Review for Would You Believe Me If I Said I Didn't Need You?

Would You Believe Me If I Said I Didn't Need You?

(#) MMMramen 2007-01-28

I was right to give you that rating point. Quite an entertaining chapter, Bridget.

Patrick shaped prison. 25 to life doesn’t seem that bad.

You really know how to scream don't you." Sean said with a snicker Um. Ew. If I heard my sister getting in on with Patrick, I’d be in fetal position, covering my head with a pillow while whispering “Find your happy place. Find your happy place.” But that’s just me. I guess little brothers are perverted.

And do I sense trouble in paradise? She’s a bit apprehensive about the whole “getting famous” thing. But who wouldn’t be? I’d get one of those ankle bracelets so I could track his whereabouts. He could decorate it with fuzzy, pink faux fur.

Author's response

hehe. A Patrick shaped prison seriously would be my favorite place to be incarcerated.
HA! I based that scene with Sean and Molly off a story my friend told me about her younger brother one afternoon that their parents were on vacation. So yea little brothers are perverted.
yea...Molly is a little nervous about the band blowing up. She has enough problems in her life and she's afraid of what will happen is Patrick gets famous and "goes away". Ironically enough if you think about it she's the one who is leaving first.