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33. I Feel So Light, This is All I Want to Feel Tonight

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in which we attend the senior prom. in which Patrick attends to Molly.

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The rest of that final semester seemed to fly by for everyone and before they knew it Elyse and Molly were standing in a dress store staring at yards and yards of shiny, in some cases beaded, and in most cases poofy material. It was time for Senior Prom.
"What about this one?" Molly said holding up a yellow dress.
"Yellow? Are you serious?" Molly shrugged and went to pick up another dress before Elyse's words halted her, "If you even touch that orange monstrosity you will die a virgin." Every mother in the store seemed to turn and look at the two girls after Elyse made that statment, "What?" She just questioned them.
"I can't take you anywhere" Molly said exasperated as she dragged her best friend out of the store and back onto the busy Chicago street.
"Well its the truth," Elyse started as they walked down the street towards another boutique, "You belong in a dark color. A blue or purple or something. Not one of those froofy poofy Cinderella on crack gowns."
"Nice description."
"I thought so."
"I just can't find anything perfect."
"Well, its your own fault for waiting til the last minute. I bought my dress months ago."
"You're wearing a 17th century brocade gown that looks like it stepped out of Shakespeare."
"What's your point?" Elyse replied.
A few hours later the blonde of the duo breathed out "oh Molly. THAT is THE dress." Standing in front of the mirror was Molly wearing a gorgeous dress. It had a full tafeta skirt that was topped by a corseted piece that had a sweetheart neckline. The entire bodice of the dress was beaded in small dark metallic looking beads and the material itself was a deep purple that shone teal when light hit it at a certain angle. Best of all, it fit perfectly.
"You really think so?"
"It was made for you. It doesn't even have to be hemmed."
"You're right. It's perfect."

Three weeks later and it was the last Thursday in May and the day of the Senior Prom. Molly stood in her bedroom completely ready and waiting for Patrick to come and get her. Matt, Patrick and Molly were meeting at Elyse's and going together in a limosine to the dock where the prom cruise would leave from. From seven to midnight the senior class of Glenbrook South High School would get to dance under the stars out on the water. Post-prom for their crew was going to be at a small downtown club that Pete knew the bouncer at.
"I'ts going to be one hell of an evening that's for sure." Molly mumbled to herself as she headed downstairs upon hearing the doorbell.
"Hey baby." She whispered to her boyfriend as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. Patrick looked amazing in his tux, including top hat, tails, cane, gloves and scarf. "You look like a proper english gentleman."
"That was the idea me bonnie lass." He responded in a butchered brouge somewhere between Irish and Scotch and no where near English.
"Keep trying kid." Jack O'Conell shot at Patrick as he walked into the kitchen.
"Bye everyone. I'll be home tomorrow." Molly said loud enough to be heard but not so loud as she would have to acknowledge any response. Patrick grabbed her overnight bag from next to the door and the two of them headed out to his car.

After an hour of pictures at Elyse's the foursome managed to get into the limo and on their way to the pier. Finally arriving they ran up the gangplank and checked in.
"You guys are lucky. We were just about the leave." The teacher who checked them in informed them.
"Damn my mother and her camera." Elyse said, "foiled again."
"Huh?" was all she heard from her three companions.
"Nevermind. Let's go dance." And dance they did. The four teens danced the night away as only seniors about to embark on the rest of their life are capable of doing. Patrick and Matt spun the girls around, picked them up, dipped them, and threw a few twirls in for good measure. They ate til they were stuffed and then danced some more. They also managed to get some superior mocking in when it came time for King and Queen.
"Ya know, for the skinnest girl in school she sure looks like there are seven of her in there under all that fluff." Matt said so cattily at one point that the other three just looked at him with jaws hanging open, "What?! Its TRUE. And honestly, WHO wears orange?"
"See. I told you." Elyse said knowingly.
"Dude." Patrick said slugging Matt in the arm.
"Ow. What?"
"Nothing." Patrick responded shaking his head slightly.

