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31. Every Long Lost Dream Led Me To Where You Are

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in which the "wow" is explained. and that's all you're getting.

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Molly stood in shock at what the light had revealed to her. Instead of the usual sight of Elyse, Matt and Patrick spread out around the office in various stages of lunch consumption Molly was faced with a picnic spread. A red and white checkered blanket was laid out on the floor complete with real china and plug in candles. On the side of the blanket was a large picnic basket and standing right next to all of it was Patrick Martin Stumph, decked out in his cleanest, least ripped jeans, a polo shirt instead of a band shirt, and what looked to Molly to be a brand new hat.
"Wow." She repeated as she looked around. Patrick smiled and pulled his hands out from behind his back to reveal a bouquet of wild flowers. "Oh Patrick." Molly breathed out as she took the flowers from him.
"I remembered when you told me that roses were so typical, and that you would never be a typical chick. So I went with these."
"Thank you, they're gorgeous." Molly smelled the flowers and blushed when she looked up to see Patrick's eyes still on her. When she caught his eyes she grinned as he blushed bright red himself. 'that's so cute. Tiger in the bedroom, lamb everywhere else.'
" you wanna eat?" Patrick said hesitantly as he gestured at the basket.
"Yup. What'cha got?" Molly asked plopping down and grabbing Patrick's hand to yank him down as well.
"I kinda told my Mom what my plans were. And after she stopped dancing around the kitchen and yelling "its about time" she made fried chicken and mac and cheese and a salad."
"Wow...Pat Stumph food. That's certainly a way to win a girl's heart."
"I thought I had it already." Patrick said leaning forward to stare Molly right in the eye.
"You do." Molly said leaning a little closer, "but your Mom's food rocks my socks so it wins you bonus points."
"Too bad it doesn't rock you right out of them." Patrick responded wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.
"Been there done that. Now feed me!"
"Yes ma'am." Both teens chuckled as they leaned back and dug into the food and were both relieved to find that the awkwardness that had been present for a while between them was totally gone.
"So," Patrick said after a few minutes, "Do you want to go on like a real date or something?"
"Yea I guess that could be cool. Where do you wanna go?"
"eh...we go all the time with the gang."
"Show? No wait, I'd be playing. How about dinner?"
"Dinner sounds good. But if we're going to go by that then we've been dating for months."
"Very true. Ok, how about we just say we've moved our relationship beyond the boundaries of friendship and just act like we normally do."
"Sounds good. Now more mac and cheese."

