Review for Sorry


(#) DoReMi_05 2007-01-17

I've had ALOT of hamsters die in my life so I know how you feel. And about five years ago, I had two gerbils and my mom told me that one of them died about lunch time, when I got home. And then four years after the first one died, it was only the one gerbil, until he died. I saw him die before my very eyes. SERIOUSLY! He was seriously ill, he was cold, could barely move, and his eyes were almost closed. My mom told me he wasn't gonna make it, so she took him to the vet to put him to sleep (you know what I mean). But NOW, I have a hamster, not gerbil, a hamster and her name is Zoey! Hopefully, when she dies, she won't suffer like Zipper (the hamster that died before my very eyes, Speedy was the one that died around lunch) did. I'm glad you got a new dog. I'm so sorry you lost your dog:(, but I'm glad you got a new one:D.

* Jess:)

PS: Sorry this review is so long^^.
PPS: Zoey says hi!lol

Author's response

Thnx for all your kind wishes and i hope all our pet are up there in heven smiling down on us.