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32. If Feels So Nice, I Want Your Arms to Wrap Around Me Twice

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in which we go through February 2002-April 2002 in one chapter. Fast Forward button people.

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A/N: This chapter will be told in a series of quick vignettes. Pay attention. It'll move quick. So if it doesn't make total sense, that's why.

Once Molly and Patrick finally admitted to themselves and everyone else that they were crazy about each other they were inseperable. Unless they had class or were at home sleeping you didn't see one without the other. And a lot of the time even sleep time didn't interfere as Molly quickly realized Patrick had a very easily climbable tree outside his bedroom window. They basically spent the entire month of January attached at the hip basking in the glow of newfound love. Once February rolled around however, their friends were getting more then a little sick of the lovey-dovey Patrick and Molly and on the first day of February Elyse decided to call them on it....

"Oh COME ON!" Elyse yelled when she walked into the radio station to the sight of Molly and Patrick making out on the couch with textbooks and cd's spread out around them. The couple pulled apart looking dazed and both said in unison,
"Haven't you guys passed the honeymoon phase yet? I want my friends back!"
"We're still your friends Elyse." Molly said confused.
"Yea of course you are, but you're like fucking pod people. My friends Molly and Patrick mock and poke fun at each other. They tease and goof off. They do not snuggle and talk baby talk. And they certainly do not only hang out with each other unless its for band practice. Find a happy medium!"
"You wanted us to get together, need I remind you?" Patrick stated.
"Yea. And I still want you together. I just don't want you doing this creepy share a brain wow you're so freaking perfect thing anymore." The couple just looked at her with no comprehension on either of their faces. "Urgh, whatever. I have to go to class. I forgot my bio text in here." Elyse said as she grabbed a book and stalked out slamming the door behind her.
"Do you think we're that bad?" Molly asked looking at him and then down at their joined hands.
"Uhhh...maybe?" He responded as they both flopped back on the couch to do some thinking before class.

The next day was Friday and after school Molly ran up to Elyse and spun her friend around, "Diner Party with the whole crew at ten o'clock tonight when Patrick gets outta work. Tell Matt. I gotta get home or I won't be able to go." The brunette continued running down the hall dodging people as she went leaving the blonde standing behind her chuckling.
"I knew it would only take a good swift kick in the ass to get them back." Elyse said outloud as she closed her locker and headed out of the school building for the day.
Molly continued running, as she passed Matt she yelled "Go talk to Elyse!"
"Uhh...ok Bye Mol?" The tiny brunette jumped into her boyfriend's car and leaned over to peck him on the lips.
"Let's go!"
"You're dad has been weird since we started dating. You actually have a curfew now."
"Yea, he definitly asked if we were having sex yet the other night at dinner." At Molly's statement Patrick choked on the water he had just drank. Coughing and spluttering he turned to her and asked,
"What did you say?"
"Not yet. Should I have said something else?"
"Oh God. I'm a dead man walking. Dead. Do you hear me? Dead."
"Awe, baby. I'm sure it won't be as bad as that. He'll probably just make sure you can't reproduce. Not kill you." Molly said smiling at Patrick as he rolled his eyes and pulled away from the school.

"Hello?" Molly said answering her cell phone as she approved the jeans and t-shirt combo she had worked out for the diner.
"Hey its Pete. Patrick's running late at work so I'll be there to get you in like ten minutes."
"Peachy Keen Jelly Bean." Molly responded to her friend.

Walking into the diner that night Molly and Pete waved at the whole crew spread around the usual back table. Molly ran over and gave Joe and Andy huge hugs.
"Ooooo I missed you two."
"You should come to practice." Joe said while Andy just adjusted his glasses.
"Yea well I figure that's your "boy time" and I'd be in the way."
"Tell that to Max." Pete said from the other side of the table as he dodged a dinner roll Joe's girlfriend lobbed at his head in reply. Molly scooted in next to Patrick and smiled at him from where he was lounged comfortably next to her playing paper football with Matt. Leaning over to whisper in his ear Molly gave him a quick kiss on the neck before saying,
"I think this is what Elyse meant."
"Me too." He whispered back as they both turned to join into the various conversations that were going on between their friends.

Valentine's day rolled around and the happy couple had their first "fight." If you could even call it that. Patrick bought Molly roses and she yelled at him for spending "that much money on her." Needless to say the rest of Valentine's Day was spent making up in Patrick's bedroom as his parents had gone away for the weekend.
"Ha! And you said I was a screamer." Molly said laughing as she leaned up and smirked down at her panting boyfriend. Two seconds later she was screaming in mock terror as he chased her into the shower.
"Soooo...when are we going to have sex?" Molly asked him later over dinner. Once again causing Patrick to choke and splutter.
"You know one of these day's you're going to kill me right?"
"Yup. So...when?"
"Not yet." Patrick said softly with a funny look in his eye as he leaned over to kiss his girlfriend.

