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38. Some Things I'll Never Know; And, I Had to Let Them Go

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Part 3. in which Molly settles into life at NYU and meets some fairly interesting people.

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"I think we should break up."
"Excuse me what?"
"I think we should break up." Molly repeated to Patrick. Her eyes were carefully avoiding any eye contact whatsoever with the boy sitting beside her. When Patrick didn't say anything for a few minutes Molly finally turned her head slightly. What she saw sent her heart plummeting into her stomach. Sitting beside her was Patrick, hunched over, nervously playing with his hat that he had taken off at some point. The boy was staring at the hat as though it held the answers to all life's most important questions. A few seconds later his leg started jigging up and down.
"Patrick..." Molly tried to prompt a reaction from him. And she did. A choked sob.

"And make sure to have those three stories entirely summarized and analyzed for Thursday. See you then" Molly broke out of her reverie as the girl next to her stood up to start gathering her things. 'well that's first college lecture and I didn't pay attention to a word of it'
"Oh Miss O'Conell? May I see you for a moment?"
"Me?" Molly squeaked out in surprise.
"Yes. You."
"Oh. sure Professor...Robinson" Molly replied hesitantly after taking a quick glance at the top of her syllabus for the class. As Molly walked down the stairs of the lecutre hall she examined the young man standing by the lectern. And young he was. 'there is no way he is older then thirty. And how the hell did he know my name?' Molly thought to herself. As if to answer her unspoken thought her professor pulled out the seating chart he had them fill out at the beginning of class. 'oh yea'
"So I noticed you don't see very interested in Edgar Allan Poe. Instead you seemed more interested in the wall behind my head. Good job at trying to look like you were paying attention though. Most freshmen aren't that good."
"I was so paying attention."
"Oh really? What's your homework?"
"The Black Cat, The Premature Burial, and a piece of your choice. Summarized and analyzed for Thursday's class."
"I apologize Professor. I had a rough week."
"It happens. I've been meaning to talk to you anyway so walk with me I have to get back to my office."
"You wanted to talk to me?" Molly asked the older man as they headed out the back door of the lecture hall and into a hallway.
"Yes, actually. I read your placement essay, I was very impressed. Have you declared a major yet?"
"No. I'm bouncing between the Recorded Music Department and Creative Writing or Journalism."
"Well, I won't lie to you, I'm going to be pushing you towards my department. You have a brilliant way with words young lady." The two walked down the street through what passed for NYU's campus proper. "Now why have you had a difficult week?"
"Let me put it this way, I already have my own room."
"You're that annoying huh?"
"Very funny. No, she was."
"Yea Molly?"
"Why are your underear on MY chair?"
"My drying rack was full."
Molly shook her head to focus back in on what Professor Robinson was saying about how his first college roomate had been terrible, and his second he had lived with for the rest of college.
"I'm sure this one will work out. She doesn't seem crazy."
"Well that's good. Alright, this is where I get off." Molly's professor pointed at the building they had stopped in front of, "I will see you with your completed assignments on Thursday."
"Yup. Thanks Professor. I promise it won't happen again." Molly started heading off towards her dorm building when Professor Robinson's voice stopped her.
"See that it doesn't. Oh and Molly?"
"Yes Professor..."
"When we aren't in class feel free to call me Marc. All my students do."
"Ok Prof...I mean Marc." Molly shook her head slightly as she continued walking towards her building.

Molly stared horrified at Patrick as he broke down crying next to her. Reaching out slightly she went to place a hand on his back in what she hoped would be a comforting gesture. As soon as her hand grazed his shirt though Patrick was on his feet. Tears gone, and face as red as hell fire.
"SCREW YOU!" he screamed at her. Molly jumped where she sat startled.
"No! You DON'T get to talk now. NOW it is my turn. I have put up with your crap since day one. Boo-Hoo whoa is me. Feel bad for me Patrick. Love me Patrick. Be with me Patrick. And now NOW just when I'M the one who needs YOU, you are leaving me. COMPETELY. Didn't you think that maybe just maybe with the band picking up I would NEED and WANT you by my side?"
"It isn't like that Patrick. I just think that we would be better off while I'm away.."
"I don't want your excuses. I know why you're breaking up with me and you're a fucking coward for not admitting it."

