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34. Storming Stages and Stereos From Here to There, Trying to Prove That I Belong

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in which post-prom is explored. in which Pete takes his first steps to becoming "Pete Wentz: Mastermind of Fall Out Boy". in which Patrick Stumph becomes Patrick Stump.

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The next morning Molly woke up incredibly early and smiled as she opened her eyes as she felt Patrick's arm tighten around her when she went to move. Glancing over her shoulder she giggled to herself softly at the sight of her boyfriend snoring away while practically being wrapped around her. And then she realized she had to pee.
"well crap." She muttered as she attempt to untangle herself from a Patrick shaped prison.
"no" Patrick suddenly stated and pulled her more tightly against him.
"Patrick, unless you want a very unpleasant wake up call. leggo."
"huh?" He asked cracking one eye open.
"I gotta pee."
" that all...OH. Sorry." He said quickly letting her go as her words finally registered on his sleep muddled brain. " are coming back right?" he asked sitting up in bed.
"No. I'm planning on sneaking naked out the bathroom window."
"Ok. Just checking." He responded as he flopped back into bed and passed out again.
"Boys." Molly said to herself shaking her head as she headed into the bathroom.

A few hours later after everyone had been rousted from bed by Pete and had checked out the group decided to find some form of food.
"Pete. We've been walking around downtown for an hour. I'm hungry." Elyse complained as the group continued to trudge around downtown Chicago.
"We're almost there. Would you relax?"
"Almost where?" Patrick inquired from the back where he and Molly had been strolling hand in hand while everyone else snickered and pointed every once in a while. Needless to say the couple were strategically ignoring them.
"To the diner."
"Dude." Joe started, "The Diner is back up north more remember. Kinda stuck directly in between our two neighborhoods. Ring a bell?" he continued while gesturing around the group.
"Not, "The Diner". Just the diner." Pete attempted to clarify only to be met with blank stares. "ok....A diner. That better?"
"Much." Molly nodded.
Ten minutes later the group came to a stop in front of a stereotypical greasy spoon diner.
"Dude. WHERE do you find these places?" Andy asked looking incredibly skeptical.
"Uhh....Do we have to?" Patrick asked his girlfriend before his best friend could respond.
"Hey!" Pete exclaimed in shock, "Have I ever steered you people wrong?"
"Do you really want us to answer that?" Matt said to the older boy.
"Probably not." Pete conceeded the point with a shrug. "But seriously, I'm being honest. The food is amazing."
"Well...either the food or the ecolli." Molly said as the group walked through the door. To be faced with a surprisingly well kept, and just really old, building. Everything was cracked, faded and worn but nothing was dirty.
"hmm...ok. MAYBE I take it back." Patrick said as they all sat down at a large table and gave their drink orders to the waitress.
Once they were all settled and had ordered a few minutes later Pete cleared his throat to get everyones attention.
"Ok..." Pete began and trained off as his friends looked at him expectantly. "Alright...."
"Spit it out Peter." Molly said reaching up to poke him.
"Yea, Alright. anyway. You know those demo recordings we did?" Pete finally managed to force out. Everyone else just glanced at each other before nodding. "Well, Jared wanted to test the waters before we put out a full album."
"Wanted?" Patrick inquired.
"Yea....I kind of told him to put three tracks on an EP with Project Rocket. It's called the "Project Rocket/Fall Out Boy Split EP"."
"WHAT?!" Came from Patrick and Joe. Andy just kinda avoided looking at his bandmates while Molly, Elyse, and Matt just sat thre dumbfounded.
"He did what?" Molly mouthed to Elyse who just shrugged back in response. 'Patrick is gonna kill him.' Molly thought to herself remembering a conversation she and her boyfriend had had regarding those exact demo's the week before.
"I don't know about the sound Mol." Patrick began as he stared up at his girlfriend from his place with his head in her lap, "It's just...not me really."
"Baby, its definitly you. You are all over each and every one of those tracks. What are you uncomfortable with?"
"They're a little too punk rock for my tastes." He said
"Patrick, you're in a punk rock band. Its poppier then most, but its still a punk rock band."
"Yea...I just wish we could do a little more to the music. Make it more musical."
"You'll get there eventually baby. One day you are gonna write a top ten hit, Fall Out Boy will explode and you'll be able to do whatever you want to do however you want to do it."
"I hope you're right."
"I know I'm right."
Molly shook her head and focussed back in on the conversation that was going on around her. Elyse and Matt still seemed to be avoiding it, only Andy had been dragged in by Patrick and Joe.
"How could you Pete?" Joe said, "You know we weren't ready for this."
"Jared thinks we are!"
"Jared's an IDIOT!" Patrick almost yelled at his best friend.
"Guys," Andy tried to interject.
"You shuttup right now." Patrick said with steel in his voice as he looked at his other bandmate, who just so happened to be in Project Rocket.
"Right, shutting up." Andy muttered. Molly smiled at him softly and gave him a look that she hoped conveyed that Patrick wasn't really mad at him, or anyone, just frustrated.
"GUYS!" Molly finalled yelled after the bickering had gone on for a few more minutes. "Time out. Ok, Pete, so they're going to put the tracks together?"
"Did they yet?"
"Ok....Patrick, Joe, I know you guys are worried about this but I think you're ready. Andy that was dick. You know it. Pete, well somehow as much as I do adore you I'm not at all surprised by this. Machiavelli could take lessons from you sometimes. Now can we have a pleasant breakfast?"
Everyone stared at Molly's take charge attitude and no one dared to go against her when she got like this so the group of friends silently ate breakfast and left. Molly regretted her statement the minute the food came though, 'cause somehow the fighting had made things less awkward then the silence did.