Once the dance was over and the boat and pulled in the foursome walked down the gang plank and linked arms for the walk to the limo. Somewhere between the gangplank and three steps off of it Elyse got a brilliant idea.
"WEEEERRRRREEEEE Off to see the wizard...." She started singing and skipping and dragging the other three laughing off with her. By the time they all reached the limo Patrick was holding Molly up she was laughing so hard.
"God, I'm gonna miss this." Molly gasped out as she caught her breath.
"Seriously." Matt said looking at his friends. "You guys!" he finished flinging his arms open for a hug.
"Oh NO!" Patrick exclaimed, "Not tonight. Tonight we have fun. Saturday is when we do the whole boo-fucking-hoo bit. Now lets go, we're supposed to meet the guys downtown."
With Patrick's order the other three piled into the limo and the entire way down no one said a word. The four friends just sat in compainonable silence and every once in a while one of them would smirk over something. Probably just a random memory of the past year and a half with these people.

After they had all climbed out of the limo they stood there in shock.
"Uhh...." Patrick said eloquently.
"This is where Pete said to meet him right?" Molly asked as she picked her dress up off the floor so the hem didn't get filthy or possibly slimy.
"Yea. It's Pete though. Maybe its a palace inside."
"Or maybe something will eat us." Matt muttered as the four friends walked through the door, and into the grimiest biker bar in Chicago.
"Are you serious?" Elyse started, "Dude I'm hardcore but this is even much for me. I'm afraid I'm gonna get tetnus if I LOOK at something wrong."
"GUYS!" They all distinctly heard Pete yelling for them from a booth in the back and began to pick their way through a crowd of leather and metal.
"Pete. This is our PROM." Patrick began swinging his cane onto the table for emphisis.
"Yea, what Hatrack said." Elyse poked Patrick to emphasize her own point.
"But...I figured you could use some good old hometown Chicago after all that ritzy glitz you just went through. Look at the four of you, not a stitch of denim in sight."
"Are you drunk?" Patrick asked.
"A little bit."
"Great." Molly sighed. "Where are the others?"
"Playing pool." Pete pointed to the back of the bar where in fact Joe and Andy were both playing pool. Both looking very much at home in their ripped jeans and t-shirts.
"Ugh. Alright Pete, this isn't funny at all. We're going." Patrick said gesturing to himself and Molly. "You guys can stay if you want, but...yea. I'm not. Come on let's go." Patrick turned disgustedly away from his friend and dragged Molly along with him.
"Bye Bye Tricky!" Pete yelled from the middle of the bar.
Once the couple reached the outside of the bar they both inhaled deeply.
"Wow. Talk about a hole." Molly said.
"Yea. Pete hangs out here when he's in one of his moods. I just never saw the place before. Even if he was sober he wouldn't be very good company tonight. I guarentee he would have started hitting on you and insulting everyone around him til he got punched too."
"Come on." Patrick said walking off.
"Uhh...where are we going?"
"Hotel. We were staying there anyway, and now we have no post prom plans."
"Patrick, the hotel is a twenty minute drive from here."
"And it's a nice night. Come on." He said as he slipped his tux jacket around her shoulders and took her hand. "We can discuss college plans."
"Right. College plans." Molly said outloud, while internally she was wincing as she remembered the packet she had recieved the week before from New York University accepting her into their undergraduate level Music Business school. 'I have to tell him I'm leaving in August....eventually. Molly kept repeating over and over in her head. Eventually became her mantra.

