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40. It Ain't Easy Growing Up In World War Three

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in which Molly has her Turkey Break. In which Molly finally lets herself "break".

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"Turkey Melts, Turkey Melts. Stuffing all the way. Cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, and a corned cob on the way." Molly walked out of her bedroom on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to see her roomate dancing around the kitchen, baking cookies, and singing about food.
"Its seven thirty in the morning."
"Yea, but I'm leaving in about a half hour and I wanted to make sure these were done."
"'re singing about turkeys. and pumpkin pie. Two things I don't like very much. And your answer is to stick your tounge out. Ok." Molly shuffled over to the table and grabbed the cup of coffee that magically appeared in front of her.
"Are you sure you don't want to come home with me for Thanksgiving?"
"Nah, I'm gonna go visit my grandparents. Spend the five days with them. I've got a night class today anyway that I shouldn't miss."
"Not to mention Robinson's class."
"Whatever. You and your crazy theories. Alright I gotta go shower. Don't leave without saying goodbye."

A few hours later Molly was gathering her things up to leave her literature class when Marc Robinson's voice asked her to come see him before she left. Walking down the stairs of the lecture hall Molly wondering what had happened to make her professor sound so serious.
"Molly," he began, "I need to talk to you about something very serious."
"Sure Marc what's up?" Molly replied placing her books and bag on his desk to wait out the discussion.
"I was wondering, obviously not until the semester is over, if you would care to go to dinner with me." Molly tried to keep her reaction internal but she was almost positive anyone who wasn't blind or deaf could see Kyle's spirit dancing around screaming "I TOLD YOU SO!"
"Uh....Mar...Professor Robinson. I'm flattered really, but, I just got out of a very serious relationship and I really don't think I'm ready to see anyone right now" 'liar liar liar liar'
"Are you sure?" Marc asked Molly as he walked forward a few steps leaning in slightly so that Molly had to lean back against his desk to avoid physically making contact with any part of his body.
" don't seem it."
"Hey Professor can I talk to you for a minute about our term paper?" a voice called from the side door to the lecture hall and Molly grabbed her books and bag and bolted from the room quickly. Molly left the academic building and pulled out her gloves and pulled them and a knit hat on as she headed downtown in the direction of her dorm. 'damnit damnit damnit. WHY is everyone always right except me?' she thought to herself venomously. Once she reached her building Molly ran up the stairs and inside the lobby. Flashing her ID card at the security guard she headed up in the elevators, unlocked her apartment door and slammed it behind her.
"Well, this is just great." Molly muttered to an empty room.

"MOM!" Molly paced back and forth with her cell phone pressed to her head with one hand and gestured with a chocolate chip cooke in the other. "Would you just LISTEN to me for ONE second?"
Molly continued her pacing only this time kept the phone away from her head finally at what would appear to be a break in her mother's current tirade she started up again.
"I AM going to Nan and Gramps. I haven't seen them in months. I am going to get on a train at Penn Station and take it out to the Island. There is no other discu...don't try and guilt trip me. I talk to Jamie every single weekend. Mother I am 18 years old. I'm NOT coming home for Thanksgiving. Good bye." Molly hung up her cell phone with a click and frustratedly screamed at the ceiling. "DAMNIT!"

"Molly?" Molly turned to face her grandfather a few days later. It was sunset on Thanksgiving and she was standing in the middle of the vinyard staring at the horizon. "What are you doing out here?" Charles O'Brien wrapped an arm around his oldest grandchild and rubbed her shoulder.
"Hey Gramps." she said leaning into him inhaling deeply. "mmmm..."
"You always smell good. Tobacco and Peppermint."
"...well the peppermint is for my indigestion and the tobacco is to make your grandmother mad." Molly giggled as her grandfather quoted the famous line from her favorite childhood movie back to her.
"I missed you Grandpa."
"I missed you too cupcake." He said placing a kiss on the top of her head as they stood and watched the sunset.

