Review for Aftermath


(#) xImRadx 2007-01-18

That was the saddest story I have ever read. I love Frankie and now he is dead. I felt so bad for him the whole time. He cared so much for Gerard and Criss took his life in the end as well. He was nothing but a good guy. How deppressing there one of my favorite bands and now there all dead. Though your story was super well written and It was a good story with an interesting plot. Wicked deppressing but interesting. You have a talent for really capturing someones emotions and making the reader feel it. Your very good at what you do, I just wish they didnt have to die. Well anyways, Ima go check your other stories.

Oh and Punxie, shut the fuck up. If she didnt like them she wouldnt have written about them. Dont go off on her just cause you didnt like it. She has the auhtor has the creative power of how she wants her story to go. (Sorry to the authout that Im assuming your a girl if your not im sorry heh)

Anyways, keep writing,

Author's response

Thank you thank you thank you thank you! You made me so happy! I loved each and every compliment you gave me, and you know what? It really made me smile when you defended me. It really pisses me off when people diss authors for having some content in their stories that the readers don't like. Geez. Don't like don't read, that's what I say. Thank you so much!!!