Review for Love Knows No Age

Love Knows No Age

(#) zaberdeenz 2007-01-23

i actually like stories that are more serious, that include huuuge problems and ive been kinda waiting when this takes a turn to .. that.. again. not that i dont love the happy parts, but cant have happy ending without rocky road.
so, to this chap then. calling the kid just "the kid" is bit.. not cool form Gerard. I get that he doesnt want to see/hear a thing bout Liv, and yes, there's a change Liv's just beeing bitch and lying, but not "the kids" fault.
and then..Monica is worried ppl back home might see the picture? hmm, like there hasnt been enough history haunting them.
oh well, im shutting my mouth now. :]
and YES, i llllllove it. very much indeed. so go updating immediately when you can.