"Oh my god. Patrick that's huge."
"You haven't seen anything yet."
"Wow is that all for me."
"If you want it. Although"
"Guys are you decent?"
Patrick and Molly looked up from where they had been about to cut into a mini-cheese cake to see Matt and Elyse standing in the doorway with their eyes covered. They both turned to look at each other with a questioning look before they're conversation about the cake seemed to register and they both started laughing.
"Seriously. Knowing you two you might not be." Elyse insisted with her eyes still covered. Molly made a shushing motion to Patrick before moaning "oh Patrick..."
"GUYS!" Matt hissed reaching behind him to slam the door with his free hand. Molly stuck a hand over Patrick's mouth to try and muffle his laughter unfortunatly Elyse heard him and uncovered her eyes. Seeing the two of them sitting side by side with a giant mini-cheese cake in front of them she yelled indignatly,
"You sure as hell better be planning on sharing!"
"Elyse that's disgusting." Matt said with his eyes still covered. All three now clued in teens started laughing even harder at their still, and probably always, clueless friend.
"Matt. We were talking about a cheesecake."
"Cheesecake?" the other boy uncovered his eyes, "Ooooo...can I have a piece." Patrick immediatly pulled out two extra forks.
"We figured you two would show up sooner or later." He replied as he dished out two pieces.
"Yea, well I have a show in twenty minutes."
"No you don't." Patrick said confused.
"I'm covering for Ryan."
"Ok, see I love how I'm station manager and I'm just finding this out."
"He's sick. He needed someone to cover. I figured you'd have your tounge down Molly's throat for your free period and wouldn't want some random person spinning music in the booth while you were doing so." Patrick seemed to think over her statement for a minute before replying,
"Good point." And leaning over Molly to do just as Elyse had suggested.
"Ugh! Guys! I'm eating here." Matt said disgustedly while Elyse burst out into cat calls and applauded, "You would encourage this wouldn't you?"
"Oh Matty Boy, lighten up. You're just upset 'cause you lost to Joe for the money."
Patrick pulled away from Molly where they had both been making up for lost time and perked up.
"Money?" he asked interested.
"Yup. Money. We all bet on when you would pull your head out of your ass and finally see what was in front of you. Joe bet before Valentine's Day. Andy didn't think it'd happen until Graduation. Pete bet ON Valentines Day, we all know what a hopeless romantic he is. My bet was for Christmas and Matt just figured you were a dumbass and wouldn't ever wake up and smell the roses. So to speak." As Elyse went on Matt just pouted even more.
"You didn't think Patrick would ever notice me?" Molly asked Matt in a hurt voice.
"I'm sorry to say that after he started dating Allison again I just figured at some point in time he had had a lobotomy and the Patrick we all knew and loved was gone forever anyway." Patrick's response to Matt statement was a dinner roll to the head.
"Man you throw like a chick." Matt said as he took a bite from the roll.

That night Molly and Patrick were hanging out in his room when Pete burst in.
"WHOA! Sorry." Pete immediately said as he backed out of the room and closed the door behind him. Molly and Patrick both flopped onto their backs and started laughing.
"You can come in Pete." Patrick called to his friend. Slowly the door opened and Pete stuck his head around the corner.
"Are you sure? I mean I can come back later when you aren't trying to give each other tonsilectomies."
"Ok, is this going to become a thing?" Molly asked suddenly.
"A Thing?" Both boys replied confused.
"Yes. A thing. Patrick and I are together now. Is it going to become the joke of the week or something, 'cause if so I'm going home now and you all can call me when you grow up." Molly stood up on Patrick's bed and went to step over him when he yanked her down and wrapped his arms and legs around her.
"You aren't going anywhere. If anyone's leaving its him." Patrick said nodding to Pete.
"Bros before hoe's dude. Bros before hoe's." Pete said before quickly adding, "Please don't kill me Molly?"
"You are so lucky I'm pinned down right now Wentz."
"Ah, and to think you two had been getting along so well."
"Bad bassist."
"Right. I'll just sit here and let you two battle it out." Patrick said to the other two who weren't paying any attention.
A few minutes later they both got very quiet.
"Are you two done now?" Patrick asked.
"Yup." Came from two voices.
"Oh goodie. Now Pete, what'd you want?"
" games?" Pete replied pointing at Patrick's tv and game systems. Molly rolled her eyes and tried to get away from Patrick.
"That's my cue to go home boys. Patrick leggo."
"Nope." He squeezed tighter.
"Ok. Fine." Molly relaxed into his embrace for a few seconds before reaching back and tickling his sides. Patrick immediately let go and squealed before trying to bat her away. Pete's eyebrows nearly reached the ceiling at the sound his best friend made.
" THAT is the joke of the week." Pete said outloud as Molly jumped off the bed. Leaning over she pressed a light kiss to Patrick's lips and said good bye to them both as she headed out the door.
"Pick me up tomorrow?" Molly asked suddenly as her head came back into the room.
"Of course."
"Good. Bye. Love ya." Patrick's eyes widened as Molly's head disappeared again.
"Did she just say?"
"Dude...where have you been?" Pete asked him with a shake of his head as he started up the nintendo.

A/N: Title from: Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts.
I suck at writing happy frou frou stuff. I just realized that. No wonder I've been on more meds then Pete Wentz has.
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