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Parts 7 & 8

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Fight scenes and erotic things!! Hookers mentioned.

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The man walked right on by me, like I wasn't even there. The hooker walked over and helped me up, "Ya know, the subway is nowhere to cry hun. What's wrong?" she had pretty good grammar for a /hooker/. Well at least she's educated, most hookers talk all 'gangsta' and stuff.

I looked at her and wiped my eyes. She was pretty and blonde, he had hazelish eyes and wore a black dress with red stalkings, trim, and a boa. She had classy taste obviously. "I-I-I was mourning the-the loss of some one I thought wa-was dead." I stuttered out.

She patted my back, "It's okay. Do I know this person?" I nodded.

"Oh boo-hoo what a great sob story, now if you don't mind kid I have-" he stopped as soon as he looked at me.

He smiled, "Ryan! How'd you get here?" He looked down at his feet, "Fancy seeing you here, you probably hate me." I shook my head, "No. I don't you'll always be in my heart. But...the last time I saw you...nevermind" he arched an eyebrow, "I'm such a stupid ass, would you ever be able to forgive me for this huge mistake?"

"Of coarse, /Bren/, I love you no matter what." The hooker looked back and fourth from me to Brendon. She looked like she had just seen a ghost. "Wait, so this is your 'wife'" she looked pissed.

I ran into Brendon's arms, he kissed my cheek and held me closely. "Yeah, but he's acctually my boyfriend." the hooker put her hand to her head and shook her head.

She looked at us with a disgusted face, "So I spent my whole night, and day, with a gay guy?" Brendon looked at me then at her, "Basically yes. But I told you that you were wasting your time."

She began to pull up her dress a little to show more and more of her stalkings, "Oh no I wasn't wasting my time at all." She brought it up farther to show off a metallic colored handle of a shiny steel blade, "I hate homos!! I HATE THEM TO DEATH!! OH YEAH, IT'LL BE SO MUCH FUN TO GUT YOU...OH YES...SO MUCH FUN!"

She lunged at me first, the helpless and weak one. She began to turn the blade towards my chest, "Oh you're pretty, too bad I have to kill you." She smiled knocking Brendon down as she stuggled with me.

Brendon got back up and began to pull her hair, "Leave my boyfriend alone you homophobic sicko!" As he began to kick and punch her.

She let go of me and threw Brendon off of her, who hit the wall with a horribly loud thud, then she turned back at me. "I bet your not so fucking pretty on the inside." She winked at me. She began to move forward, slowly backing me into a corner.

Brendon began to run at her, but she swung her blade at him and cut him it the stomach. He kneeled over in pain, the cut wasn't deep enough to let his guts fall out, but it was deep enough to leave a horrible scar on his gorgeous chest.

I wanted to run over to him and hold him, I wanted to kiss him and call an ambulence. I../wait/ that's it! I still had my cell phone!

With all my might I threw the lady against a wall and called the cops and the E.R., and while doing this the lady tried to sneak up on me. What a stupid bitch. I turned around and punched her in the face. Her and blade fell down hitting the floor, cold.

Nobody messes with George Ryan Ross, Nobody, except George Ryan Ross.

I turned around to see if the cops were comming yet, and there was no sign of them yet. The lady creeped up behind me and wrapped her arms around my neck, this bitch is trying to choke me.

She brought her face close to my ear, with me still trying to get her off, "Too bad I have to kill you, I would have loved to have some fun." and she licked my ear.

I could begin to hear sirens a few miles away, they were charging our way. I looked back down at Brendon, as I was struggling for air. 'hold on Ryan, just a few more seconds. They're almost here.' I held on till I could hear the sirens as though they were in the room.

Then I past out. I past out to a lady in her burlesque outfit. I am such a failure.

The last thing I heard was some one screaming and then everything went black.


I could smell the lingering hospital scent when I eventually came to. I could hear people talking as I forced my eyes open.

Immediately I wish I hadn't, the light was blinding and hot. I shut my eyes again, even though I could still feel the stinging of the light. "Oh hey! Look Brent he's comming to!"

Who's voice was that? I couldn't make it out.

I could sense someone at my bedside, "Hey Ry, you scared me and Spenc to death. You feeling alright?" I nodded, letting my eyes open and adjust to the light a little.

Spenc turned off the light and opened the curtains, so I would hurt my eyes I think. He was always thinking of others. Spenc looked different, like he had dropped out 10 pounds. It was a little weird.

He came and sat in the chair next to my bed, he looked like he had been crying or something. "Don't ever scare us like that Ry, your or Brendon. You and me have been best friends sense we were 7. I was really worried about you" his voice was low and soft. I didn't know what to say, he was pretty /sad/.