"Hey Molly I'm back!"
Molly turned her head from where she had been staring out the window sullenly as her roomate came in loaded down with grocery bags.
"Oh, hey Kyle. Need some help?"
"Nah, I got it. You look like you need this though." Molly smiled as a pint of cookie dough ice cream landed in her lap and two spoons hit the couch next to her. Quickly followed by a copy of "Sleepless in Seatle".
"How'd you know?"
"Well...the conspicuous absence of any and all mention of a boyfriend...and yet tons of pictures of someone who obvious is or once was a boyfriend. I put two and two together. I told you we were soulmates." Kyle "yes that is my real name" Martin, Molly's new roomate, flopped down next to her and grabbed the second spoon to dig into her own chocolate fudge brownie pint.
"Ok, well just don't let Elyse know I'm cheating on her."
"Check. No telling the best friend you have another one. Now start the damn movie bitch."
An hour and a half later once the tear and giggle fest was over and both girls were contemplating sleeping exactly where they lay Kyle asked the dreaded question.
"So what happened anyway? You guys looked really truly happy in those pictures."
"We were..."
"A coward? How am I a coward for wanting to give you some space while I'm away at school."
"Because you don't trust me. You don't trust that there are girls who find me attractive. Hell I don't even GET that. It doesn't make sense to me...not to mention the fact that they are all underage. oh yea, and I LOVE YOU!"
"Sometimes love isn't enough."
"I thought I changed your mind on that."
"I'm a female. It's my perrogative to change my mind."
"Oh and there you go...trying to get all cute and sarcastic when things get real. We're going to play that game huh? Ok then I can play that game too, I learned from the best afterall. Maybe you want to break up so that you can do things without feeling guilty about them."
Molly looked like she had been slapped when Patrick implied she wanted to sleep around whilst at college.
"How dare you."
"How dare I!?! No sorry sweetheart you don't get to be upset here. Now is my turn."
"Why won't you just LISTEN to me?"
"What is there to listen to? You want to break up. Three months after telling me this move wouldn't effect us. I was ready to let you go and now you're pulling this."
"Exactly, you were ready to let me go."
"...not what I meant Molly." Patrick said in a defeated tone as he took a deep breath and seemed to loose all of his bluster.
"well it doesn't matter what you meant. It would have happened eventually and I'd rather be in the driver's seat on this."
"Who decided you get to just stop this. Who said you get to be the one that tells me to stop loving you. That I shouldn't hold on for dear life until you come back. How can you just stop loving me?"
"It's simple really," Molly said in a tone that froze Patrick's blood in his veins, "I'm honestly not sure if I ever really did. These past few months I've been starting to think I was right. Love doesn't exist."
"If you were a man I would hit you right now." Patrick said his own voice had become as cold as Molly's.
Molly shrugged and turned to walk away. Patrick's voice screaming behind her stopped her in her track's for a second, "There is something SEVERELY wrong with you. Do you realize that?!"

"And that was that. I headed home and spent the next two days hanging out with Elyse. Pete wouldn't even talk to me until that day at the airport after he found out what happened."
"Oh, yea. Patrick's best friend."
"Ohhh wow. The best friend got called in huh?"
"I don't want to hear it Peter."
"Yea well, tough fucking luck bitch."
"I love you too." Molly took a stab at levity and quickly dropped it at Pete's snorted unamused response.
"Patrick just cried himself to sleep in my bed." Pete's voice hissed through the phone at Molly.
"Do NOT be cute."
"But I'm so good at it."
"I know what you're doing. You know that right?"
"No Pete. Guide me with your wisdom, what am I trying to do?"
"If you hurt us enough, we won't want you around. Then you can think nasty things about us instead of missing us. Once again, Molly's self preservation and selfishness rears its ugly head and everyone else gets hurt. Familiar song and dance huh?"
"Fuck you." Molly hung up the phone and threw it.

