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parts 10 & 11

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I wrote this story. It's from my quizilla. About Ryro and BDEN.

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Mrs. Smith obviously answered the door, we could hear her saying, "Why yes he is, please do come in." the man grunted and walked in, his voice was harsh and raspy. I noticed it right off the bat.

All of us piled out of Spenc's room and crowded the top of the stairs, I could see the man sitting trying to be dignified. The truth was he was about as dignified as a horse. I was the only one in my family with manners and poise.

"By any chance is my son here?" he said trying to place his hands in his lap. He was wearing a pair of my slacks, the slacks I wore to work. Fucking bastard, I've always hated my dad.

That's why me and Brent call Spenc dad, he looks out for us more than our real fathers do. We love him for it too. Even though he's way younger than I am.

There that disgusting excuse for a father sat, trying to seem more classy than he was made to be. He made me sick, with his fake smiles and movie quoted lines. What a cheesecake. I hate him, I wish he'd burn in hell.

Mrs. Smith looked up at the stairs, "Hold on, RYAN! YOUR FATHER'S HERE" she went back to beaming and placed a plate of something on the table that looked like witches brew.

I began to walk down the stairs, Spencer grabbing my arm and mouthing, "no, don't do it" at me. But I knew that I had to face the reality one day.

When I finally reached the bottom step, I looked at Mr. and Mrs. Smith, they looked petrified. Then I realised that I wore a look of pure deep loathing at my father, that might have even scared the devil himself.

My dad stood up, "Let's go George," I looked at him and crossed my arms, "By any chance are those my pants?" he looked around nervously, " what makes you think that?" I looked at him with an even dirtier look than before, "Because I'm the only one with pinstripe pants in my closet at home."

He looked around again, even more nervous than before, "I bought them today. LetsGo!" and with that he began to pull me out of The Smith's house without even thanking them. I waved to Spenc and Bren as my dad yanked me out the door.

Once we were outside where no one could hear or see us, my dad slapped me. I flew down and hit the ground, /Fucking asshole/. I got up and punched him right, smack dab in the middle of his face.

His nose was bleeding. Pretty bad, it was getting all over the Smith's beautiful front lawn. /Damn him, Damn him to hell/.

I could hear people running down the stairs, I turned to look at the door. Hoping that no one would come out and see that I was standing over my dad with his blood all over everything. Including my fist.

I stood there trying to think of an excuse to tell them when it hit me, well he hit me anyway. Right in the stomach too. It felt like I had just been wacked with a solid steel pole rather than my own fathers fist.

I fell to the ground, grasping my stomach. I felt like I was going to throw up, like my insides were trying to escape, like one of my ribs had bent in. And then Brendon opened the door, "Hold on lemme..."

I couldn't see him, I was huddled over in pain, but I could hear him and the Smith's yelling at my dad. "What the heck is wrong with you! Hitting your son! You should be ashamed!" It sounded a lot like Mrs. Smith but I wasn't sure, "No you don't understand, he hit me first, I-I just punched him back that's all"

Lying sack of shit my own father was lying about me, and I would be no different if I just sat there.

I tried to stand up, "Liar." I said spitting out a little blood. Trying to prop myself up with my other hand. Brendon rushed over to me, and so did Spencer, but I shooed them off. "Let me do this on my own." I said forcing back tears of pain.

I let go of my stomach, and used both of my hands to get up. Finally I stood, "You're a liar, I wont stand here and let you lie about hurting me. You probably lied about mom too," I coughed harshly, "Didn't you? She didn't die from falling down the stairs," another harsh cough. "You pushed her down them! In attempt to kill me before I was born. But instead you killed her! YOU KILLED THE ONLY PERSON WHO EVER SHOWED ME COMPASSION! YOU FREAK!" I began to cry into Brendon shoulder.

It was all true. I knew it was. My dad lied to me all those years ago, and now he lied about me again.

I began to feel a little light headed, like I was going to faint. And in a few seconds I fell unconcious into someones arms.


I awoke to the sounds of Mr. Smith talking to someone on the phone, and Brendon singing Camisado to me. His voice made me smile. "He's awake dad!" Spenc seemed quite happy. I was lying in someones bedroom, it looked like.../mine/.

Mr. Smith slammed down the reciever and walked over to my bedside, "Ryan, we're having a doctor come over to see you. It was lucky that we had a medical apprintace around." I looked at him, then Mrs. Smith, then Spenc who pointed down to Brendon.

Spencer looked at Brendon and smiled, "He didn't sleep a wink, You've been out for about a day and a half. Brendon stayed here everynight with you. He was the one that nursed you back to health."

I looked at Brendon and tried to tell him how much I loved him and thank him for being so nice, but no noise came out. "Shhhh, Shhhh your throat is swollen. Apparently your dad punched you right in the vocal chords." I tried to make sense of what he had just said, but I couldn't.

He smiled at me, "Now, let me see your chest" If I could have I would have, but Mr. and Mrs. Smith were in the room and I really couldn't move anything.

Brendon lifted up my shirt anyway, he was checking the scars and bruises and making sure nothing was broken. I sighed in relief. My throat and my upper stomach hurt, but at least no one knew me and Brendon were gay.

All of a sudden there was a knock at the front door. Must have been the doctor. He rushed in to check on me, "What do we have Urie?" he looked at Bren, "He's got one screwed up rib and his vocal chords are swollen. Other than that he's in great condition." The doctor pulled out one of those throat checker light up thingies and began to look down my throat.

