Review for To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern

(#) xImRadx 2007-01-27

Aww what a cute chapter I can see them doing that with the sandwiches. It was funny to...the only thing im confused about is how shocked Brent and Spencer were, becuase if you recall in chapter 9 Spencer said things like...

Spencer looked at me, "So are you two...together yet?" I was in shock, "How the hell did you know that?"

He laughed, "So Brent was right" I chuckled, "Yeah he kinda was."

And Also...

"Because I want you and Brendon to be happy together, thats why." I smiled, "Thanks Spenc.

Why would it be such a shock if they knew already and wanted them to be together? Im just would be nice to recive an answer back thanks a bunch.

Anyways...other then that such a cue/funny/dramatic/ really good!

I'm so glad Ryan finally stuck up for himself and Im happy him and Bren have there own house now. There so cute together and will be so happy.

Keep writing please I've been with you for ever chapter so far and I love it!!!

Author's response

well if you've ever met spencer, he's a lot like that. I put that in there because I wanted to bring reality to his character by making him act like spencer.