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Final Dream

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The trip for the first stop of the tour begins!!

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The continuous sound of the tires on pavement was lulling her to sleep. Monica yawned again and Gerard laughed. " Told you it gets pretty boring." They were only five hours into the trip. The ending credits for the movie "Blade Runner" came on and he pushed the remote button plunging the TV screen into darkness.
"It was a great movie," Monica told him. "Have you ever read the book?"
He smiled "Yea, long time ago but it has a different name I can't remember now" He moved his arm from her back and resituated himself on the sofa so that she could easier lay against his back.
The title of the book is "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" she told him quite proud of herself for remembering. I read it along time ago too."
"Oh, so you want to play trivia do you?" He rested his chin on the top of her head. "OK Miss Trivia, tell me who wrote it?"
She snorted, "Oh come on, Philip K Dick. You gotta do better than that. Way too easy. Give me something harder."
He chuckled evilly, "I've got something harder for you." His arm moved to rest on her shoulder, his fingers slowly brushing her breast. "And how strange that the authors name just happens to link right into this."
"Gerard Way you are so bad" she couldn't help it she giggled. "Come on give me a trivia question you think I can't answer.
He thought a moment, "Who wrote Dune?"
"Oh, come on. Frank Herbert. Too easy."
"Got one you won't get. On the soundtrack for the movie Dune what is the name of the track that I love?"
Monica laughed, "That is not a fair question and you know it." She reached back and touched his face. Touching him was something she couldn't stop doing. It was like she was reminding herself that she was really here with him. "But she added, I will guess the answer. I had the soundtrack and I know the group is Toto. I will guess your favorite track is "Final Dream".
He was momentarily speechless, "How the fuck could you know that?"
"Oh Gee, I'm a mind reader didn't you know?" Actually there was an explanation but she liked teasing him. He looked at her baffled.
"Ok, OK, truth. I was watching a video on YouTube where you guys played that music as an intro to the concert." She confessed.
"Yea, we did but we didn't give the name of the music" He was still confused. "How did you know?"
She snuggled closer to him. "Cause I did have the soundtrack and I loved it. As soon as I heard the music I knew what it was. It's a beautiful piece."
"You are so right for me its scary." He said in all sincerity. He pulled her up and turned her to face him. "Have I told you how much I love you today?"
Monica lost herself in his beautiful greenish blue eyes. She loved the way they seemed to change colors. Today the eyes that seemed to be looking into her soul were green. "You don't have to tell me I know you love me." She brought her lips to his.
"Yuck, they are kissing again" Franks voice was whinny. "Make them stop that," he said to no one in particular.
Gerard shot him an evil look "You know Iero you are a pain in the ass"
Monica looked over at Frank "But we love you anyway." She smiled as she got up off the sofa and stretched. "I am kind of tired, maybe just a short nap"
"Right this way." Gerard launched himself off the sofa and took her hand. He led her to the bottom bunk directly across from his. She crawled in and he covered her with a light blanket.
"What are you going to do?" she asked.
He shrugged, "Take a nap too, I guess. I will be right across from you." He started to stand up but she grabbed his hand.
"Way over there? That's so far away."
He smiled at her, "Oh, yea? Well where should I take my nap?' He already knew what her answer would be. She had scooted as far against the wall as she could. "Honey these are pretty small I don't want to crush you against the wall."
"Look lots of room" she patted the small space beside her. He crawled in next to her. It was a tight fit but it felt so right. He rolled on his side so she could snuggle into his chest. Soon her even breathing let him know she was asleep.
Sleep did not claim him. The woman in his arms had so totally bewitched him he still couldn't believe she was here with him. He just prayed that the whole business with Liv wouldn't drive a wedge between them. Liv could be a vindictive bitch. As soon as she realized that Monica and Gerard were in love and together, well he shuddered to think how she would react. Maybe Brian had heard something. He slowly eased his way out of the bunk and went into the practice room to make the call.
The call was answered on the fourth ring. "Hey Gerard what's up?" was his greeting.
"Just wondering if you have heard anything from Stacy. This is so fucked up I want to deal with it now."
Brian sighed, "I know this is hard for you Gee but it will take time. I just got off the phone with Stacy and the first plan of action is that she has hired a private investigator. Shit, we aren't even sure if there is a kid. The bitch could just be making up the story. The investigator will find out the truth and get back to Stacy as soon as he knows something. She will call me and I will call you. Now I know its hard but try to put this out of your mind. So how is Monica?" He hoped to distract Gerard with the question.
"She is the best thing that has ever happened to me." His answer was from his heart. "You can't begin to know how happy I am she's with me."
Chuckling Brian disagreed, "Yea, I think I can. I've never seen you so tied up in knots about anyone. Tell her I said hello."
"Later, Brian" Gerard put his sidekick down and walked over to the window. Lifting the blinds he looked out into the darkening daylight. A child, he just couldn't imagine what being a father would mean. Deep in his heart he wished he and Monica could have a child together. He would never voice this feeling and he buried it deep down inside his soul. She could never give him a child and the pain it would cause her to know it was something he wished would be too deep. He shook his head, shit he didn't really know if she would ever marry him. Her dead husband was still like a ghost between them. But she had said she would tell him. He wouldn't pressure her; he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the happiness they had found. The bus began to slow and he realized it was time for a truck stop break. He moved down the hall to wake Monica. Parting the curtains he was surprised to see her eyes were open and that she had been crying.

Authors Note: The music they are talking about for the concert into - On YouTube look under the heading My Chemical Romance by przybyloski08 - and yes the first post is by me identifying the music!
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