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36. Pretty Eyes, Pirate Smile, Marry a Music Man

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in which Fall Out Boy tours. In which 5 friends are stuffed into a van for days at a time. In which silliness ensues. In which drama does too. oh yea, also in which Bridget finally updates.

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By the end of June the Split EP was finally ready to be "widely" released. The band had been selling the EP at their shows since the end of May when it was released, but now some local music stores had begun to pick up a few copies here and there.
"And it's about time too." Pete said as he and Molly walked through the mall doing some last minute shopping before the whole crew piled into the van and headed west. All the way to Oklahoma this week. That's what Fall Out Boy, and Molly, had been doing since graduation. Piling into the van for three day trips here and there, going a few hundred miles at the most to play a few shows. They had been spending way more then they were making and had quickly realized, wealthy families or not, sleeping in the van was the way to go because apparently graduating high school means your parents are less apt to say "oh yea, we'll book you a hotel room every night that you're on the road."
"Pete seriously, don't stress about that. We need to worry about the fact that we're going to cow country."
"Molly, we live in cow country."
"No we live in a city surrounded by cows. There is a big difference. Where we are going they have gun racks for fashion statements on their trucks."
"Point taken. You think purple is a good color for me?" Pete segued into a totally unrealted topic as he held up a purple tee shirt for inspection.
"Only if you've really decided to wave your flag and say "yay" if you catch my drift."
"I'm not gay Tinkerbell."
"Sure you aren't PeterPan. Ow." Molly rubbed the back of her head from where Pete's hand had smacked her as he stalked out of the store. "I was JOKING!" She called after him.

"....I wanna ride it ALL NIGHT LONG!" Molly and Joe screamed along with the lyrics of the Tom Cochrane song before busting out their air guitars. Patrick was laughing in the front seat while Pete was turned around from the passenger seat and taking nearly non-stop video of the two.
"Cabin fever much?" Andy asked as he looked up from the comic he was reading in his spot in the very last row of the van.
"YES!" Two voices echoed from the middle.

"You mean we're actually getting a hotel tonight?" Molly whispered to Patrick as they wrapped up guitar cords on the stage. Patrick just glanced around and nodded to this girlfriend. "Call me dumb but why?"
The Fall Out Boy "crew" had reached Virginville, Pennsylvania earlier that day and had set up for their show. The show that they had been shocked to find out had completely sold out a week before. Now that it was over though all they wanted to do was pack up and pass out in the van.
"We're getting a hotel 'cause we we're stuck in a van on our sixth month anniversiry." Patrick explained quietly as he pulled Molly close and kissed her. After she pulled back she smiled and said "oooo. Good reason."
"I thought so." Patrick smirked as he wigged his tounge at Molly before leaning down to grab more cords to wrap up and head out to the van. Molly just stood there in the middle of the stage until Pete came up to her a few minutes later and asked,
"Uhh...why did Patrick just walk past me humming "Let's Get It On"?"
Later that night Molly and Patrick were giggling as they snuck out of the van where the other three were snoring their heads off. Closing the door quietly they ran for the room Patrick had booked. Once inside Patrick grabbed Molly and spun her around before pinning her to the wall and kissing her deeply.
"God I missed this." he mumbled against her lips.
"Uh-huh. Off. Now." Molly mumbled back as she yanked despretely at his shirt. Their mouths moved in sync with each other as they pulled frantically at clothes without moving from their spot against the door. Molly's shirt hit the floor a few seconds later, quickly followed by a bra. She moaned loudly as Patrick leaned down and his mouth covered her nipple. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him closer as he bit down lightly.
"God yes. ummm...." Molly's breathing quickened slightly as she got more excited with each passing second. Moving her hands down to Patricks waist she started yanking at his belt until she finally got it unclapsed. Pulling him off her chest and back to her mouth Molly kissed her boyfriend hard while slipping her hand into his boxers causing him to groan against her lips.
"Not waiting anymore. Too long." Patrick panted out as he somehow managed to push his pants down, yank up Molly's skirt and push her thong to the side in one move. Five seconds later he had hoisted her up against the wall and slipped inside. Molly bit her lip as she wrapped her legs tighter around Patrick's waist and pushed down onto him.
"God yes baby. So good." Patrick whispered into her hair as he started thrusting up. Bracing one hand on the wall behind her and wrapping one around Patrick's neck Molly met him thrust for thrust. Their breathing began to sync together and their moans grew louder with each slam of Molly's body into the door.
"Faster. Fucking harder Patrick." Molly groaned to her boyfriend. Patrick just bit his lip to keep from screaming himself. Their sweating bodies kept moving as one, hips slamming into each other over and over. Less then a minute later Patrick paused before bracing Molly against him and carefully stumbled over to the bed before falling backwards onto it. Without missing a beat they both began to move again, this time a bit slower. Molly rolled her hips into Patricks and gasped louder and louder as each time he managed to hit that perfect spot inside her.
"Almost..." Molly whispered with her head thrown back, her eyes rolled back into her head and her chest heaving. Patrick was biting at his lip frantically and he started thrusting up faster and harder pulling Molly's hips down into his before they finally both crashed over together with a scream from two voices.
Five minutes later and neither of them had moved. At least not until the pounding on the door started.
"Are you two DONE YET?! We want to go to bed!" was yelled from the outside of the motel from a voice they both knew quite well.
"Pete." they both groaned as they got up to get dressed..or at least put back on those pieces of clothing they had actually taken off.