"What happened?" I questioned, "Where's Brendon?" Spenc pointed to the curtain beside my bed. "He's over there." I had barely enough strength to pull the curtain back.

There he lay, his face turned towards me, he had tubes running through his nose and he had an IV stuck to his arm. He still looked so peacefull when he was asleep.

"He lost a lot of blood you know, when they found you, you were both in pretty bad shape. They were afraid neither of you would make it. You did pretty well, but Brendon..." I looked at Spenc, "Brendon what? Whats wrong with him?"

Spenc looked up at me, "You have to understand their doing the best they can, but...they don't know if he's gonna...make it."

My heart sank. And to think 2 months ago I thought I knew what love was...


So there we are, both lying in hospital beds. Brendon hadn't awaken yet, and I was looking at him waiting until he woke up.

He began to toss and turn and moan in his sleep. I was getting a little bit worried that he might be having a ((Panic!)) attack. But he rolled on his back and began to open his eyes.

He turned to look at me, "Ry? W-Where are we?" I sighed, "A hospital Bren, we're going to be okay." He shook his head, "No we're not, I really fucked up this time Ryan. I really don't know if you should forgive me. I turned my back on you twice and you still forgive me. I feel like I've been using you."

He grabbed a paper towel and coughed up some redish goopy stuff, I'm pretty sure it was /blood/. I had been waiting days for him to wake up and now that he was, I really didn't know what exactly what to say to him.

"Are you okay Bren?" he turned and looked up at the ceiling, "Yeah, I'm coughing up blood, I haven't been able to go to the bathroom for days, I have a huge scar on my stomach," he turned towards me, "But at least I still have you, and that is the best medication I could ever ask for."

I could feel my heart beating again, like it hadn't been there for days. I felt like my world was begining to go back to the way it was, but then Brendon's eyes began to close and his I.V. began to flatline.

I got straight out of bed, /fuck doctor's orders/, the man I love needs me. I held him in my arms and I whispered in his ear. "Brendon please hold on, please. Do it for me."

The Doctors rushed in, then began to used the defibrillator on him. They stuck little sticky pads to his chest and head, and they rubbed the handles together.

If there is one thing you never want to have to see, it's probably the most heart breaking and scariest thing you'd probably ever see. Especially when it's some one you love.

The doctors made a ton of efort, "Clear! 1, 2, 3, CLEAR! again, 1, 2, 3, clear!" and finally Brendon came to, coughing up more blood than ever.

The doctors brought in some gas, put the mask on him and wheeled him out of the room. I sat back down, that was the scariest thing I have ever seen. Poor mistreated Brendon, he needs a new boyfriend.

Then I noticed something on his bedside table, it was a small black box. I didn't touch it, it would be an invasion of Brendon semi-privacy.

The box was small, it looked like a plastic box of sorts, and on the side it had J&B jewels engraved on it.

/Jewels/? As in Jewelers?


After about 3 days we were allowed to go home. Brendon was no longer throwing up blood, and I was no longer in any pain (like I ever was).

I drove Brendon home, he got out and slowly walked up to his door. His parents opened it, and they looked mad. Really mad. As soon as they closed the door you could hear them yelling and screaming at poor Bren, I had to do something.

After the arguement stopped, my cell phone rang. "Hello?" I answered it, sounding a little scared. "Hey stay outside, I'm packing. Can I come stay with you?" I didn't know really. I was afraid my dad would kill me. "Um...yeah sure Bren, coarse you can. But hurry up." and with that we click our phones off.

Brendon ran out of the house into my awaiting car and arms. He was crying, probably because his parents would disown him forever now. He pulled out a long black box, just like the one I saw in the hospital room, and opened it.

It was a black choker. It was beautiful. I grabbed him tightly. He put it around my neck, "It looks down right gorgeous on you." he winked, "Now lets get out of here to some place more...privet?"

I knew /just the spot/. It was on top of the hill, where you had an amazing view of all of vegas, it was breathtaking about sunset. I'd imagine we'd get there about sunset.

I put the car in drive and we drove away. Never to see Brendon's house again, as long as either of us lived.


I was right, we reached 'the spot' just as the sun was setting. "gasp it's beautiful Ry, I love it." I smiled, but before I could say a word Brendon had his face smashed into mine.

He grabbed my shirt, I put my fingers through his hair, we both moaned loudly. He began to lick at my lips, beggining to get into them, and I allowed access.

We were so close we could feel eachothers hearts beating, it was very very erotic. Brendon stopped dead in his tracks and got out of the car.
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