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The trip is long the stops not happy.

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"What's wrong? Monica why are you crying?" He parted the curtain and reached out to touch her face. Her tears were warm on his fingertips.
Monica rubbed her eyes and gave him a shaky smile, "I just had a nightmare. I'm fine." She moved over and got out of the bunk. He took her by the shoulders and made her look into his eyes.
"What was the nightmare about?" His concern touched her.
"Gee it was just a stupid nightmare, don't make a big deal about it." She hugged him and walked down the hall to the bathroom.
Ray who had been reading in his bunk above Gerard's parted his curtain to look at his friend, "Gee is everything OK?" Is Monica OK?"
Gerard tried to play it off, "Yea she just had a nightmare." He walked to the front of the bus and looked out. It was almost dark and the large truck stop was lit up like the Vegas Strip. There weren't too many cars and trucks in the lot. The driver announced that they would be leaving in 15 minutes. Bob and Frank had already walked across the lot and into the store portion of the building. Mikey who was sitting on the sofa looked up from this Sidekick. "You going in?" he asked his brother.
"Yea, just waiting for Monica," he answered wondering how long she would be. They only had 15 minutes allotted for the stop. She appeared a minute later looking tired but beautiful to him. Her smile seemed a bit forced.
"Are we getting out?" she asked.
"It you want to we can." He put his arm around her and waited for her answer.
She nodded, 'Yea I would like to get some fresh air and maybe a magazine or two." She reached for her coat and they headed out of the bus and across the parking lot.
The convenience store was well lit and momentarily blinded them when they walked in. Bob was checking out the magazines, Frank was searching for something he could eat and Mikey who had gone on without waiting for them was pouring latte into a large travel mug. There were several other people milling around in the isle but no one seemed to notice the guys.
Monica walked over to stand by Bob. "Good selection?" she asked her eyes scanning the titles.
"Not a lot of variety." He complained, "But lots of tits and.... uh I mean lots of adult magazines." He blushed a very nice shape of red.
Monica laughed, "It must we weird for you having your girlfriends mother on the tour bus with you."
Bob looked at her trying to decide how to answer her question. He thought a moment looking for a graceful way to answer.
"It's OK Bob, I know it is. I know this will be hard but try to forget I'm Kara's mom. Just think of me as Gee's girlfriend."
He gave a small smile, "I will try but damn it's hard. Kara looks like you." He picked up a magazine and flipped thru it. "Shit, Monica I miss her already" he said in a low tone.
Monica glanced at him. "I'm sure she is already missing you, too."
He nodded and put back the magazine. "Nothing here for me." He walked over to scan the paperback books.
The selection was pretty bad. Monica picked up a copy of US WEEKLY which had just hit the stands and decided to check out the candy isle. She needed some chocolate. It was a necessary evil sometimes.
When Gee found her she was trying to decide between regular Hershey's Chocolate and Hershey's with almonds. It was one of the more important decisions in life. "Are you about ready?"
She looked up at him "So regular or almonds?"
He smiled "Get both. Then you can decide later." He took the candy bars from her hands and her magazine and added them to the few items he had chosen. Once they had paid they stepped back out into the cold darkness.
He held her hand walking across the lot. When they neared the bus they noticed a group of people talking to Ray and Mikey. They were signing autographs and taking pictures with some of the girls. Gerard dropped her hand and moved slightly away from her. When the girls in the group spotted him he smiled and was quickly surrounded.
Monica continued on and climbed the bus stairs without looking back. After several more minutes the driver told them they were messing up the schedule and needed to get on the bus. Frank and Bob snuck on while Gerard was signing the last few autographs.
When he entered he saw Monica sitting on the sofa leafing thru her magazine. She looked upset. "Shit Monica I'm sorry but I was just trying to protect your privacy. I would like to shout to the fucking world that you are mine."
Her eyes froze on the page she was open to. "Too late I'm afraid," she told him holding it up so he could see. There under the banner "New Year's Most Romantic Kisses" was a photo of them in Times Square. Someone had captured the moment when he had found her standing by the barrier. Under the photo was the caption - GERARD WAY OF MY CHEMICAL ROMACE AND HIS UNIDENTIFIED COMPANION.
"At least they don't know my name." She said in a small uncertain voice.
"Not yet" he answered sadly.
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