He kept making annoying 'Hmmm's and 'uh huh's I wanted to get up and show him I was perfectly fine so he'd shut up. But I couldn't.

The doctor had Bren sit me up and he gave me some disgusting tasting medicine. He handed the bottle to Brendon, "Give him this 2 times a day with some tea or orange juice and he'll be fine in a week. He has a fracture rib, but it's moving back in place just fine. He's probably the best mugger case I've seen all month."

/Mugger case/? They lied to him? Why?

With a few goodbyes and thank yous he was out the door. I was still a little perplexed at the fact that they said I was /mugged/.

But I was way too tired to attempt to ask why, so I lied back and let sleep take over me.


A few weeks passed and I recovered, as usual. We had our first big tour comming up and I couldn't be in bad condition, / I don't want to let the fans down/.

My dad had left with some woman, leaving me the house and all the stuff in it. Except his stuff, I forced him to take it with him. I couldn't bear to look at it, none-the-less him for that matter.

I told Bren he could move in with me if he wanted to. He did, of coarse, he was looking for an apartment when my dad moved out. About two weeks after I got my injuries from my dad he arrived at the door.

He had about 30 bags with him, "Hello Stranger" he leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. "Uh, Bren, Did you forget to pack anything? Like the rest of your house?" He chuckled, "It wouldn't fit in my bags"

I arched my eyebrow, "I'm kidding hun." I smiled. We brought his bags in and closed the door behind us. He wrapped his arm around me and looked around at all the hopeless bags. "Well at least I don't have to pack for the tour"

I giggled, Bren always had a way with making people laugh. Especailly me.

He sat on the couch and I decided to make some sandwiches or something. Sandwiches are my specialty, next to easy mac anyways.

"Can I put it on mtv?? pleeeeease?" I nodded, "Of coarse Bren, this is our house now, you don't have to ask." So he changed to Mtv. The Fall Out Boy video was just finishing up.

I think it was 'A little less sixteen candles, a little more touch me.' when all of a sudden a tinkling melody flooded the house.

"RYAN!! COME HERE! WERE ON T.V.!!" I ran out of the kitchen in a hurry, and sure enough there we were. 'I write sins not tragedies' was on. Me and Brendon couldn't help but sing to it. It was really weird, seeing our music video on MTV. wow.

We stood there watching it until it was over. Brendon sat back down and I went back to the kitchen to finish my sandwiches.

Brendon startled me as he wrapped his arms around my waist, I almost stabbed myself with the butterknife. He leaned in close to my ear, "Whatcha doin?" I smiled, "Making sandwiches."

He moaned and began to nip at the side of my neck. "Brendon, stop, not right now..." I began to moan. Bren began to gently rub his crotch against my ass. "Brendon Urie, please stop it. We have all week to do this" he began to nip at my earlobes.

What could I do to get him off of me? 'Ryan, use the peanutbutter and jelly. It'll work' ah, a soothing voice I haven't heard in a while. It was right, as always.

I turned in his arms, grabbing one of the slices of bread with peanut buttter and hiding it behind my back. He leaned in and kissed me gently at first, but before he could get anymore into it I shoved the piece of bread into his chest and giggled.

He let go of me, "Oh, you wanna play dirty do you?" I ran towards the door as he grabbed a slice of the jelly-bread. He threw it in my direction, but I dunked and it missed me.

I laughed, "Come sir! Your Passado!" shakespeare, I'm such a nerd. "Ryan, will you walk?" he shouted back at me. Wow. Even more Shakespeare! We're so dorky.

He grabbed a few more slices, and I was out of the kitchen. He began to chase me around the living room with them. Tossing one that hit the T.V. screen.

I stopped and looked, /big mistake/, he hit me with one right in the chest. "cough I'm dying, I've been hit! Oh goodbye cruel cruel world!cough" and with that I fell to the floor.

Bren helped me up, "I revive you! Now you shall do my bidding." /We are such dorks/. "What is your bidding then." I had a feeling I knew what it was. "Well, I have "ideas" but for right now...hmm...kiss me damn it!" and I leaned in and kissed him.

We were a bit to pre-occupied to notice the two figures in the doorway watching us in shock.

When we finally pulled apart for air, I saw them standing there. Spencer and Brent. Spenc looking really mad, and Brent's jaw was practically on the ground.

Spncer Smith stood there with his arms crossed looking quite disgusted and outraged at the same time. Brent looked at us with a funny shock/wtf look.

/Clearly/, they weren't pleased.

Brendon turned around and saw them, "Oh, he-hey guys?'s not what you think. I swear to you it isn't." Spencer shifted his weight from his left leg to his right. He looked down and began to tounge his cheek.

He looked up at us from the corner of his eye, "What was it then? Was it a sealing the deal kiss? For fucking christs sake I saw you two frenching!" he looked more hurt not then pissed.

Now I see why girls say we're complicated.

Brent looked at Spenc then at us, "I think it's okay. Just as long as they don't tell anyone. I mean if they act normal and stuff, it should all balance out." Spenc shook his head, "You know Brent, for once I acctually agree with you."

I hugged Brendon close, spencer began to walk our way, "But please guys, refrain from the frenching in public please."

I ran up and hugged Spenc, then I hugged Brent. For once brent acctually seemed /cool/.

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