Two days later Patrick came running upstairs and burst into Mollys room waving a cd around.
"Uhh....hey hun?" She said curiously to her boyfriend who looked like he was about to fall over at any minute. "You ok?"
"Ok, cause you look like death."
"I haven't slept in two days listen to this."
"Nevermind. I'll sleep when I'm dead. Listen to this!" He shoved the cd in her hand and walked over to her bed to lay down. Molly glanced at her bofriend who was smiling as he stared at the ceiling. Shrugging to herself she walked over to her stereo and inserted the cd. Pressing play she walked over to lay down next to Patrick. Curling up with her Patrick whispered, "Just listen."
Molly smiled as she heard the opening bars of "Formula for Love" by Project Rocket fill her room.
"So I guess you and Pete kissed and made up."
"Pictures?" Molly asked hopefully as her boyfriend chuckled from behind her. The couple listened to the next two songs and chatted about the past two days Patrick and the others had all spent in the studio mixing the demo's into a semblance of an EP to get it ready for release on Uprising as soon as possible.
"Yea, we even got started on the mock up of the cover art."
"That's great baby. I'm so proud of you." Molly said rolling over so she was facing Patrick. The two layed on their sides facing each other and softly kissing every few seconds. It was times like these that Molly thanked every higher power around for bringing Patrick into her life. He made her forget her crazy family and just made her purely happy.
As the fourth song on the cd started Molly gasped and jumped up bouncing on the bed surprising the hell out of Patrick. Her next bounce landed her on the floor as she started singing along with her boyfriend's voice. Patrick laughed as Molly danced around the room to "Growing up" belting the lyrics out at the top of her lungs. As the second verse hit Molly relaunched herself onto the bed and landed next to Patrick laughing. He just snickered to himself and pulled her back into his arms as they settled back to listen to the rest of the album.
"Excited?" Patrick asked.
"Nah, not really." She replied which caused Patrick to loose control of his own excitment and kiss his girlfriend hard. Needless to say they didn't pay as much attention to the rest of the album that first listen through.

