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35. Don't It Always Seem to Go, That You Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone.

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in which the kiddies graduate.

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Two days after Patrick had arrived at Molly's with the Split EP she was running around her room doing last minute things to be ready for her high school graduation.
"Wow." Molly suddenly stopped in the middle of putting her earrings in as everything hit her at once. "I'm graduating high school. Today."
"Yea in an hour so hurry up." Sean said sticking his head over the landing to her room.
"Shit. I'm coming." Molly grabbed her purse and the hanger that held her robe and ran down the stairs. Halfway there she turned around and ran back up to grab her cap. "Gah, I'm going to be soooo late." She wailed to no one in particular.

"...So in conclusion, I would just like to say that it has been an honor to call myself a member of the Glenbrook South's graduating class of 2002. I will miss each and every one of you more then I could possibly convey in words. And remember to always reach for the sun 'cause you'll always hit the stars."
"Well she butchered that quote." Molly hissed to Patrick, Matt, Elyse and anyone else sitting around her as the class president Jamie Reardon finished her incredibly long speech. /'Thank god we don't have to sit alphabetically.'/Molly thought as the principal of the school got up to begin the processional to the stage. When Molly's row was called she stood up grasping the index card that had her name and any achievements she had written on it. She was fourth in line behind Matt, Elyse, and then Patrick. As they approached the stage she examined her friends closely.
Matt had changed so much in the year and a half she had known him. He had grown out of the quiet and brilliant joker and into a man who was going to attend Northwestern University in the fall to study Education and become a history teacher.
Elyse was still as wild as the day Molly had met her, she also still had her eye on the prize. Which was evidenced by the fact that she was also going to be attending Northwestern in the fall to study Broadcasting. Not that anyone was surprised by that choice.
Next she let her eyes rest on Patrick, Patrick who had considered attending Northwestern with Elyse and Matt as well so he could study Music. At least until the Uprising deal had come through completely. Now he was going to tour the country with the band and hopefully make a name for himself that way. Patrick who had become her world almost from the moment she met him. Molly smiled softly as she met his eyes and mouthed a quick, "I love you" which was wholeheartedly returned.
Letting her eyes skim over the crowd Molly grinned widely at the sight of Joe, Andy, and Pete sitting on the bleachers. They had all attended Joe's graduation the day before so she wasn't surprised to see them at theirs. Molly's thoughts drifted off to the rest of the band as she tuned out her principal droning off names of people she didn't care about and wouldn't remember in three months.
Joe and Andy. They both had the ability to make her crack up when her day was feeling gloomy. She frowned slightly when she realized this was all she could really associate with the two. She knew they were important to her, they had made an impact on her life, and knew they would both protect her with their lives in necessary. They all would as Pete said "take a bullet for each other." It's just how their group of friends were. 'ok self. Goal of summer. Be a better friend to Andy and Joe.' Molly made that promise to herself in her head as she started giggling at Joe's enthusastic waving.
Then finally there was Pete. Pete who if you had asked her when she first met him what she thought of him she might have used more colorful language then a sailor. Now though he was the second most important person in her life. Pete who had litterally held her life in his hands for months and hadn't breathed a word of it. Pete who was probably the only reason she had Patrick. Her Peterpan. Pete was a good friend. Molly let her mind drift off to a conversation they had had the night before on the phone.
"So you're really worried about this whole band thing aren't you?"
"Little bit."
"Don't be. Patrick thinks you hung the stars there isn't another female on the planet who could hold a candle to you. Trust me on this, the kid is my best friend. I know things."
"Ugh. I know Pete but still...I'm going away to school. and you guys are going to blow up huge."
"Lemme interrupt for a second, have you told Patrick about NYU yet?"
"I know! Ok. I know. I just haven't had the right moment to tell him."
"well it better be soon."
"I'm gonna tell him tomorrow I think. Get ALL the crying out of the way at once."
"Crying? Fuck that. High School graduation is great. You're getting the fuck away from that hell hole."
"Pete you were an all-state soccer star. You liked highschool."
"No I liked soccer. There is a big difference."
"Ugh, I'm going to bed now. Goodnight."