Once the couple reached the hotel and had checked into their room Molly said she was going to go change.
"Ok." Patrick said distractedly from where he had begun flipping channels on the giant tv. Molly rolled her eyes and slammed the bathroom door shut. Since she was in the bathroom she missed the evil smirk that crossed Patrick's face as he immediately jumped up and ran over to the closet. Taking off his tux quickly he changed into a pair of pajama pants and shrugging threw his clothes into a ball in the back of the closet. The boy also then ran around the room setting up and lighting candles all over the room and then turned the covers down on the bed. Stopping to double check everything with his eyes Patrick's heart stopped as he realized he had forgotten the most important thing. Opening the fridge he grinned as he saw the bottle placed their perfectly to chill.
"Thanks guys." He whispered as he uncorked the bottle of red wine to breathe. "Hey Molly baby. You coming out soon?" He called to his girlfriend as he picked up the bottle to pour a glass of wine for Molly. Then with a shrug also poured himself one.
While Patrick was setting the hotel room up for seduction Molly was glaring at herself in the mirror. "TV. We're in a hotel room and he turns on the televison. URGH! MALE of him."
Stamping her foot in frustration Molly struggled out of her dress and grabbed the bag Elyse had helped her pack. Pulling out a black slinky lingerie set she had picked out for tonight Molly put it on and grinned.
"Oh yea. He won't be able to say no again." She giggled. After she fluffed up her hair Molly grabbed her purse before she forgot and popped one of her pills into her mouth with a glass of water. She snickered as she remembered the conversation she had had with Elyse over those pills.
"Why are you on birth control?" Elyse asked shocked as she held up the package that sat in Molly's nightstand.
"'cause I figure one of these days he's gonna wanna."
" I am impressed. If more girls thought ahead like this...we'll, lets just say there would be more cheerleaders still at our highschool."