Sunday morning a few hours before Molly was scheduled to be back on the train for the two hour trip into Manhattan she was sitting in the kitchen watching her grandmother make biscuits for breakfast.
"Nan?" Molly asked as she cut up an apple.
"Hmm...whats that hunny?"
"Why doesn't Mom love me?" Molly watched her grandmother freeze at the counter. The older woman turned and just stared at Molly with such sadness in her eyes that it physically hurt the younger woman.
"Oh darling. Is that what you think?" Molly watched as her grandmother set the tray of homemade biscuits into the oven before walking over and sitting next to her. Quinn O'Brien took her granddaughters hand and held it for a minute before taking a deep breath and telling Molly exactly why things were the way they were.
"You know your mother is sick. I'm sure your grandfather and I didn't help with her coping either. When we were younger we thought things should be a certain way...we had money. Therefore we should behave a certain way, socialize with certain people. You know how it goes. That's just the way things were done back then. Your mother never had a problem with it, she was a society belle if ever I saw one. When she was about your age, maybe a little older, she started acting out. Eventually we told her she was being ridiculous and that the time for rebellion had passed, she was no longer a teenager. That's when she met your father and got married. You know we love your father, he was good for her. Unfortuantly back then they didn't have the type of science and medicine that they have now so she didn't get treatment for her problems until a few years ago."
"That didn't answer my question." Molly said softly.
"Molly, your mother is a very complicted woman. but do not even think for a second she doesn't love you with every fiber of her being. She's sick, not stupid, and certainly not evil. And only someone evil couldn't love their child. Now go shower and get dressed for the day."
"Yes ma'am." Molly walked out of the kitchen and through the living room where she was surprised to see her grandfather reading a book on the couch. He patted the seat next to him and closed up his book.
"Don't listen to your grandmother. She doesn't want to believe there is anything really wrong with your Mom. But she is right, your mother loves you more then anything. I saw her the day you were delivered, there has never been a happier person on the face of the earth."
"Thanks Gramps." Molly headed up the stairs and to the guest bedroom she had been staying in. Sitting down on the edge of the bed she stared across the room and into the mirror hanging there.
"That still doesn't say why she doesn't love me now? If she loved me then what happened in eighteen years?" Molly asked her reflection. Flopping backwards onto the bed Molly closed her eyes and did something she had tried to avoid for months. She let herself think about and miss Patrick.
"Do your parents like me?" Molly asked her boyfriend from her flopped position in his bean bag chair. Patrick looked up from the tv screen where he had been trying to beat his girlfriend at Mario Kart for the past hour. So far she had been kicking his ass. It was March and the couple had been going strong for just about three months.
"Are you kidding? My parents are crazy about you. I think they like you more then they like me sometimes to be perfectly honest. Hey can I have a twizzler?" Molly tossed him the bag that was sitting next to her.
"They do not like me more then you."
"Yea they do. You cleaned my room." Patrick said matter of factly as he gestured around his now spotless room.
"Darling, someone HAD to do it. And you certainly weren't going to. And I was NOT getting naked in here with it look the way it did. Which is weird, 'cause you used to be such a neat freak."
"Eh, I got busy."
"Whatever, the point is, you really think your parents like me?"
"Molly, they hated Allison, they have nothing but praise to say about you. My mom cooks for you. They like you. Why are you asking anyway?" Patrick said through a mouth of candy.
"I think my parents hates me sometimes."
"What? Don't be ridiculous. I mean I'll admit they're a little whacky, but they don't hate you."
"Ok well...explain thier attitude."
"She is mentally unwell. He is just obnoxious." Patrick said firmly as he slid off the bed and crawled over to lay down on the floor next to his girlfriend. Reaching out he ran his fingers softly through her hair, "but babygirl, there is no way they hate you. Even if it was possible for anyone to hate you, I'd still love you forever."

Molly choked back a sob and pulled a pillow over her face to hide the sound as she remembered that conversation. A few seconds later she let herself cry the first real tears she had since August. Laying there on the bed in her grandparents house Molly broke down completely and cried everything out. Her pain over her relationship with her parents, the wound letting go of Patrick had caused, the fear of the unknown future that lay ahead of her. A few minutes later Molly stumbled into the adjacent bathroom and heaved over the toilet from the strength of the sobs wracking her body. Nearly twenty minutes later she finally calmed down enough to curl up on the floor of the cold tile bathroom and whisper over and over outloud and in her head,
"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry......"

A/N: Title is from: "Family Portrait" by Pink. Not my favorite artist by any means but I love this song.

Its only 7:30 EST soooo I might still have time to do another one before the night is out. crosses fingers
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