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The Child

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The band arrives at the Aragon Ballroom. Brian calls with news of Liv and the child.

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The bus was on the outskirts of Chicago when Gerard got a call from Brian. He walked into the practice area of the bus for privacy. Monica had tried to remain upbeat after seeing their picture in the magazine. They had watched another movie together and she had even sat in while he and the guys had worked on some new song ideas. Still he could tell her mind was working overtime with worry. At first he had thought it was because she was upset that a photo had been taken of them when the band always tried to keep their personal lives under wraps. But now he had a strange feeling it was something more. It was like she didn't want to be recognized. He tried to tell himself he was just overreacting. Still his gut feeling was telling him something wasn't right. The feeling worsened when she had refused his offers to get off the bus when they had made their scheduled stops.
For the last hour she had been curled up in her bunk. He parted the curtain and saw that she was sleeping peacefully. He continued on to the back of the bus where Mickey was practicing on his bass. His little brother always seemed to be practicing. He was an excellent bass player but he continued to practice thinking he could be better. Mikey looked up when he entered, "Hey Gee, want me to leave while you talk?"
Gerard nodded no and spoke to Brian, "So what have they found out?'
"Stacy just called me. The private investigator reported to her that Liv is living in Queens in a run-down apartment. She has a child with her. No job but quite a string of ex-lovers with money. I'm guessing she is in-between boyfriends at the moment. She has quite a bad coke habit."
"Shit, what else?" Gerard rubbed his eyes and sat down across from Mikey. He looked at his brother with such pain in his eyes that Mikey reached across and gave him a quick hug.
"That was pretty much it. He still hasn't seen a copy of the birth certificate yet. We need to know if she listed you as the father. Gee, there are going to be several ways to handle this. If she listed you as the father we will demand a paternity test. Liv slept around we all know. If you aren't listed than she will have to try to get you to submit to the test and we can stall quite a while on that. She won't be able to sue you for anything until it is proven that the child is actually yours."
"Fuck, I just want this settled. It's like a big fucking weight just waiting to drop on my head. I want to know if the kid is mine or not."
Brian was silent a moment. He finally spoke, "Gee don't you want to know if it's a boy or a girl?"
Gerard snapped at him "I don't fucking care. Liv is just once more fucking me over. I've found happiness and she is trying to take it from me."
"I'll call you when I hear from Stacy" Brian told him before hanging up.
Monica walked in just as he finished his call, "I think we are almost there." She told him oblivious to the phone call he had just received. "Do you go right to the venue?"
He tried to smile. "Yea, we get there and then a van will take us to the signing we are doing for Q101 and that will take us all the way up to sound check."
"Oh than I will just stay here and read a book" she answered quickly.
"Monica you can't hide out the whole time you are here. Really it's OK that we were photographed together. It can't be that big of a deal cause Brian doesn't even know yet. If it was he would have been bitching already." He tried to maker her feel at ease but it wasn't working.
"I just don't want to cause any problems for you." Once again she wasn't looking him in the eye. She walked back towards the front of the bus and sat on one of the sofas
Gerard followed her and took a seat beside her. "Monica you aren't going to cause any trouble. So we got a picture taken together. It's OK. I don't want to hide the fact that I'm in love from the world." He put his arm around her and pulled her in for a squeeze.
"This is just strange for me. I was used to having you pretty much all to myself back in Belleville. Now on this tour you are Gerard Way lead singer for My Chemical Romance, not my Gee." Her bottom lip trembled slightly.
"Hey I'm you Gee and nothing is gonna change that." He looked out the window and realized they had arrived. They had just been at this venue a few months ago but the fans here loved them. It was another sold out show. "You are gonna love this place. The Aragon Ballroom is so fucking cool. I love playing old places like this. They have such a weird vibe. You think about all the people over the years that have passed through the doors. Sort of like their ghosts still linger."
Monica was trying to concentrate on his words but her mind was in turmoil. What if someone from back home saw the picture of her and Gerard? Why had she been so naive to think that she could date someone who was so well know and not have this happen?
"Uh, Monica you aren't listening to me are you? Where is your mind honey?" He took her hands in his. "Can I help you with what's going on in your mind?"
God she loved this man so much. She would not hurt him by shutting him out anymore. "I'm just still freaked by the photo. This part of your life will get some taking used to." She leaned into him giving him a quick kiss.
Mikey had joined them, "So Gee did Brian have any news about Liv?" he asked.
Gerard shot him a deadly look. He hadn't been planning on mentioning the call to Monica. He didn't want to dwell on the whole business with Liv and he really didn't want Monica to dwell on it. Mikey looked hurt and at once he regretted his actions.
"You talked to Brian?" Monica asked surprised he hadn't told her.
"Yea, Stacy hired a private investigators to check out Liv. She is living in Queens and does have a kid. She doesn't have a job and has a bad coke habit. The investigator hasn't seen the birth certificate yet so I don't know if I'm listed as the father of the kid.
"Gee" Monica said squeezing his hands, " The kid as you call it. Is it a boy or a girl?"
He looked into her beautiful eyes and knew she was disappointed in his attitude. Well she didn't understand his history with Liv. "Fuck Monica I don't know and don't care." He dropped her hands and walked back down the hall.

Authors Note - The Aragon Ballroom is really a cool place. Wish I could travel to Chicago to see them there. Also just a quick note - There are some great videos of the band from the concert they just did for "Big Day Out" on YouTube you might want to check out. Oh and once more thanks to all of you for the reviews. The story is going to be getting sort of heavy but I will try to keep a touch of humor in it cause lets face it life is a bitch sometimes and without humor how would we make it?
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