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Skin on Skin

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The party is over but the night has just begun.

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The party was starting to wind down. People were slowly leaving but to Gerard it seemed that they were frozen in place. He just wanted to take Monica into the bedroom and make the rest of the world go away. Feel her body next to his and know that this is how it would always be. When there were only a few people left he asked her if she was ready to go to bed. He pointed out they had to get up early. His brother actually laughed.
"I don't know Gee I might be wrong. You might actually get some sleep cause we're out of whipped cream." He snorted. Alicia couldn't help it she started laughing too.
Gerard shot them a dirty look. "Shut up Mikey"
Monica who had walked Bob and Kara to the door returned just in time to hear Mikey's comment. She turned to Mikey, "I really don't need any whip cream, your brother is sweet enough already."
"Oh man too much info." Mikey pretended to shy away, "Good night you guys. See you in the AM" He and Alicia walked off arm in arm to talk to the few remaining guests.
"Ready for sleep" Gerard asked Monica who was standing next to him. She put her arm around him.
"Nope, not at all. However, I am ready to go to bed." She dropped her arm and gave his butt a quick squeeze.
He smiled "Shit why are we still standing here?"
"Shit, I don't know," she answered grinning. They walked down the hall to the bedroom they had used the last time they visited the apartment.
As soon as the door was closed Monica turned and pinned Gerard against it. She pressed her body to his and kissed him passionately. Her hands ran down his chest until they reached the top of his jeans. Urgently her fingers fumbled with the zipper until she was able to lower it. She pushed the jeans to the floor following them down. She was on her knees before he knew what was happening. He started to speak but the words were forgotten when she took him into her mouth.
"Shit honey, what are you doing?" Her tongue was swirling around his shaft making him moan softly. He didn't need an answer.
He looked across the room into the dresser mirror. The sight of Monica on her knees in front of him almost undid his control. As he watched she raised one hand to stroke him when she removed her mouth. Her hand slid up and down, up and down until he thought he would explode. Her mouth returned and she began gently sucking the length of his erection.
"Fuck you are gonna make me cum" he warned her. Monica made a seductive sound low in her throat.
"Cum for me" she stopped only long enough to say then continued on.
Gerard closed his eyes and felt the pressure build. Shit he couldn't believe she could make him this hot and ready so quickly. He tried to hold back. Her hand snaked up and cradled his balls. Slowly her mouth moved to them and began gently sucking them while her other hand began to stroke his erection. Thoughts of holding back were fading. He wasn't sure what she wanted him to do. "Honey? What the fuck do you want me to do?"
Monica understood, "Let go Gee." Still he held back. She wanted to push him over the edge with her words. "I'm going to swallow every last drop," she said looking up into his eyes, her tongue darting out to lick her lips.
Her words were his undoing. He let go filling her mouth. She continued until there was no more. Gerard slid down the door pushing her back to the ground. He kissed her mouth tasting himself. "Fuck me, you are a wild woman tonight"
She licked her lips, "I thought about doing that all night," she admitted. "You make me so hot Mr. Way."
"I can make you hotter" His hand slipped down to undo her jeans. They were removed quickly followed by her sweater and bra. She lay on the floor in only her sheer panties. His eyes drank in the sight of her. "God," he said rawly as he slid his hand beneath barrier of her panties, "You're so pretty here" She shuttered at his intimate touch. "Hot and wet".
As his tongue thrust deep in her mouth she felt his fingers duplicate the motion deep inside her. She arched her back to meet his hand "Gee, please" she panted. He broke from her lips and blazed a trail down her neck. His fingers continued thrusting causing her to moan and wither. His lips stopped at her breasts so he could examine each hard nipple. He suckled one sweet hard peak than the other. She made a pleading sound in the back of her throat. He sucked harder and she groaned.
Then his mouth moved further down until he reached the moist, hot center of her womanhood. Hr removed his fingers taking the small piece of fabric that were her panties with them. His tongue spread her folds and delved between them. A few flicks of his tongue and her hips moved bucking up to meet him. Suddenly her body released and Gerard lapped the essence quickly has her hips jerked and shook. She lay quivering on the floor.
Before she had even begun to return to normal he scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. He gently put her down. "I need my gown," she murmured
"Nope honey, tonight I want skin on skin." He climbed into bed next to her and pulled her close. "On the bus we are gonna to have to come up with some creative ways to be together." He smiled. "The guys will try their best to make it hard for us to find time for this"
Monica giggled, "I'm sure we can figure out something." She put her head on this chest to listen to his heartbeat. He switched off the light on the nightstand plunging the room into darkness. "Gee?" she whispered.
"Yea" he was stroking her hair. Inhaling her scent. Praying that it would always be this way.
"I really meant what I said. I'm going to stop running and start living. I won't lie it's not easy for me. When you first told me about Liv I was upset. That was wrong. I love you and I will stand by you, always."
In the darkness he smiled. "I will always stand by you Monica. Nothing and I mean nothing will ever change that."
She was quiet for several minutes and he had begun to think she had fallen asleep. "Someday soon I will tell you, Gee" her voice was just a whisper but her words spoke volumes.

Authors note - What can I say I like the write this kind of a chapter. Thank God the real Gerard will never read this!!!
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