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39. If I Run Tonight, Would You Promise to Be There?

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in which Pete shows up in NYC and Molly and Pete take Manhattan by storm.

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Two weeks after her phone conversation Molly stood in a large glass elevator as it rose above the lobbey of the Marriot Marquis Hotel in Times Square. Pete had called her earlier in the day to tell her where they were staying and what room exactly she should come to when she got out of class. Knocking on the door of Room 1012 Molly waited for it to be answered. When Andrew swung the door open a few seconds later Molly forgot all about awkwardness and gave her friend's younger brother a big hug.
"I missssssssed you Andrew!" She told him with a huge smile.
"Missed you too Molly. Pete's out cold." Molly laughed at the response she got and with an evil grin ran and jumped onto Pete's bed where he was snoring away.
"ooooffff," Pete's breath whoosed out of his body as he was startled awake. Rubbing his eyes he sat up slowly and said "what the hell?"
"MOLLY!" As fast as Pete had sat up he tackled Molly back onto the bed and squeezed her, "Come home."
"ok." Both Molly and Pete giggled at their exchange while Andrew just shook his head from his spot on his own bd.
"Where are your parents?" Molly asked as she got off the bed and went to go fix her hair in the bathroom from Pete's 'attack'.
"Next door." Pete answered as he walked into the bathroom and pulled down his zipper in front of the toilet.
"PETE!" Molly screamed before running out of the bathroom and slamming the door behind her.
"WHAT?" was yelled back from behind the closed door.
"Your brother may be the death of me one day."
"Take a number."

"So how do you like New York City?" Pete asked Molly two days later on Friday night as they were walked out of the subway at 8th Avenue and headed in the direction of "Kate's Joint".
"I fucking love it." Molly said with conviction.
"Oh what?" the girl replied as she pointed to make a turn in the direction of Avenue B.
"Oh, I was half hoping you were going to tell me that you were transferring home next semester."
"Pete..this IS home."
"No its not. Home is Chicago. Chi-Town. The Windy City. 425 Woodlawn Road. Need I go on?"
"No. You've made your point quite clearly. I love this city though Pete. Look around you. How can you not love it. Chicago is great, but this is Manhattan."
"Its dirty."
"Its Manhattan. We are standing on 4th Street, about to head to Avenue B. We are in the middle of the East Village. We're a 15 minute walk from CBGBs and the Bowery. If we wanted to tonight we could go to a dirty punk rock hole in the wall bar and then jump on a subway and go drink fifteen dollar martini's at Trump Towers. How could I not love it?"
"'cause we aren't here." Pete stated firmly as they stopped outside the famous vegetarian restaurant before pulling the door open and heading inside.
After dinner they did exactly what Molly had suggested, sort of. The two friends spent the rest of the night not discussing the fact that this visit would be the last time they would see each other for months. Instead they threw themselves into the crowd and CBGBs and got trashed and thrashed to the local hardcore and punk bands that had taken up the stage for the night.
"This is AMAZING" Pete screamed over the pounding bass.
"And you wanted to know why I moved here." Molly laughingly replied as she tapped her bottle of Heinekin against his can of PBR, "And I can't believe you are drinking that shit."
"Its punk rock beer baby. Punk rock beer."
"Punk rock piss water is more like it."
"Yea well...its good. and its also two bucks for a can as compared to your six bucks for a bottle."
"Heinekien is the best beer on the market that isn't from a local brewery."
"It's for high maintence chicks." Pete leaned over to be heard, "OW." Unfortunately leaning over also put him in perfect smacking range.
"I'm not high maintence. Now have another beer. I'll even buy it for you, I can swing two bucks."
"Big spender huh?"

"SHHHHH!!!!! Pete be quiet I have a roomate!" Molly loudly shushed Pete in the main room of her dorm. The kitchen light flooding on and Kyle amusedly standing in her bedroom doorway 'caused both Molly and Pete to look sheepish.
"Hi. I'm the roomate. You have to be PeterPan."
"You TOLD her my nickname?!"
"WOW. You two are wasted."
"uh-huh" they both nodded back to Kyle.
"Ok...bedtime. I guess I get to be roomate and Mommy tonight." Molly smiled at Kyle and pushed Pete in the direction of the couch.
"Go pass out Peter."
"I wanna sleep in the bed."
"But I'm gonna be in the bed."
"So not seeing a problem." Pete replied wiggling his eyebrows at Molly. Kyle raised her hand and said,
"Uhh...that'd be a no. You" she continued point at Pete, "are the ex boyfriend's best friend right?"
"Ok...yea you are sleeping out here. I don't trust attractive drunk people. And when you get two attractive drunk people together, let's just say bad things happen. Bad things that will make you wake up the next morning and say 'Oh dear God. My best friend is going to KILL me' and you're just too darn pretty to die so young. Couch. Now."
"Yes ma'am."
"Molly. Bedroom. Sleep."
"Yes ma'am." Kyle walked back into her room and closed the door listening to the whispering of her roomate and friend.

"Oh shit." Molly groaned and put a hand to her head the next morning. Or at least attempted to put a hand to her head. Considering her arm was currently underneath a shirtless Pete it was proving problematic. "I reiterate, Oh shit." At her continued struggled movement Pete snuggled back down into the blankets and pulled Molly closer burying his face in her shoulder which thankfully freed her now asleep arm.
"Pete." Molly hissed and poked him with her working hand. "Pete. Wake up!"
"Huh?" Molly finally illicted a response from the nearly comatose and probably just as hung over boy. "What are you doing on the couch Molly?"
"I'm not. You are in my bed. And you definitly weren't here when I went to sleep. And I was no where near THAT drunk."
"Bed? No wonder my back isn't killing me. At least that's one body part that doesn't hurt." Pete groaned and stretched as he stood up.
"ACK!" Molly squealed as her hands flew up to cover her eyes.
"Why are you naked too?"
"I sleep nude."
"With me? I wasn't that wasted. Was I?"
"I don't think so. You're fully clothed right?"
"Uhh..." Molly pulled the blankets up to double check while avoiding the sight of a naked Pete standing in all his glory in the middle of her room. Finally she snapped, "WOULD YOU PUT CLOTHES ON?!"
"Oh right." Pete said as though he had forgotten he was naked and grabbed his boxers off the floor before pulling them on. "Better?"
"Not entirely but at least now I can get out of bed. And yes, I still have my pajama's on. Competely."
"Good. Then we're square." Pete opened the door to Molly's room and walked out. From her bedroom Molly heard, "I KNEW IT!", yelled in her roomate's voice. Quickly grabbing her robe Molly ran out the bedroom door to see Kyle standing there threatening Pete with a spatula that she had been using on pancakes.
"We didn't have sex!" Molly said very quickly.
"Then why is he in boxers in our kitchen."
"'cause he's my "incredibly dumbass who doesn't think best friend", last night I introduced him as Pete. Apparently he decided he wanted to sleep in a bed, and he sleeps nude."
Kyle's eyebrow went up at that as though to say she didn't entirely believe Molly. Molly held her hands up in a "I swear" gesture. Kyle rolled her eyes and went back to making breakfast.
"Ass" Molly hissed at Pete as she sat down across from him at the kitchen table and stole the apple he was about to bite into. "When do you go back anyway?"
"...Five more days of this?"
"Yup. Isn't it great?"
"I was right, you are going to be the death of me."
"You'd be surprised at how often I hear that."

A/N: Title is from: "Over And Out" by The Superjesus. AMAZING band from Australia. Sarah McLeod has one of my favorite "rock" voices.

another chapter will be up by tonight. maybe 2. I'm on a roll 'cause I got off work HOURS early today.
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