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Authors Note Part 5

by luckysgc921 11 reviews

in which I talk about casting the story.

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Dear Reader,
So I've realized I'm probably not gonna get this done by the time the album is released, essp if they really do push it up to next week.
There are only 4 more chapters left in Part 2 of the novel. Which brings me to my question---
I'm seriously considering "casting" this story. Here is where you come in:

-Review this Authors Note with any suggestions of whom could play which character (excepting Fall Out Boy).
I would prefer lesser known character actors then big names. Although I'm kinda jonesing on Mandy Moore from "How To Deal" to play Molly--but then I think "Mandy is like ginormously tall...". So yea, gimme any suggestions in a review on THIS chapter.

I'm gonna try and get up the next chapter later tonight. And just to give you a teaser: In the next chapter the Split EP is released, Patrick finally drops the H, AND Molly tells Patrick exactly where she's decided to attend college. dun dun dun.

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