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The band confronts Gerard about his feelings for Liv.

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Mikey saw the hurt on Monica's face. "Hey he is just really upset by all this shit with Liv. He didn't mean to bitch at you."
"I know," she told him. "I shouldn't have asked him I guess." She put on her coat just as Tom their driver announced they had arrived.
Frank who had been sleeping walked towards the front of the bus "I've got to call Jamia before we take off" he announced to no one in particular.
Ray looked up from the TV taunted him good naturally, "Frankie's got to check in"
"Fuck you Toro" Frank replied before speaking into his phone, "Hi honey"
"Hey Mikey" Ray said, "Wake up Bob. Tell him we got to get to the signing as soon as possible."
Mikey moved down the hall towards Bob's bunk. Ray looked over at Monica, "Where's Gee?"
"He went towards the practice area" she responded.
Ray looked at her closely "You OK?" When he saw the smile she gave him he knew it was a lie. " Monica if you need to talk I'm a good listener."
She was touched by his thoughtfulness. "I'm OK Ray just worried about Gee and this crap with Liv."
Ray, Bob and Frank had been filled in on the situation by Mikey earlier. "Yea, this is such a load of shit. I always hated Liv and she felt the same way about me. Gee was so in love with her it was fucking unbelievable. Whatever she said he believed. He wouldn't listen to any of us. He and I actually got into a fistfight because of her. I told him I had caught her with one of the roadies and he fucking punched me."
"Love can make you blind and stupid" Monica looked out the window and sighed.
"Sounds like you are speaking from experience" Ray said. Once more he wondered what it was about Monica that made him uneasy. It wasn't that he didn't like her but he just couldn't stand the thought of Gerard being hurt again.
Monica looked at him a moment before answering, "My relationship with my husband was bad." She tried to speak without bitterness but is wasn't easy.
Ray nodded. He had already figured as much. "Well like I said the offer to listen is always open. It's not like you won't be able to find me. Believe me it's impossible to hide on this bus."
The door opened and a stocky man with dark hair entered, "Monica this is Jerry our tour manager." Ray introduced them.
"Nice to meet you Monica" He said with a smile. She immediately liked him. "So how was the trip?"
"Not bad, but I slept a lot."
"Yea, that's a good way to make the time pass quicker."
Ray grinned, "Jerry knows all about sleeping. Whenever we need him that's were we look first, in his bunk"
Jerry took the kidding with a laugh, "Man, I wish I could sleep more but with these guys I have to keep an eye on them at all times."
"He will be traveling with us" Ray told Monica. "He just happens to live here in Chicago.
"Where is everyone we need to leave" Gerard walked towards the door without even acknowledging Jerry.
"Nice to see you too" Jerry said as Gerard walked by.
Gerard glanced at him 'Sorry Jerry, I'm just in a hurry to get to the signing. I don't want to run out of time and not get to met all the fans that are there."
Jerry looked over at Ray who mouthed "All tell you later" to him.
Frank finished his call and a sleepy Bob ambled up to the front of the bus. They all were ready to leave. "The van is just outside" Jerry told them.
They filed off the bus. Jerry looked at Monica "Aren't you coming?"
Monica stood looking at him. Gerard had gotten off the bus without a word to her. "I don't know, I guess I will just stay here and read" It was obvious Gee was still angry with her.
"We should be back in three or four hours. If you come with us the store the signing is taking place in is by a shopping area. You could spend some time wandering around there instead of being cooped up here."
She tried to smile as if nothing was wrong. "I'll be fine here but thanks"
He nodded to her and headed to the van. Monica looked out the window to see Tom get behind the wheel of the large passenger van. It took off and she could see that Gerard never looked back at the bus.
Inside the van Ray spoke "Did we forget Monica?" he tried to make it sound like a joke but he was concerned.
Gerard answered while still staring out the window, "Guess she decided to stay and read." His tone was icy.
Mikey looked over at him "Gerard you are such a shit sometimes. You are pissed at her for asking that question. I can't believe you just walked off and left her. Man, you don't deserve her." He rarely was angry with his brother but his was an exception.
"Shut the fuck up, Mikey. It's not your business." Gerard yelled.
"The hell it isn't. This shit with Liv affects all of us. Remember we are the guys who went through the hell with you that you suffered because of the bitch. We are the fuckers who stood on one stage while our lead singer was on another because he was so fucked up he didn't know where he was supposed to be. Yea you and Liv had partied too much so it was our problem too." Mikey spat at his brother, "You have a woman who loves you now. One who would die before she would hurt you. Don't fuck it up"
The bus was deathly quiet. Gerard turned to his brother, "Thanks for reminding me what a fuck-up I am. Now why don't you leave me the fuck alone?"
Mikey was livid "You know what your problem is Gee? I think you still have feelings for the bitch. Do you still crave her and what you and she shared?"
"Shit Mikey, stop." Ray put his hand on his shoulder but he shrugged it off.
"Am I right Gee? Do we have to watch you try to destroy yourself again? Well fuck you cause I won't let you put me through that hell again" he was screaming.
Gerard turned ready to lunge at him. Bob grabbed him and threw him back in his seat. "Sit down Gerard."
"What the fuck is going on?" Jerry demanded an answer. He had never seen the Way brothers fight like this. "Someone better tell me now"
"Liv is saying that Gerard is the father of her kid. She also is saying he raped her and got her hooked on drugs." Frank told him.
"Fuck I thought I had seen the last of her" Jerry had been tour manager for the band during Gerard's downfall. He knew Liv. "We are almost there. This needs to be settled."
Mikey looked over at his brother, his eyes pleading, "Gee say I'm wrong"
Gerard looked at his little brother and hated himself. He moved over to sit next to him. "Mikey I'm so sorry. I didn't mean what I said. All of you are my brothers and I understand where you are coming from." He took a deep breath, "Yea, I loved Liv once, I loved her because I was stupid, but that didn't change the feeling. I loved her so deep it hurt. You guys stood by me. I'm not gonna fuck up again. I don't want Liv it's just the whole kid thing. Look at me, what kind of a father would I be?"
"What about Monica, Gee?" Mikey asked looking into his brother's eyes, "Do you really love her? Do you love her as much as you loved Liv?"
Guilt washed over Gerard, "I love Monica more than I could ever put into words. But I don't want this to hurt her. She has had enough pain in her life. I can't deal with this so how can I expect her to?"
Ray answered, "You shouldn't expect her to. She is standing by you because she loves you. It is her choice. You need to choose to accept her love."
"We are here," Tom told them. "Are you ready or do you want me to go on?"
Gerard looked around the van at his friends, his brothers." We're ready. We'll be OK." He hugged Mikey tightly, "I love you bro"
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