March was a crazy month for the crew. Fall Out Boy played quite a few shows during that time period, their fan base was growing significantly on the local scene and they were starting to write even more music. Matt, Elyse, Molly, and Max were at every single show singing along to every single line. When the guys weren't playing everyone except for Andy and Pete were getting antsy over the upcoming Graduation. Molly spent most days running home to check the mail for college letters.
"Damnit!" She exclaimed as she ripped open the very thin letter from Columbia.
"It's ok babygirl," Patrick said softly, "You got into Northwestern, Loyola, and DePaul and those are all here in Chicago."
"I want to go home. You just don't get it." Molly yelled at him as she ran up to her bedroom leaving Patrick standing there in the hallway.

Later that night Patrick answered the phone as it rang in his bedroom,
"I'm sorry."
"Yea me too. I know you miss New York, but I don't like the idea of you leaving."
"Well I probably won't be. I didn't get into Columbia, or any of the other Manhattan area colleges I applied to."
"You didn't hear from NYU yet."
"Yea and I won't either. I gotta go. I love you."
"I love you too." Patrick hung up the phone and continued laying there staring at the ceiling and thinking of his girlfriend who was so gung ho to leave him.

"WOOO-HOOOO!" Molly screamed as she ran around Pete's living room on March 17th. "Happy St. Patrick's Day FUCKERS!" Her friends looked at her before cracking up.
"The best part," Pete started as he just stared at his best friends girlfriend, "she's NOT drunk."
"Yet." Patrick said laughing from his spot on the couch.
"I'm Irish. I'm allowed."

"Oh god...Kill me now. Please kill me. now." Molly groaned over the toilet bowl at Pete's the next morning while Patrick held a cold wash cloth to her neck and kept her hair back.
"Nah, I think I'll keep you around for a little while longer."
"I'm never drinking again."
"That's what they all say. You just made the mistake of thinking you could out-do Pete."
"Well look at him...he's oh...god." Patrick winced as he girlfriend dry-heaved repeatedly over the bowl.
"Do you want some water? Maybe then something will come up?"
"ugh....he's so teeny. I figured it wouldn't be that difficult." Suddenly the door flew open and Pete took one look around the bathroom before running over the bathtub and joined Molly in her misery.

Molly tried to stifle her moans as Patrick slipped a hand up the skirt he had requested she wear today as it was April 2nd and they had decided the second of the month was their anniversiry. Ten minutes earlier Patrick had dragged her into the radio station supply closet and practically attacked her lips with his own. They had spent a few minutes attached at the lips before Patrick made quick work of Molly's panties. They were now flung somewhere in the dark of the closet. Patrick let his hands run up and down Molly's soft thighs while she moaned against his mouth and pressed closer to him. Each time his hands slipped under her skirt he smirked wider at the wimpering noises she had started making. Finally unable to take it anymore Molly pulled away and grabbed her boyfriend by his shirt collar,
"Seriously, either do it or not. No more halfway bullshit." Before pulling him to her and kissing him hard while simultaneously sticking a hand down his pants nearly causing Patrick's knees to buckle in surprise.
"Alright" he gasped out against her mouth as Molly's hand continued to softly stroke him. With that one and only word as her warning Molly felt two of his fingers enter her and she gasped outloud. As Patricks fingers slowly began to move in and out and in and out of Molly she rocked her hips softly against him and used her free hand to undo his zipper and give herself easier access to her boyfriend. Molly stroked Patrick in time with his own hand's thrusts against her. They both stopped kissing and just made eye contact as they slowly, ever so slowly, worked at bringing the other over the edge. Their eyes were glazed over with passion as they seemed to battle for dominance. Patrick's thumb slipped up a little higher on Molly and a few seconds later she threw her head back and groaned loudly in an attempt to not scream and alert the entire school to what was going on. Less then a minute later and Patrick had joined her.
"Wow." Molly said slumping back against the wall.
"Happy Anniversiry."
"That's my present?"
"Well that, " Patrick leaned down and pulled his pants up, after adjusting the buckle he reached inside and pulled out a jewlery box that contained a beautiful silver pendant of a music note. "And this."
"Come here you." Molly squealed as this time she was the one doing the attacking.

"Hey guys." Elyse said walking into the radio station not a half hour later.
"Oh hey." Patrick said looking up from the desk, "shhhh....Molly's sleeping."
"It's the middle of the day and she's taking a nap?"
"Yea, she suddenly got really really tired. I'm not sure why."
"That's weird." Elyse said as she walked into the booth not noticing the satisfied smirk on Patrick's face the whole time.

A/N: Title: "Can't Get Enough of You Baby" by Smashmouth.
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