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Sorry i havnt update for a while. I will tell you why.

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I am sorry I haven't updated in a while and i will tell you why.

When we got home from forster we went to the kennel to pick up buck, my German Shepard. When we got there we asked for his name.

That is when my life was torn to shreds.

They said he was in the fifth thing. So we went to it and when we walked in.

There lying on the floor was my dog. He looked like he was asleep so we tried to wake him up, but he wouldn't budge.

Then I looked at his stomach, I swear I could of fainted.

He wasn't breathing. He wasn't moving.

We rushed him strait to the vet area and soon after that she pets knows what it would feel like if you pet suddenly died. Walked out and declared he was dead.

Most people who have a pet knows who it would feel if it suddenly died. Cause that's how I felt.

His death was unknown and i am still devastated. Luckily for my birthday i got a cute Pomeranian called sandy. She has made me feel so better by snuggling up to me.

So I won't be updating till I fell better. It already took me allot of strength writing this

Bye from

KillerCrocBabe (and sandy)
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