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37. She Left Me For Herself, Considering I Would Too; Go Figure, I'm Bigger Than That

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in which Molly goes about leaving for college. and then does so.

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The week following the band's arrival back home in Chicago was a busy one for Molly. She spent every waking moment it seemed with someone from her "group." She was either packing, shopping with Elyse, walking with Matt, debating personal politics with Andy, goofing off with Joe, or talking with Pete. Basically, anything she could do to avoid Patrick was Molly's overall goal of that week.
Finally it was her last week in town until Christmas and Molly realized she couldn't avoid him anymore. Climbing through Patrick's bedroom window Molly crossed the room and curled up next to him where he was laying on his bed.
"Decided to remember you have a boyfriend?"
"You aren't the only person I'm leaving you know."
"Simple solution. Don't go."
"You know I can't do that Patrick." Molly said sitting up and looking down at him. Patrick pulled her back down next to him and wrapped his arms around her before whispering,
"Yea. Doesn't mean I have to like it." Kissing the back of her neck softly the couple drifted off to sleep.
The next few days Molly spent as much time as possible with her boyfriend. Three days before she was supposed to fly back east the boys played a show at the Knights of Columbus. Its was their first show at all since what had been dubbed "the incidient" in Texas and all their friends came out for it. Molly was standing with Elyse, Matt and Max as they all watched crowd. Kids of all ages filled the room, jumping, screaming, singing, dancing, basically just enjoying being teenagers. One thing Molly noticed uncomfortably though, was the massive amount of girls. Halfway through the set she pointed it out to Elyse who replied with,
"well yea, duh. They're HOT Mol."
"...SO? What does that have to do with anything?"
"You're so cute sometimes." Her best girlfriend replied before turning back to watch the rest of the guys set.
"But there were more guys then girls at all the OTHER shows. I sold merch. I noticed those things."
"Yea, but this is a hometown show. The highschool kids know who they are. The girls know they're cute."
"I'll never understand that attitude."
Elyse just laughed and shook her head as they watched the rest of the set. Once the band was done they jumped off the stage and headed over to where Molly and Max had begun selling merch to the grabby teens.
"BACK UP!" Molly screamed at the crowd, "SERIOUSLY! You will NOT get something if you do NOT back up." The kids in question seemed to take her threat seriously because they all took a massive step back to give the table some breathing room.
"Having fun dear?" Patrick whispered into Molly's ear as he walked past her while he got ready to sign stuff.
"Oh loads lover." She whispered back before rolling her eyes at the girl in front of her who was demanding a small sized t-shirt, when she really needed a large. Molly watched the crowd of girls who flocked to Pete through thinly veiled disgust as they giggled and swooned over his every word.
"I wonder if they realize he's about ten years older then most of them?" Max asked Molly as they continued to sell t-shirts.
"I wonder if he realizes that too sometimes." Molly responded to her friend who laughed in response. A few minutes later the crowd finally died down and the two girls started packing up while keeping one eye on their respective boyfriends. Andy and Pete seemed to be enjoying all the attention of the giggling females. Joe seemed incredibly intrigued but strangly uncomfortable.
"Smart boy." Max said while looking at her boyfriend, "He knows he can look and be amused but any of them gets too close." She raised an eyebrow and drew a finger across her throat 'causing Molly to snicker. A snicker that got caught in her throat as she caught sight of Patrick. Not that he was doing anything wrong. The blushing and stuttering young man was standing there uncomfortably shuffling his feet, occasionally signing something, while trying to forcibly remove three blondes from his personal bubble. The skimpilly dressed young girls, who couldn't have been over the age of sixteen if they were a day, were attempting to drape themselves all over Fall Out Boy's lead singer. "Wow, talk about a three headed hydra." Pete's voice said from behind Molly as he tilted his head as though to get a better angle at the spectacle they were witnessing. Patrick turned to look at the two of them and Molly's heart sunk into her stomach as she realized it wasn't panic that was shining in her boyfriend's eyes, but amusement and something else, maybe a little bit of enjoyment.
Pete glanced at Molly and then looked at his best friend and saw what Molly had seen. Sighing softly, Pete took a deep breath before yelling,
"HEY LUNCHBOX! We gotta pack up and get outta here."
"Coming." The two friends watched their significant other, Pete's heterosexual lifemate and Molly's boyfriend, say goodbye to the girls and head back over to them. The girls just glared at Molly who smirked before giving them a one fingered salute.
"Bitches." She hissed under her breath.
"What babe?" Patrick asked as he stood next to her.
"Oh nothing love. Let's head home." Pete shook his head as the two walked off carrying boxes. All the bassist could think was this was not going to end pretty. He had no idea how Patrick had missed the mix of fear, self loathing, and acceptance in his girlfriend's eyes.
After the show Molly spent all night alternating between laying in bed and pacing her bedroom. Just thinking. Writing. Thinking some more. Finally, when the sun came up she passed out on her futon as her mind was finally made up.

