepin it fresh is my main interest
just stayin consistent givin them hits
cant hate on this " A group of them sang fergie's line and the rest sang the background voice which in the song was

"just be who you wanna wanna
together we gonna gonna
form a comunity
thats somethin u cant stop
connectin with everybody
so all y'all can join the party
now be free to be yourself
when u see double u, spot "

Than Melinda and her 'clique' joined in with them and they all started singing the feminine part.
"and any minute ill be rollin through
so get ready, so get ready " They laughed and danced a bit.
"and any minute ill be comin through
so get ready, so get ready
cuz here we come, get ready cuz here we come
comin for yah baby (get ready, cuz here we come)
takin yah high now (get ready, cuz here we come)
get ready, cuz here we come "

"Woo!" One of the guys shouted.(lol!!!)

"aint nobody rip it like me
F to the E-R-G-I-E
I rock it hardcore for my fly ladies
I rock it, yes indeed
I represent los angeles city
Hacienda Heights is the vecinity
old school homies still rollin with me
money dont change me

[ these lyrics found on ]

just be who you wanna wanna
together we gonna gonna
form a comunity
thats somethin u cant stop
connectin with everybody
so all y'all can join the party
now be free to be yourself
when u see double u, spot


and any minute ill be rollin through
so get ready, so get ready
and any minute ill be comin through
so get ready, so get ready
cuz here we come, get ready cuz here we come
comin for yah baby
takin yah high now
get ready, cuz here we come "

The one guy in they're class, Jack was actually pretty good a rapping a little and as the guys pushed him to the center of theur group he sang's part of the song.
[] steppin in just like a gentleman
dressed to impress just to mess with them femines
buy you long island but my name aint gilligan
if I get u tipsy do u mind if I fill him in (not sure bout that)
how yah doin? yea yea wats the dealy
u can call me willy, u can call me billy
u can call me whatever ud like, no really
just dont call me up cuz I got a milli-on dollars in the bank,
gotta be frank
captian hook chicks quick to make you walk the plank
right to the carribean I aint bein robbed for my dividends for not seein it comin
I keep movin and runnin, I keep shootin and gunnin
im holdin it down, I aint foolin around bring the heat in your town"

They laughed and clapped, it only sickened Theresa.

"They look like they're having fun..." Barbara said.

'Let's go!" Ollie decided.

They all jumped in the water without Theresa.

"Coming Theresa?"

"Nah, I'll stay here."

"Okay." They nodded and headed for the fun.

Theresa didn't feel like being around jay yet, not until she felt more comfortable and when she could stand to be around him and come up to him.

She decided to do one of her special dives.
She faced backwards lifting her arm in the air and dived backwards.

As she dived she felt her back bruised. She ha leaned too far back and lost control of her breathing...

The girls hit shore and started dancing, laughing and isnging with them.


"Hey! Join the partayy." The girls laughed.

"and any minute ill be rollin through
so get ready, so get ready " They all started clapping their hands.

Theresa was still underwater, even the lifeguard was clapping to the song and thought all the students were right on the beach, but he was wrong. He decided to go into the shack. (What? He needs privacy if you know what I

Jay noticed something when the six girls came to shore, he wondered where Theresa was. She wasn't where the girls were hanging out. Which only meant one thing. He ran into the water.

"and any minute ill be comin through
so get ready, so get ready
cuz here we come, get ready cuz here we come
comin for yah baby (get ready, cuz here we come)
takin yah high now (get ready, cuz here we come)
get ready, cuz here we come"

Jay took a deep breath after his breather and dived down deep into the water.

She spotted Theresa's pale choking body. She had no strength.

He reached her and wrapped her around his arms. Once he got a hold of her safely. he swam back to the surface.

"Where's Jay?" Asked Michael.

"Where's Theresa!" Melody worried; there was no sight of Theresa anywhere.

Everyone watched panicking.

Wondering what was going on and if Theresa and jay were okay.

"We shouldn't have left her!" Sabrina said with anxiety.

"Don't panic!" Her friends reassured her.

Jay gasped for large amount of air, as Theresa lay in his arms incautious. Her delicate head rested atop of his shoulder.

"I see something!" A boy pointed to two figures in the water.

Jay used all his strength to bring Theresa up.

He swam back to the shore; he knew that's where the lifeguard was.

Unfortunately no one on the beach could find him.

Jay and Theresa's warm bodies were kept together through the cold sheers of the water.

Soon the water became low and shallow.

He raced on the sand in the water as he reached dry sand.

Everyone watched.

No one knew CPR except Jay and the lifeguard.

"I can't find him!" Michael complained.

Jay did it himself.

He counted as he pumped her chest.

Sabrina twisted her hair around and Fern bit her lip hard like Theresa does.

He helped her breathe and pump as many times as he could.

Every time he pumped, it got the students and Aphrodite worried.

Her heart beated lightly....

Her face was sweet but asleep.

She wouldn't move a muscle.

Questions and worries ran through Ollie's head.

Oh no she was under too long...

She's not going to survive!

What are we going to do without her?!

This is my entire fault! I'm the one that advised leaving her all alone!!!

Ollie gripped on Barbara and Sabrina's arms.

Thump, thump, thump,

Every second was making them all more anxious.

Even Melinda thought she was going to cry...

Theresa coughed up water.

"Oh thank goodness." Ollie slapped her hand on her heart.

"Jeez! You almost gave me a heart attack!" She used her strength and muscle tension to her eyes with relief.

They all knelt beside her.

Theresa rolled slightly on the warm sand.

Theresa laughed a bit.

"Are you okay?" Melody asked.


"Thank god Jay." Barbara put a hand on his arm.

Jay just smiled at her and Theresa.

Theresa starred at Jay, speechless.

"Yeah..." He nodded.

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