The majority of the summer was spent like that. The five of them drove somewhere. The boys played a show, Molly sold t-shirts and copies of the EP to rabid fans. Girls insulted her or tried to become her best friend, depending on what THEY had decided was her relationship with the band. They drove all over the United States that summer. They hit most of the eastern seaboard as well as almost every state east of the Mississippi River, and quite a few on the west as well. They never quite made it as far as California that summer because of August.

The second week of August brought a disgusting heat wave, a broken air conditioner, and Texas. Never a good combination when you throw in five teenagers, well three teenagers and three "young adults." The heat also brought much to three peoples dismay, Patrick and Molly's irish tempers out.
"MAYBE if you just ASKED someone. We would NOT be LOST!" Molly screamed from the passenger seat as her boyfriend drove, and both refused to look at the directions she had mapped out or ask a local for better directions.
"Maybe if you would SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop yapping I would be able to figure out where the FUCK we are." was bellowed in response. Molly just stuck her tounge out at her boyfriend before turning to stare out the side window with her arms crossed. Pete, Joe and Andy all exchanged looks and rolled their eyes. This had been the norm for about a week and the other three were starting to wonder if sending one of them home wouldn't be a bad idea. Unfortunatly as Andy pointed out earlier in the week to the other two,
"We can't send Patrick home. And HE'S the problem. It's like he wants to be a brat or something."
"He's pissed about Molly going to NYU and he won't admit it." Joe interjected.
"Nah..well I mean yea. But that's not it. They just started dating six months ago dudes. And they're eighteen. You try having your significant other around twenty-four a VAN."
"Fuck no. That's why Max didn't come."
"No shit brain-child."

