Review for Bridget & Fall Out Boy in the same city!

Bridget & Fall Out Boy in the same city!

(#) danceislife 2007-01-17

I'm well aware that this is like my third review, but screw it. I KNEW you would be able to write up some adventure...

"and I would just bust out Mark's phone number and fix things right quick." -Cracked me up!

" He yelled at a few more people for me, I got my tickets, and I still don't know who he is. But I love him. forever." -I love him too. If you weren't going to get into the concert, I would have started to throw things. You know, body parts, expensive glass objects, my roommate's shit. The usual.

"The best thing is that they all sing every word along with Patrick. Its quite adorable. " -Sounds like it...

"Stay Gold Dad: This dad who was rocking a Stay Gold hooide w/ a Decaydance shirt underneath. And is a bigger fall out boy fan then his kids. yup. I'm not sure if it was a little out there or incredibly cool."- I would have taken pictures...

"so that everyone was touching each other."-EW.

Sounds like you had an AMAZING time. And so, this concludes my long ass commentary.

Author's response

lol as to the whole yelling/throwing things: I almost did. I decided if I couldn't get tickets (before I met the dude from FOB's camp) I was going to stand in the middle of the Hard Rock Store and just scream "PETE! PETE! PETE! COME FIX THIS! They are FUCKING with your fans!" until someone came to shut the crazy girl up. I also contemplated asking the dude "if you can't get my tickets can i go to the meet and greet?" 'cause..yea. that'd be cool
glad you enjoyed my freezing cold adventure in NYC. I get to do it again in February for Jack's Mannequin. lol