"Yea Oh. I'm stupid. Trust me I realize all this."
"Hey, I wasn't going to say it." Kyle said as she got up off the couch and started collecting empty ice cream containers. Molly followed with utensils and glasses. The girls walked around the futon and into their kitchen. The incredibly good thing about NYU was their "dorms". Molly had somehow managed to be assigned one of the very few freshmen apartments when she had demanded to be moved at the beginning of the week, and while it was incredibly small it was just her and Kyle in a two bedroom apartment. You walked in the door and in front of you was a decent sized room that was a combination living room and full kitchen. To your right was a door that led to the bathroom, and in front of you were two bedroom doors. As the girls cleaned up the kitchen they continued to chat about their days and what had been going in in their lives. Finally around ten they both headed to their respective bedrooms to get some work done and eventually fall asleep.

Thursday morning rolled around much to quickly for Molly's tastes, although she was happy that she managed to finish the assignment Professor Robinson had given her class./'There is no managed to finish anymore Molly. This is college. Not highschool.'/
Running into the lecture hall just as the Professor was walking into the class Molly threw herself into her seat and tried to look like she was busy. She caught his eye a few seconds later and all he did was smirk and shake his head.
"shit" Molly hissed under her breath as she handed her paper to the TA as he walked past her row. "yea...not in highschool anymore O'Conell." Molly straightend up in her seat as Professor Robinson started the day's lecture.

It was three weeks later and Molly came into the apartment to see Kyle standing there with a birthday cake.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YOU'RE LEGAL!" Molly laughed at the other girl as she stepped forward to blow out the candles.
"You baked me a cake?"
"Sort of."
"Sort of?"
"Yea...umm...I walked to the bakery down the block."
"That works too."
"Where were you anyway? You got out of class an hour ago."
"Yea I went to have coffee with Marc." Molly replied to her roomate as she started cutting a slice of chocolate cake. Kyle's eyebrow just raised a bit and she stared. "What?" Molly questioned through a mouthful of chocolate.
"Did I say anything? I didn't say a word. Not one word Ms. O'Conell."
"Don't be like that. He's my professor for Christ's sake."
"Yea...that'd be my point. He's your professor. Your incredibly attractive, tall, funny, and smart professor. If ever there was temptation sitting on a plate, wrapped in a freaking bow, that'd be it."
"oh please."
"Don't you "oh please" me missy. I've seen the way he looks at you."
"Yes, like a student he wants to major in creative writing so he can mentor me."
"No like a dog in heat." The girls debate was interrupted by the sound of Molly's cell phone ringing. Grabbing the phone out of her purse she stared in surprise at the caller ID.
"PeterPan?" Molly said cautiously.
"Happy Birthday my beloved. Please pretend I'm in front of you grovelling. The last month has been miserable. I miss you."
"Awe I miss you too Pete. So whatsup? Dish boyfriend."
"I'm not gay."
"yet. not gay yet. I still say give it some time." Molly laughed at the look on Kyle's face from her comments. Her roomate finally just walked out of the room muttering something about crazy people and Chicago.
A half hour later after Pete had filled Molly in on all the gossip she didn't have the heart to tell him she already knew from Elyse he informed her of the other reason he was calling.
"I'm gonna be in New York with my parents and brother in two weeks."
"Mom and Dad decided to take a few vacation days. New York got voted on. They're gonna go to a few shows. Andrew and I are going to run rampant. CBs will be visited. A time will be had by all. And now you're eighteen and can come out with me."
"What about school?"
"Blow it off for a few days. You owe me."
"How do you figure?" Molly said in a joking manner.
"You weren't the one who had to pick up the pieces." Pete responded completely serious which very quickly killed Molly's jovial birthday mood.
"Damn you Wentz."

A/N: Title: Pressure by Paramore
Well here is the beginning of Part 3 of "Would You Believe Me...". I hope everyone is still here and ready for the ride to truly get started as we move into the beginning of Molly's adult life and her first steps in a "long time" without Patrick and the rest of the crew around her. Obviously there will still be constant Fall Out Boy interaction but I hope you all love Molly enough to have it still be "her story".
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