"Patrick Martin Stumph you will want me tonight if I have to tie you to the bed post and have my way with you. Which now that I think about it doesn't sound like all that bad of an idea." Molly said out loud to her reflection. Squaring her shoulders and taking a deep breath Molly grabbed the door knob, flung it open and leaned against the door frame. Patrick turned around and both of their mouths dropped at the sight that greeted them.
"Wow." They said in unison. Patrick's eyes were focused a little further south then Molly's were however.
"Geez Patrick, act like you haven't seen them before." Molly said with a wink as she attempted to strut forward in her heels only to stumble and land on the bed. A few seconds later she was cracking up and Patrick was leaning against the dresser in his own attempt not to fall over out of laughter.
"oh that right there. Sexiest thing I've ever seen. Ever." Patrick said between laughs.
"Ok....we've attempted seduction. It didn't really work that well. Take me BIG BOY." Molly yelled flinging her arms out from her position on the bed and finally suceeded in doing what Patrick had managed to prevent before. He fell over.
"Patrick?" Molly asked questioning peering over the side of the bed only to jump back with a yelp of shock when her boyfriends head appeared over the side of the bed. Crawling like a wild cat after his prey Patrick was suddenly on the bed and before she realized it had covered Molly's body with his own and attached his lips to hers.
A few seconds later Molly pulled back as Patrick's mouth made its way down her neck. "Ya know...I've said it before, but you're really...really...oh god wow...good at this." "Shut up." Patrick whispered in Molly's ear causing her to moan as a rush of heat filled her body at his dominant tone.
"Shutting up." She whispered back as she grabbed him and kissed him hard. The two lovers rolled around on the bed almost play fighting as they just focused on kissing and touching for now. Molly lost control first and was suddenly pinned on her back with Patrick straddleing her upper body.
"Hmm....right where I want you." He said softly dragging his fingertips up her arms causing goosebumps to break out all over her flesh.
"Patrickkkkk.." She moaned softly.
"I said, shut up." Parick
Molly nodded quickly and Patrick smiled down at her before kissing and licking his way down her entire body peeling away her flimsy night clothes as he went. And he took his time doing so as well. It took him ten minutes to reach her feet. Ten minutes of agonizing torture for Molly as he purposefully skipped any area on her body that would give even the slightest bit of relief to the pressure growing in her belly and thighs. Finally moving his way back up her body Molly wimpered as he passed her center and paused. Finally he leaned down and just gave her a long but incredibly light lick and she screamed.
"Whoa...." Patrick said a few seconds later as his girlfriend layed there panting below him.
"Wow.." Molly breathed out as she ran a hand through her hair. "Is that all?"
"Is that....Oh come here you." Molly giggled as Patrick tackled her and flipped her over onto her stomach to commence tickleing. A few minutes later the laughter from both of them had turned into moans as their mouths and hands found better things to do then laugh or tickle.
Patrick set the pace for both of them as Molly began to undress him. He didn't want this to be anything less then perfect for her but at the rate she was going as she attacked him with long fluid strokes of her tounge it wasn't going to last very long.
"Molly, baby wait." He gasped out pulling her up and away from him. "take your time or else this is gonna be boring."
"You're young. You'll recover quick enough." She smirked as she once again went down on him to very little complaint from the other participant.
A few minutes later Patrick had his hands fisted in Molly's hair and was gasping outloud before finally sighing in completion. Molly sat back up and smirked.
"Enjoy that did you?"
"You are evil."
"But you love me."
"More then you could ever know." He said softly pulling her down to him and kissing her softly. That one kiss soon led to others, which led to more groping, which led to stroking with led to Patrick recovering a hell of a lot faster then he expected.
"What happened to "oh baby wait" Molly mock whined.
"Shoosh you." Patrick said and Molly giggled as Patrick rolled on top of each her. Her giggles stopped however when his eyes met hers. "Shhh..." He said softly leaning down to kiss her softly. Their lips kissed over and over ever so chastely as Patrick reached under the pillow and pulled out a condom. As he was about to rip it open Molly stopped him.
"I'm on the pill."
"My last girlfriend was a bit of a skank whore."
"Oh yea...continue." Molly said with a snicker. Patrick rolled his eyes as he rolled the condom on.
"Even now you can't not crack jokes."
"Well what do you expect this is me."
"Soosh. Remember shoosh." Patrick said kneeling over her with his hands on his hips.
"Wow. So sexy."
"You're killing me here you realize right." Patrick said gesturing at...himself.
"Shutting up now." Molly said as Patrick once again leaned down to kiss her this time deeply and passionately. Leaning into her neck he sucked and nibbled on it before saying "take a deep breath."
With one stroke Patrick thrust in. Molly gasped and clung to her boyfriend who was stroking her hair over and over and staying more still then he ever had in his life. "You ok?" He asked her softly which caused him to shift slightly as he looked down at her.
"Oh god yes." Molly moaned at the sensation of Patrick filling her. Shifting her hips up slightly Molly let them roll back down to the bed.
"Good." Patrick gasped out at her actions. "Yea....quick study. I was right." His head hit the bed right in the crook of her neck as they both began to move their hips in unison. Patrick being a musician was doing his best to put his natural rhythem to good use. A few minutes later both of them were gasping and moaning and kissing and touching. Patrick slipped his hands around her waist and tilted her hips just slightly so that he was hitting her perfectly. At this action Molly started to practically pray his name.
"Patrickpatrickpartrickpatrickpatrick" came bubbling over her lips over and over. Patrick could only manage grunts at this point. Reaching between them he softly began stroking her as he felt himself getting incredibly close. Leaning down to whisper encouragement in her ear Patrick gasped out "come for me baby. That's right. God you're gorgeous. God so good." And Molly screamed, a half second later Patrick joined her.
Collapsing on the bed Patrick layed there for a second and just kissed Molly's face over and over before rolling off of her. Reaching down he removed certain barriors and chucked them into the wastebasket before pulling the blankets over both of them and snuggling down.
Five minutes later they were both completely passed out.

A/N: Title is from: "Tonight and the Rest of My Life" by Nina Gordon.
I had a very long and exhausting first day of work.
I also have like 5 months to convince my boss to book Fall Out Boy at the Festival for August. Everyone PRAY they don't go on Warped Tour so I can live my dream and work with them ONCE.
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