The three were pulled out of their shared flashback by the squeal of brakes as Patrick slammed on them and tried to grab Molly's arm to pull her back into the still moving vehicle. Pete, Joe and Andy just watched wide eyed as Molly hit the ground feet first and stomped off to the side of the deserted desert road and just looked up and screamed. When she started kicking rocks and jumping up and down Pete decided enough was enough. Turning to his best friend in the drivers seat who looked about as flabbergasted as the rest of them he told him what was up.
"You either go out there and FIX things or I'm gonna be the lead singer."
"Fine. No need to make threats." Patrick grumbled as he adjusted his hat and stepped out of the van and walked over to his still screaming girlfriend. The other three got out of the metal oven that was masquerading as a van to watch.
"Baby?" Patrick said softly.
"What!" she hissed back.
"I'm sorry I'm being a boy." He scuffed his toe and looked up at her through floppy hair and Molly felt her heart melt. 'damnit.' Molly said to herself in her head as she smiled back at Patrick.
"You're forgiven. But ONLY if you ask for directions. Now go away I need to go pee." Molly said pointing towards a really random big old dead tree like structure a few hundred yards ahead of them.
"Alright. Just watch out for snakes." Patrick responded as he turned to walk over to the van. "Wellllll," he began as he approached them, "THAT went well."
"What happened?" Pete asked.
"We broke up and she went off to go find a boyfriend among the among the tree people. Really it's much better this way." Patrick said with a shrug.
"Ha ha. Very funny." Pete replied.
"What? It's the truth, crazy though it may sound. Although I suppose things don't sound crazy when your crazy yourself, right Pete?" Joe and Andy weren't close enough to stop what happened next but suddenly Patrick was up against the side of the van and Pete was screaming at him with his hands around Patrick's throat. A second later Andy hit the ground from where he had tried to get Pete off the younger boy. Joe too was thwarted quickly by the much smaller, and older boy. Patrick was beginning to turn purple and was struggling frantically, tears starting to fall from his eyes as suddenly Molly landed on top of Pete. Yanking with all her might at his neck and yelling "PETE" in his ear something finally must have clicked in his brain because in shock Pete let go and fell to the roadside. Patrick quickly collapsed himself and gasping tried to pull in air as Andy ran over and rubbed his back, trying to keep him calm. Molly didn't dare move. Her eyes were locked on her boyfriend and her arms and legs were wrapped around Pete as though in some half assed piggy back ride. Molly started rocking back and forth and whispering soothing words to calm Pete down, while her eyes sought out her boyfriend's green ones. Patrick nodded at her unspoken question as he continued to sit on the ground. Joe finally took a deep breath after a few minutes and stated firmly.
"It's time to go home."

The next day and no one had said one word about the incident, in Pete's case he hadn't said one word at all. He had just sat in the back crying softly while Molly and Patrick sat on the middle bench seat with his head in her lap and her hand stroking through his hair. Joe and Andy traded off driving as the friends tried to get back to Chicago as soon as possible.
The second day after Pete's heat stroke induced freak out. They had finally realized exactly what had happened after he started sobbing and apologized to "his Tricky" and then passed out from exhaustion.
They were only a few hours drive from their home when a song came on the radio and Molly suddenly was struck by a funny thought. Glancing around the van at everyone, Andy driving, Joe in the passenger side staring out the window, Patrick playing with a gameboy, Pete scribbling in a notebook behind her Molly shrugged and opening her mouth she broke Patrick's one rule,
"Blue jean babyyyy, LA Lady, seamstress for the banddd...." Joe chuckled and joined in. While Patrick just stared at Molly in horror. By the end of the chours Andy too had joined in the singing. Patrick still just stared at his girlfriend, but this time he was smiling too.
"Turning back, she just laughs, the boulevard is not that bad..." on Molly's very favorite line her boyfriend too joined in the singing. Molly turned in her seat and poked Pete's shoulder and just looked at him. As the other three kept singing along to the bridge Molly climbed over the seat and rested her head on Pete's shoulder.
"PeterPan. Come back to Neverland?"
"I can't. I have to grow up sometime."
"Yea, give it a few years yet. You still haven't written the quintesential teenage album."
"Ha. Ha."
"Pretty eyes, pirate smile..." Molly rejoined the singing with and was startled when Pete finally joined in on the next line and nudged her in Patrick's direction at the same time, "You'll marry a music man"
"Hold me closer tiny dancer......." The group of friends laughed as they drove off and sang at the top of their lungs in the direction of home.

----------------------------------------------------------------A/N: Yo. This was HARD to write. Obviously, as its been I think two weeks. I've been staring at a blank word document whenever I wasn't sleeping or at work. It just didn't want to get written. I'm not sure I'm super happy with it either but I knew people wanted an update.
Title is from "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John. Yes I know I totally ripped off one of my favorite movies ever. I did that on purpose. Second, I never really knew what the situation surrounding Pete's whole strangling Patrick I made it up. I'm also gonna despretely try not to let 2 weeks pass again without an update. Only one more chapter left til the end of "Part 2"
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