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Trying to Cope

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Mikey is shocked by Liv'story. They all try to handle the situation and concentrate on the tour.

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"Hey, Gee Brian is here and he needs to talk to you." Mikey's voice still sounded sleepy. He gave the bedroom door one last knock then moved on down the hall. Gerard looked down at Monica whose head was on his chest.
"Time to get up beautiful" he touched her soft cheek "We have a tour to do."
Monica gave him a sleepy smile, "Yea, we do". She slipped out of bed and into the bathroom. He heard the shower and wished he had time to slip into the stall with her. He knew Brian was waiting so it wasn't possible. Dressing quickly he walked into the kitchen area where Brain sat at the table with a cup of espresso
"This is good," he told Mikey. "We should take that machine on the bus with us."
"Oh, hell no" a tired looking Alicia answered. "I need that machine. My mornings are so much better when I can have my espresso." She took the cup Mikey offered and took a sip. "Shit, that's better," she said savoring the flavor.
Gerard walked into the kitchen just as Mikey made yet another cup, "Shit, Gee this was supposed to be mine but being the wonderful brother I am I will give it to you."
"Thanks little bro" Gerard took the offered cup and took a seat across from Brian. "So have you talked to Stacy yet?" he asked Brian.
Mikey turned to them "What is he talking to Stacy about?"
Brian shot Mikey a look but didn't answer. He wasn't sure Gerard had told his brother about Liv and her threats. However, something had to be said because Mikey would naturally wonder why the bands attorney was being brought into the conversation.
Gerard looked at his brother and explained, "Liv went to Bert looking to score. While she was with him she told him that I had raped her and got her pregnant."
"Shit, Gee. What the fuck? You haven't seen her in years. Not until that night at the Christmas gala and I know you didn't do anything then. You were so fucked up about Monica leaving."
"Mikey calm down" his brother told him. "She is claiming it happened years ago and that I fathered her child."
The room became silent. "Holy shit, Gee. Tell me it's not true." Mikey had turned white. "I mean I know you didn't rape her but man, a kid? Did you?"
Gerard looked down into the cup in front of him. He didn't want to look into Mikey's eyes. "I don't know. Back then I did a lot of things I don't remember." In a low voice he added "Or want to remember."
"Stacy said this isn't something she usually deals with. She is going to get additional council and then we can decide how to handle this." Brian sighed. "Shitty way to start a tour"
"Yea, I'm sorry why fucked up past is gonna cause us problems." Gerard looked at his little brother "I'm sorry, Mikey."
Mikey crossed the kitchen and leaned down to hug his brother, "Hey Gee it will be OK." The close bond between them gave Gerard strength.
"She is threatening to go to the press is I don't give her money. Shit, the bitch probably needs money to support her habits."
Alicia who had been standing by the counter listening spoke up, "Does Monica know?"
Gerard nodded, "Yea, I told her last night."
"And how is she taking it?"
"I am taking it just fine" Monica walked into the kitchen her hair still wet and barefoot. She pulled an empty chair placing it next to Gerard. He put his arm around her.
"I told Gee last night. We will face this together."
Mikey was visibly relieved. Alicia moved to stand next to him. She rubbed his back trying to ease some of the stress. He loved his brother and Gerard's troubles were automatically his.
Brian drained his cup then spoke, "One of the first things that needs to be handled is a paternity test. The child probably isn't even Gerard's. We all know what Liv was like." As soon as he said the words he wished he could take them back. Everyone on the Warped Tour knew how Liv slept around. Everyone that is but Gerard. He had been so in love with her he hadn't seen the truth.
"Yea I was such a dumb shit. Never saw what was right in front of me." Gerard mused. "Of course the drugs kept me from seeing a lot of what was going on around me."
Monica brushed a kiss on his lips, "Past is gone," she told him.
He tried to smile "Maybe. But maybe there is something I will have to face." He took another sip of the strong beverage and unconsciously tightened his hold on Monica.
"Well there is nothing we can do right now and we have a tour to do." Brian said standing up. "I need all bags down by the bus."
Within an hour all bags and equipment were loaded. It was time. Mikey lingered in the apartment longer saying goodbye to his fiancé. With some apprehension Monica stepped up into the large bus. It wasn't what she had expected. The front of the bus had sofas and a T.V. Behind that area was the small but functional kitchen. Then the bathroom and down the hall the bunks which lined each side of the bus. The back area, which was once a lounge, was now where the band had their equipment. This is where they could gather and write new music.
"Well what do you think?" Gerard asked her. He had been watching her take it all in. She seemed so fascinated.
"This is so cool. It's like a house on wheels. And its so clean." She marveled at how nice it all looked. It really wasn't what she had been expecting.
Gerard laughed, "For sure it's nice now but just wait. By tonight it will looked lived in. By the end of the week it will look like well, I hate to ruin it for you."
Brian agreed, "They live like pigs. And be warned the smell will be something that can't be described. I try to get them to wash their stage clothes often but they won't."
"Come on Brian we wash our clothes" Mikey said but with a smile.
Frank and Ray suddenly came up the steps and entered the bus. Brian looked at his watch "About time guys"
"It was totally Franks fault," Ray said in his defense. "You know the long goodbye with the fiancé."
"Someday with you grow up you'll understand Ray" Frank teased his friend.
Ray rolled his eyes, "So Monica what do you think?" He threw down his bag and took off his heavy coat.
"It's nice. Now pick up that bag and put it away. No messing up this nice bus." She smiled letting him know she was just teasing,
"Alright, another neat freak" Frank yelled. He moved over to Monica and put his arm around her. "Maybe the two of us will be able to keep these pigs in line."
"Shit Iero, you are just as bad as the rest of us" Ray told him. "You are just trying to score points with Monica." He lifted his bag and took it back to his bunk.
"So anyone talk to Bob this morning?" Brian asked looking once again at his watch. "He's late"
"He called my cell just before we got here" Ray called out. "He should be here any minute. He drove to Donna's early this morning to say goodbye to Kara."
"Well let's hope so. You need to take off with stops we are looking at about a 17 hours trip." The guys all groaned.
"I'm here" Bob ran up the steps slightly out of breath. He smiled at Monica, "Kara said to tell you she loves you and have a great time" He avoided eye contact with Brain and took his duffle bag back towards his bunk.
"OK then, have a safe trip and I will talk to you when you get to Chicago" Brain bid them goodbye and left. The driver asked if everyone was ready then closed the door. The bus took off causing Monica who was still standing to sway. Gerard put his arm around her and laughed. "You will get used to it. Taking off is the hardest."
They walked over to the sofa and sat down. Bob, Mikey and Frank announced they were going back to sleep and headed for their bunks. Ray went back to the practice area to play guitar.
"Do you want to take a nap?" Gerard asked Monica. "Sleep is one of the top favorite pastimes."
Monica giggled, "No I'm not really tired but I do have one question."
He looked at her waiting.
"Are we there yet?" She asked with the most innocent look she could muster.
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