"Hey Mrs. Stump." Molly greeted Patrick's mother as she opened the door and let her son's girlfriend in. "Is Patrick here?"
"Yes dear, he's upstairs. Playing video games again I suppose."
"Typical. Don't worry, I'm dragging him out for a walk."
"Good. You could both do with some fresh air. You won't get any in New York City you know."
"I know. I know. I'm still going."
"You can't blame a mother for trying. I'll talk to you later dear." Molly smiled softly as she waved at Patrick's mother before heading up the stairs to her boyfriend's bedroom.
"Hey," She began as she stood in the door to Patrick's room. He glanced up and paused the game of Tetris he had been playing. "wanna go for a walk?"
"I guess." Patrick replied. "Gimme a second." Reaching out he pulled his sneakers on before getting up and giving Molly a soft kiss. "Are you sure you wanna go out? My parents are gonna be leaving in about an hour..."
"No we need to go for a walk."
"Ooook ayyyy..." The couple walked down the stairs and out of the house in total silence. In fact, they walked around the neighborhood and finally sat on a bench in the middle of the park for a good half hour in total silence.
"So, this was a nice walk. Trees, and flowers, and even some bunnies." Patrick finally broke the silence cautiously.
"I think we should break up." was her response.

Two days later and Molly stood in the airport waiting area with her parents, Jamie, Sean, Elyse, Matt, Pete, Andy, Max, and Joe.
"Now you are sure you'll be ok?" her mother asked.
"Yes Mom, I'll be fine. I have plenty of cash. I have money in the bank, and my credit card. All my stuff has been shipped and is there. All I have to do is get into LaGuardia and jump on the train. I'll be at the dorms within forty minutes of landing."
"I know, but I still worry."
"At the strangest times too." Molly said with a smile trying to be sweet and nice. Standing around talking to her family and friends Molly kept looking around and watching the clock. Finally at ten to three they called her flight for boarding. Molly sighed and went about hugging everyone. When she got to Elyse the blonde had tears flowing down her face.
"I'll be back at Christmas."
"I know! But it won't be the same."
"You better. I love you Mol."
"Love you too Lysie."
Molly's eyes kept darting around as she finished her goodbye's to everyone. When she got to Pete she lost it and finally silent tears started falling.
"I'm sorry." She whispered to him as he pulled her into a hug and the two slightly disturbed young adults clung to each other like a lifeline.
"I'm not the one you should be telling that to Tinkerbell."
"I know. You get it though right?"
"Yea, he won't ever understand it. But I do. He'll be fine eventually."
"I know. I won't be."
"yea, I know that too. Love you kid."
"Love you too PeterPan. I gotta go."
"No." Pete responded while simultaneously letting her go. Molly stepped back and grabbed her messenger bag. Waving once more at everyone she turned and walked over to the flight attendant. Handing over her boarding pass she looked back one more time and waved again before walking down the tunnel to her plane.
Molly's parents hurried off almost as soon as she was on the plane and basically dragged Jamie and Sean with them. Molly's friend's waited around to watch her flight take off. About five minutes after Molly had walked down the boarding area a figure silently stepped up next to the group at the window.
"She's gone?"
"Just about." Pete responded.
"Good." Patrick glared at the glass with a stare so focused Pete was surprised the glass didn't melt.
"If you're so happy to see her go, why are you here?" Patrick didn't answer his best friend either verbally but the one silent tear that the younger man quickly wiped away gave Pete his answer.

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