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Ashley: Why doesn't she just talk to him for Pete's sake!

Gabrielle: Hey, she's going through a lot and she's really sad, Ash.

Monique: Well she does have a do too...

Gabrielle: See, she said I have a point.

Ashley: She said I do first! Ha!

Gabrielle: [Sticks tongue out]

Zac: I feel sorry for Jay.

Ashley: I know!!!

Zac: I feel sorry for Theresa too.

Gabrielle: I'm totally with you.

Zac: [Looks at the two]

Chad: I'm on no one's side, I think they should BOTH confess, sure Theresa's being a bit stubborn and making Jay feel bad. But Jay should have been a bit more honest to Archie in the first place, and didn't have to describe her like he was grossed out.

Gabrielle: See Ashley, he was being totally rude.

Ashley: Well now Theresa is.

Monique: Girls!!! You two are joking with the fighting rite? Yur like BFFs!!!Okay, we're here to answer questions! First caller, Allie Hansen.

Zac: Hey Allie, what's up?

Allie: Hey Zac, my question is...


Yesterday was frightful, yesterday was scary, yesterday was stupid, yesterday was idiotic, yesterday was weird, yesterday was an illusion, yesterday...was absolutely amazing. No... yesterday, was a fantasy a marvelous experience, it was the most romantic yet scary and speechless at the same time. Yesterday was a fright. An embarrassing fright.

Theresa wouldn't speak on the bus, not to the girls, Jay, anybody. Everyone tried to speak, talk and whisper about her so she would at least move a centimeter. She sat at the very back looking out the window, drenching wet, not changed, nor dry. She got on the bus before anyone and sat on a towel. Her arms crossed with her nails sinking into them. Her wet hair dripped all over her and she starred out the window without her eyes blinking, moving or concentrating. Though it would seem she was suppose to be concentrated whatever she was looking at, but she wasn't her eyes were invisible except everyone noticed those strange eyes. Her eyes didn't react to anything.

"Theresa, do you mind if I sit with you?" Kind Aphrodite insisted.

Theresa didn't flinch, she probably didn't know she was there, but Aphrodite continued talking.

"I know your mad sweetheart..." She paused and no matter how plain Theresa look Aphrodite always sounded cheery and smiled no matter what.

"Jay I mean...I know, well of course I know I'm the god of love..." She glanced in the mirror, she spoke of it very quietly, and luckily that no one sat near Theresa in the back.

"You've got to learn how to confess my dear, Jay doesn't know what your mad about. You seem very ridiculous a behavior towards him, he doesn't know what's up with you, and he cares about you. And right now..."

She puffed her blonde fluffy thick hair and purst her lips. "He deserves a thank you...and an apology. Think about it my dear," She closed the compact mirror.

"Don't let THIS boy aside, you can't hide forever...sooner or later he will know and wonder if why'd you cared or not." She stood up and put on her visor. "Why did you get mad at him for saying that in the first place. He WILL know." Her eyes hid behind the white cap as she walked away. It was kind of Aphrodite's disguise...

You would think nothing went inside Theresa's head. But a great deal was going on, and Aphrodite added another mystery in her head, her eyes had no complexion or meaning it in because it all went to her head. As she was frozen, frozen as a statue.

Well I know it's short, but next chapter would be the very last one then and I wanted to add more, so just so you know next one is the last chapter!!! Maybe I should have named this whole thing Mad At You, lol. No, but I should have added more chapter before I made Theresa mad at Jay. Tell me what you think of this Chapter! And if you have any questions! Be Allie!!! Lol.
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