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Authors Note Part 6

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end of Part 2

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Dear Loyal Readers (cause if you made it this far your loyal as hell),

There ends Part 2 of my epic dramedy. Part 3 will be coming sometime in the near future. I'm gonna try and churn out a few this weekend, even if they don't get posted right away.

Part 3 will also encompass chapters 37-51. September 2002-July 2003. I told you its gonna be a long ass story.

I hope everyone is enjoying this still and no one absolutely hates me right now. Remember everything happens for a reason.

Preview of Part 3: some songs featured will be- "Over & Out" by The Superjesus; "Every You Every Me"- by Placebo, and "Not So Usual" by Jason Mraz. If you look those up maybe you can get a tone for the upcoming section of my novel.

Now it is 12:20am and I'm off to bed, way later then I planned 'cause I wanted to get at least this last part out in case I can't update as soon as I had hoped.

I also hope everyone continues to read and review. Your reviews are like food to my writers soul.

Always appreciative and in love with each and every one of you,
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