Molly was shaken from her thoughts by Patrick tugging on her sleeve and the principal saying,
"Matthew Alexander Jennings. Honors." Matt walked across the stage to camera flashes and cheers. Next the principal announced Elyse's name.
"Elyse Heather Michaels. Honors. Marketing Director of WGBK FM." Elyse grinned as she accepted her diploma. Molly and Patrick laughed as she jumped into Matt's arms at the end of the stage.
"Patrick Martin Stump. Honors. Station Manager of WGBK FM. Channel Zero staff writer. "Paradox" member." Molly screamed and whistled with the crowd as she saw her boyfriend walk across the stage to recieve his diploma. With a deep breath she stepped up at gave the index card to her principal. She started walking as she heard him announce her name.
"Molly Anne O'Conell. Honors." As Molly walked she felt like she was in a tunnel. All she could see was that fake piece of paper that was being held out for her. Shake the man's hand. Smile. Take mock diploma. Keep walking. She repeated these steps over and over in her head as she did just that. Time had seemed to slow down and she felt like she had a perpetual smile on her face. Apparently, this was what people meant when they said you can never remember actually receiving your diploma. Once the paper hit her hands however the world sped up and the next thing she knew Patrick was swinging her around and kissing her.
The four friends sat impaiently in their seats with the rest of the class as the principal continued talking about the important mark they would go out into the world to make. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity he said those imortal worlds.
"Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the Glenbrook South Graduating Class of 2002. Graduates. Graduate." And with a roar of cheering all the seniors jumped up and tossed their caps into the air. Molly found herself englufed in a four person hug and was surprised to feel tears flowing down her cheeks as she clung to three of the most important people in her life.
After a few minutes Matt finally broke off and said "Let's go find our parents. Take our pictures and meet up like we planned later ok?"
"Yea" Patrick agreed as Molly fished a tissue out for him from her purse. Blushing he wiped at his eyes as Matt chuckled and hugged his oldest friend.
"Dude. You are such a chick." Matt said ruffling Patrick's hair.
"Am not."
"Are too."
"Boys?" Molly and Elyse said at the same time causing all four friends to break down laughing.
"They've snapped." Andy observed as the three boys approached the group. All seven friends converged together in a group of babbling excitement. The three other members of Fall Out Boy described the ceremony from their perspective as the four participants got hugs and slaps on the back and random pictures snapped from Pete. Molly felt a slight pang at the thought of going halfway across the country from these people but at the same time her heart yearned to return to the city that she still missed.
"I hate to interrupt this love fest but we need to steal Matt away." The group was interrupted by Matt's mother first. Quickly followed by Patrick's. Elyse and finally Molly's parents were soon to follow. All four parental units insisted on pictures. Even Molly's, as she was shocked to discover. Once that was done the parents all whisked the graduates away for what Pete referred to as "So This Is Your Life, Family Fun Time."

A few hours later Patrick pulled up to Molly's house dropping her off after they had all met up to have desert at the diner as a group.
"Well, I'll see you tomorrow right?" Patrick asked leaning over for a kiss.
"Uh. Yea. But first we need to talk." As Molly said this she watched Patrick turn slate gray and his head turned straight ahead to stare out the windshield.
"You're gonna break up with me aren't you?" He asked suddenly.
"No! Why would you think that?"
"'cause any conversation that starts me, 'we need to talk' never ends well for the boyfriend."
"Well I'm not breaking up with you."
"Ok. Then what's up?"
"Alright, there isn't any easy way to say this."
"And there you go again with the really bad sentence starters."
"Patrick!" Molly all but screamed in frustration.
"Sorry." He said looking properlly chastened.
"I'm not going to Northwestern."
"But...College! It's important. I would be going but I think the band could take off, you I'm sorry to say baby don't have something like that to fall back on. You're writing is amazing and all but"
"Shush." Molly said interrupting her boyfriends rant, "I'm going to college. I'm just not going to Northwestern. I'm going to NYU. I'm leaving in August." Molly sat there as Patrick once again turned that ashen slate gray color and didn't respond. "Baby?"
"NYU. As in the one in Manhattan."
"I don't know of any others."
"I wanted to go to school in a big city."
"And Chicago is....?" Patrick trailed off his confusion evident.
"Oh Chicago? It's just so two years ago babe." Molly said trying to brush things off and make Patrick laugh. He didn't.
"I need to think. I can't believe you're leaving."
"Hey. It's just for four years to go to school. It's not like you aren't going to be busy as hell."
"Yea, but I'm not running away to another state to get away from you."
"I'm not trying to get away from you. I'm trying to go to school and study music business or journalism. I haven't decided yet. NYU has some of the best in the country in both."
Patrick just sighed and rested his forehead against he steering wheel. "What about us?" He finally asked.
"We have three months to worry about that. I love you. I'm not going anywhere. If this move is going to affect "us" then that ball is in your court. I gotta get inside. I love you."
"I love you too. I'm sorry, I just wasn't expecting this."
"I know. That's why you're still breathing." Molly leaned over and kissed her boyfriend before getting out of the car and heading inside.

Four days later it was announced that the band was officially going to be a member of Uprising Records, the EP would be released at the end of June, and the band would spend the summer on a series of short tours. It was also announced by Pete of all people that Molly would be coming with them to be their "merchandise bitch" as he so cleverly phrased it. He recieved a punch in the arm from Patrick for it too. Patrick recieved an x-rated thank you for that one.
"That's the van?" Molly said pushing her sunglasses onto the top of her head as she stared at a rusted, dented, piece of junk that was making a funny noise as it idled in Pete's driveway. The whole group had come by to check out the vehicle the band and Molly would be touring in that summer.
"Is it going to make it out of Illinois?" Matt asked as he glanced under the hood that Pete had just popped. "Dude, your tranny is shot to hell."
"Not quite. It's still got a few more miles on it."
"Yea, like five." Matt replied as he closed the hood up.
"Oh this is going to be fun." Molly muttered into Patrick's chest.
"Hey...look at it this way. You get to tour with us." Patrick said smiling down at her and kissing her softly.
"Yup," Elyse interjected, "Just you. And four boys. In a van. Fun last summer my dear. Really fun last summer." Molly groaned and buried her face into Patrick's chest and then smacked him in the side as she felt his body shake with laughter.

A/N: Title is taken from "Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell. I suppose you could substitue The Counting Crows w/ Vannessa Carlton if you really had to. But Joni is the version I selected.
P.S.- all that crap for Patrick according to the wikipedia (which isn't always true I know) is supposedly stuff he actually did in highschool.

I should be sleeping. I'm obviously not. Enjoy.
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