An hour later Molly climbed out of bed and pulled back on her clothes. Kissing Patricks forehead she smiled at her exhausted boyfriend before heading downstairs.
"Hey Sean." She said to her brother who was sitting at the kitchen table eating a sandwich.
"Hey," He replied, "Soooo...have fun upstairs?"
"Shut up you brat." Molly shot at her brother as she fixed her own sandwich from the stuff Sean had left out. "And clean this up."
"You used it last."
"Ugh. Where are Mom and Dad?"
"Out. Thankfully. You really know how to scream don't you." Sean said with a snicker. "Think Patrick could give me some pointers."
"You shut up. I was not loud. You were probably just perving out at the bottom of the stairs."
"Ok either way. Those are long stairs with a door to them. Secondly, ew. Was NOT. What were you doing up there...well before you had sex, anyway? 'cause it sounded like a herd of elephants was running around."
"Patrick and the guys finished their first EP and I got to be the first one to hear it besides them"
"Really?! Cool." Her brother, who over the past few months had become one of Fall Out Boy's most dedicated fans, said interestedly. "Wanna snag me a copy?" He asked his sister as suddenly a cd landed on the table next to him. Both siblings looked up to see Patrick standing there with a grin.
"Here Sean, you can have that one."
"Thats mine!" Molly said reaching for the cd with a pout.
"No, your's is upstairs. This is Sean's. I brought him one too." Patrick told his girlfriend as he went over to make himself something to eat.
"Why'd you bring the brat one?" Patrick laughed at her question and didn't bother to reply. Sean really had matured over the past year and Patrick knew that the two siblings loved each other more then they would ever admit. They just liked fighting too much to stop.
"So where's the cover art?" Sean asked curiously as his sister's boyfriend sat down at the table with them.
"We finished the mock up. Here." Patrick said holding a one sheet out for Sean and Molly to inspect. A few minutes later Molly looked up and said,
"They spelled your name wrong."
"No they didn't."
"Yea they did. There's no H."
"Oh that." Patrick said a little uncomfortably.
"Oh that?" Molly parroted back.
"Yea I told them to leave the H off." Patrick shrugged before taking another bite of his sandwich.
"You told them to leave the H off?" Sean asked with more then a little bit of confusion in his voice.
"Uh-huh" Was mumbled back around a mouthful of turkey.
"...ok so I'll ask the million dollar question," Molly started, "why?"
"'cause NO one ever knows how to prounounce my name. And I don't wanna be that guy in that band that has that name."
"Whadahuh?" Sean asked causing Patrick to raise an eyebrow at the expression that was apparently genetically inherited and not just some weird thing Molly said.
"I didn't wanna be "Stumphey" or "Stumphe" or however weird ways people could decide to butcher my name. So I cut the H off."
"Wow. That's punk rock man." Sean said rolling his eyes. Molly reached under the table and pinched her brother.
"I'm not punk rock." Patrick said in response with a shrug, "Ya know what? I don't care if I'm changing myself a little bit to fit in better. Its not like I changed my hair or clothes or whatever."
"Nope, just your name." Sean replied and looked at Patrick almost daring him to try and contradict that.
"What did Pete say?" Molly asked curiously all the while knowing that her boyfriend would never do something that Pete said no to. Esspecially concerning the band.
"He told me that he thought it was a stupid reason but if I thought that it would make me more comfortable with things then he wouldn't be against it." Molly blinked in surprise at the response she recieved. Somehow she had been half expecting Patrick to tell her it was Pete's idea.
"Oh....well then..."
"Yea, sorry dollface it's not gonna change. From now on I am Patrick Stump, lead singer of Fall Out Boy."
"Well, then. I'm happy for you." Molly said getting up and walking around the table to hug her boyfriend, hoping he didn't see the troubled look in her eyes.
'First the name....then the image....and eventually the girlfriend. That's how this industry works. He won't want me once he has half dressed girls throwing themselves at him.'

A/N: Title is from "They Looked Like Strong Hands" by Bayside. I love them, everyone should listen to them. always. Super nice dudes too--essp Jack. lol.
I decided to scrap making a "cast" page 'cause apparently no one got it. but that's ok. I'm weird and I can't really think of peoples to play my creations anyway.

sorry this took so long.
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