Review for Love Knows No Age

Love Knows No Age

(#) zaberdeenz 2007-01-16

well I AM enjoying this a LOT. but i guess that you cant please everyone?
but dont you go questoning your writing skills,you've got them and they're AMAZING. dont let ppl bring you down.

to actual reviews then,this is going to sound idiotic, but i like how much sex they're having:DDDD and the Frerard-thing there was hilarious:] and i cant wait to read what happnes on the tour!
keep it comin:]

Author's response

Thanks for saying my writing skills are amazing. That really means a lot to me. In the newest issue of Disorder Magazine the reporter asked Gerard if he had heard of Frerard and Waycest. His quote is "Just say it's a bit gross, Okay it's definitely gross but its kinda funny though. I find it more funny than gross." When he said he probably wouldn't read it she told him that we would miss the shower scene with him and Mikey and lots of soap. Gerard slumped on the couch and started laughing. -- Gerard is so cool.