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Part 9

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'Oh god, not again' I thought to myself. "Please don't leave me again Bren.." he looked at me through the window, "I wouldn't think of it." and threw himself back into the backseat of the car.
I moved into the backseat 'accidentally' falling right between Bren's legs. Our lips met again, out hearts beat right next to eachother, and we pressed our crotches together.

Brendon moaned against my lips, the vibration was driving me wild. /Fucking Brendon/. How can a virgin be so good at this?

He pushed me back, and swung his leg over me. He straddled my hips and yanked me up by my hair. Our lips collided again, with more force, pressure and lust than ever.

He began to move his lips slowly down my chin, down my neck, biting and licking softly. Then he moved to my adams apple, where he bit down /hard/. I screamed out in pain. What the fuck was this guy doing to me?

He leaned down to where he was right next to my ear, still moving his hips a little. "Should we take care of that little problem your having in your pants?" I moaned in agreement. He smiled evily and began to lick my ear with excitement, licking outside of the rim, then the inside. Then nibbling gently. I thought I was going to explode, I felt my whole body shaking.

He began to slide his hands slowly up my sides, and into my shirt, caressing every bit of skin on my chest. He slid his hands all the way up over my head, and took my shirt with them, and he began to draw little lines up and down my chest with his tongue. I quivered and moaned.

He began to unbotton my pants, painfully slow, unbottoning each button for what seemed like forever. When he finished he threw off my pants, and began tracing little circles right above my dick. /What a fucking Tease/.

He slowly stripped me of my boxers, and then he began to take off his pants and then his own as well. With that he made a face and took off his shirt, throwing it up onto the dashboard. Even with that huge scar across his chest, his stomach looked amazing. As soon as he finished stripping he moved back up to me, looking me in the eyes, and rubbing his dick in little circles against mine.

I threw my head back, not loosing eye contact with him, and moaned wildly, digging my nails into his sides. I pulled him in for a kiss so deep, I was afraid I was going to gag him, our tongues danced as we groped and scrathed eachother.

Then he pulled away, kissing down my chest, down my abdomen, and then to my dick. I threw my head back and groaned pushing his face closer to my cock. He looked up at me and smiled. "!" I screamed as he took a breath and gripped me in his hand. I tightened my grip on his hair and began to moan his name, egging him on.

Without need of further encouragement, he traced the tip of my cock with his tongue, playing with the foreskin a little, sliding his tongue along the crevice.

I began to buck like crazy, trying to get into his mouth. He pulled back and shook a finger at me, "That's not how we play ryry". Damn him such a tease.

He began to kiss up and down my length, leaving gentle kisses on the tip. After what seemed like 20 years of teasing he looked up at me, "You ready Ry?" I nodded.

With that he began to take me into his mouth slowly, just like he did earlier with my bottons. He let me slide in inch by horrid inch, I was surprised I didn't cum in his mouth right then.

Finally I was in, his mouth covered everything from head to base. He moaned loudly making my eyes roll into the back of my head then he began to pull off, just as slowly as he pushed me in. Once he was at my head he began to pump up and down, quickening every few seconds.

My eyes were going every which way, my hands were still tangled in his hair. He began to pump a little faster once he heard that my moans had became more desprite.

He began to pump harder and faster, sliding his teeth with this mouth. I could feel myself comming, I couldn't do it yet, not just yet. I closed my eyes and tried to think of other things like cartoons and video games, but all of them turned dirty after a few seconds.

"Brendon...FUCK!" He moaned, sending vibrations all the way down my cock, "Oh...fuck, Brendon, I'm..."

The last few things I said we're mostly "FUCK"s and "BRENDON!"s while he began to squeeze my balls tightly and pump faster and faster. There it was...right there...I was right there..."OHGODDAMNIT! FUCK!" I said squirting everything right into his mouth.

He swollowed very well for someone who wasn't "gay", not only that but he had worn me out to an extent I didn't think possible. I was breathless and tired. "I think it's about time to find somewhere to stay." I managed out.

Brendon sat up, "I know where we can stay." Then he fell into my arms. We lied there, cuddling into eachothers embraces, "Orly? Where would that be then?" I yawned, "Spence's house. That's where."

From the moment he said that, I knew we were going to be in trouble.


We arrived at Spenc's house about 9:00 p.m. with our clothes on. Me and Bren got out of the car and walked up to the door. The same door I had seen every day for about 12 years now.

Brendon knocked, Mrs. Smith opened the door, "Oh hello Ryan, Hello Brendon. Spencer is up in his room, come in and please remember to wipe your feet." She beamed just like she always did, but for the first time I noticed, it was a fake.

We wipped our feet and walked inside, it was oddly brighter than the last time I was here at night. The rooms were flooded with artificial chandelier light. Reminded me of the old abandoned Burlesque house down the street, where I first kissed that.

We walked up the stairs and down the hallway to Spenc's room. He was sitting in there writing more stuff, looking horribly sad.

He looked up as we opened the door, His expression shot a glimmer of hope strong enough to kill a werewolf. "Hey! Guys! Your okay!" he came up and hugged us. "Yeah were okay, what about you?"

His expression looked more like he had just been attacked by a werewolf, rather than he could kill one. "I-I'm doing well. I guess" he said looking down at the ground. He sat back down on his bed, "Pull up a chair guys, whats going on?" me and Brendon looked at eachother, then back at him. "Why do you say somethings wrong spenc?" he looked up and smiled, "Cuz about and hour ago Brendon's parents called here asking if he was here." He chuckled.

/My god/, It's so beautiful when that boy smiles.

"Yeah we kinda need a place to stay for a few days, we're practically being disowned by our families." Brendon shot the werewolf. Go Brendon.

Spencer smiled, "Of Coarse you guys can stay here, Mi Casa is your Casa." I laughed, that boy couldn't speak another language to save his life.

"Can I use your bathroom?" Brendon asked, Spenc raising an eyebrow "Sure if the second door on the left." there were no doors on the right, so of coarse it had to be on the left, Duh Spenc.

The room grew strangely quiet, and I began to feel a little bit akward. Spencer looked at me, "So are you two...together yet?" I was in shock, "How the hell did you know that?"

He laughed, "So Brent was right" I chuckled, "Yeah he kinda was."

Spenc looked at me with his puppy dog blue eyes and moved his hair out of his face. "What happened between us, last year, we've forgotten it right?" I was still in shock, "I didn't forget, did you?" Spenc shook his head, "No I've never forgotten, but we need to forget it already."

I sat down next to him on the bed, "Why?" His eyes were still locked with mine, "Because I want you and Brendon to be happy together, thats why." I smiled, "Thanks Spenc. Your my Best Friend, and that is a place in my heart that Brendon could never take away from you."

He hugged me for a second, but after both of us realised that we were having a 'Soap Opera' moment, we kinda let go. He decided to noggie me instead. That was the Spencer Smith I knew.

Brendon walked in right in the middle of me getting a noggie, "Aww can't you just feel the love in this room?" all of us laughed.

What we didn't know was trouble was awaiting us at the front door, in Black slacks with Accentuating off-white pinstripes.
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